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Triple H promises big announcement on Raw next week

Tonight's live episode of SmackDown in Hartford, Connecticut opened with Triple H addressing the "controversy" from the Royal Rumble. As far as I can tell, the "controversy" he was referring to was simply the fact that Roman Reigns was the guy who won the match.

Oh that Triple H, working the reality era gimmick.

He then promised to reveal something major on Monday Night Raw next week:

"Monday night on Raw, I am going to put an end to the controversy. Monday night, I am going to make an announcement that will likely shake the WWE Universe to its core."

Here's the segment, which also features Reigns making his way out to say that there was no controversy (there wasn't) and he rightfully won the match (he did).

The first social media response I saw on the Cageside timeline wondered if WWE could possibly be thinking of booking another Royal Rumble match. As insane as that sounds, it just proves that it doesn't matter what they have in mind, the way it was presented is going to drive interest in whatever they ultimately decide to reveal.

Any ideas?

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