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Fire or a British accent? Help the Authority decide the best way to promote WWE SmackDown changing networks

SmackDown moved from Friday to Thursday, and a bunch of wrestlers talked to a psychiatrist about it.

To promote the blue brand's move from SyFy to USA, WWE is going for a similar vibe for their ad campaign. Instead of word association with a Sigmund Freud looking dude, however, Superstars and Divas are pitching their ideas to Stephanie McMahon and Triple H.

It's pretty clever.

Beyond that (outside of a little grumpy old man-ish thoughts concerning the breaking of kayfabe and wondering if WWE isn't confusing their audience by having The Authority humorously interacting with Roman Reigns), I'd like to present my main reaction to this commercial in the form of a shameless plug for my own Twitter:

Whose plan do you like? Do you think SmackDown's move to a new network will change anything about the show other than the channel it airs on in the U.S.?

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