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Bad News Barrett injury video unkind to Jack Swagger

Skip to 1:45 to watch the attack.

UPDATE: Find out the latest on Barrett's long-term status and what WWE will do with the Intercontinental championship RIGHT HERE.

The list of wrestlers Jack Swagger has been responsible for injuring grew longer this past Tuesday night when, during the SmackDown taping in Pittsburgh, he drove Bad News Barrett into the barricade on the outside. This resulted in a separated shoulder, according to

The video of the injury is above and, as you can see, it's unkind to Swagger.

When he kicked Dolph Ziggler so hard in the head that it resulted in a concussion -- one that would ultimately derail his world heavyweight title run and see him drop back down to the mid-card, where he's toiled ever since -- it was considered an accident. That's a matter of perspective, of course, but he was given the benefit of the doubt.

Here? Not so much.

You can see Swagger give Barrett absolutely no room to turn his body so his shoulder wasn't absorbing the brunt of the impact, as most wrestlers do when they're being thrown into the barricade. What's more, Swagger nearly barrels over Zeb Colter, hardly giving him time or space to move out of the way.

Barrett is left writhing in pain, only able to communicate to Swagger that he was injured by tapping his leg twice while the referee furiously threw up the "X" sign. Dean Ambrose unintentionally makes a save with the suicide dive.

Swagger, at one time, had all the potential in the world, a hoss Jim Ross would push to the sky. But the one thing you can't be in the business of professional wrestling is careless, and he's not helping his reputation in that regard when the list of injuries suffered by those he's working with keeps growing longer.

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