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WWE SmackDown spoilers (June 13, 2014): Money in the Bank hype

WWE SmackDown returns to SyFy this coming Friday night (June 13, 2014) from Green Bay, Wisconsin, but the show was taped, as usual, on Tuesday night. That means full spoilers are readily available if you're the impatient type who doesn't want to wait a couple days for the payoff.

Unwrap that present early:

- A Shield promo opened the show, leading to Triple H booking a Roman Reigns vs. Bad News Barrett match. It never happened. Barrett ate a Superman punch and 3MB attacked. They were all laid out for their trouble.

- Erick Rowan def. Jey Uso to even the score after Jimmy Uso def. Luke Harper on Main Event. It's looking more and more clear this is the direction for Money in the Bank.

- Bo Dallas def. R-Truth because he Bolieved enough to keep his win streak alive.

- Cesaro def. Sheamus in a non-title match and, as expected, it's a great TV match. For all the chemistry Cesaro doesn't have with Rob Van Dam, he's got all of that and more with Sheamus.

- Adam Rose def. Fandango in a mostly nothing match. They did an angle where one of the Rosebuds attacked Layla and it turned out to be Summer Rae in disguise.

- Big E def. Jack Swagger in a regular TV match with Rusev and Lana making an appearance to go after Big E. They've dropped and picked this program back up how many times now?

- Alicia Fox def. Aksana, so Foxsana is apparently officially dead. RIP to one of the best tag team names in history.

- Bray Wyatt def. Dean Ambrose in a Money in the Bank WWE title qualifier match after Seth Rollins interfered in the main event of the evening. Very good match, good angle, and it looks certain Ambrose vs. Rollins is happening at Money in the Bank. Wyatt in the WWE title match is also interesting.

That's the show folks. Your thoughts?

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