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WWE running injury angle for AJ Lee on SmackDown

During last night's airing of Friday Night SmackDown on the SyFy channel, Divas Champion AJ Lee was attacked by Paige after her match with Rosa Mendes. She was pushed off the ramp near the stage and when she fell, medics appeared to stretcher her to the back.

Later, lead commentator Michael Cole informed us she would be held at the hospital for overnight observation. update:

"AJ was initially not responding when we got to her," stated WWE physician, Dr. Chris Amann. "As a precautionary measure, we put her in a neck brace, put her on a backboard and escorted her to a local medical facility for follow-up testing. There, she was diagnosed with a whiplash injury."

This is, of course, a completely kayfabed injury, done to bolster the feud between AJ and Paige.

In an unfortunate bit of timing, the WWE Twitter account sent out a link to the article on the company website just minutes after Paul George of the Indiana Pacers suffered one of the most gruesome leg breaks in sports history, one many were comparing to Sid Vicious breaking his leg at the WCW Sin pay-per-view back in 2001.

The WWE report notes an update on AJ's status will come on Monday, so it doesn't appear this was a TV write off for any length of time, even just for a show.

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