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3MB's final WWE appearance on SmackDown a fitting end to an awesome group

Although news broke that Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal were released by WWE on "Black Thursday" (June 12, 2014), the trio had already taped a segment for this week's edition of Friday Night SmackDown on Tuesday night in Green Bay. Well, that episode aired earlier this evening, and it was a fitting end to an awesome group.


While your mileage may vary with a team of delusional rock stars -- who never did release that single they were teasing for so long -- one thing you cannot argue is how dedicated they were to accomplishing their goal on each show they were utilized on.

Pro wrestling needs jobbers, guys who help the big stars shine their brightest. As you can see, 3MB was exceedingly good at doing so. We know Roman Reigns is a bad, bad man but part of the reason we know that is because he destroys three guys at once in impressive fashion.

And in this business, it's the guy taking the offense who makes it impressive.

Now we say goodbye to 3MB, a phenomenal stable of jobbers who will be dearly missed.


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