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WWE takes another shot at CM Punk on SmackDown

During tonight's airing of SmackDown on SyFy, Dolph Ziggler cut a promo in his big return after two weeks of downtime thanks to his being "fired" by The Authority. He used his time to say that he stood up for what he believes in and that's why the powers that be went after him, but he's willing to take whatever punishment they have to dish out now that he's back because he just loves the business oh so much.

Then, from nowhere, and seemingly for no reason, a shot at CM Punk:

"I'd rather sit here in this ring and face any punishment they give me out (sic) every day for the rest of my life than sit at home on some couch complaining on a podcast. This right here is what I do, this is what I love, and damn it, I'm just getting going right now."

The video, with the above comments starting at around the 3:52 mark:

Maybe this was supposed to be "edgy" or some such nonsense but it just makes WWE come off so petty. It's been an entire year now. Punk has moved on to bigger and better things, pursuing a career in MMA with a multi-fight deal signed with the UFC. The podcast in question dropped months ago.

At what point do they get the hell over it?

Even if this Punk tweet from earlier today isn't related, it's fitting:


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