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WWE SmackDown results, live blog for May 9, 2014: Sheamus vs. Dean Ambrose

WWE Friday Night SmackDown comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (May 9, 2014) from Buffalo, New York, with a taped show on the SyFy channel featuring the Sheamus defending his newly won U.S. title against Dean Ambrose.

Because SmackDown is a taped show, you can simply go read the spoilers to know everything that happens (find them by clicking here). We will provide results with a live blog below anyway.

You can use this space to discuss all the events as they occur, however, and it's probably going to enhance your viewing experience. In fact, I know it is because we're a lot of fun around here.

Enjoy the show!



- Long recap of The Evolution vs. The Shield issues from Raw this past Monday starts the show.

- We start with Sheamus and he's still getting cheers from the crowd. Considering this is a taped show, that's interesting that WWE would leave that in, if he was actually working heel. Dean Ambrose was out next to an even bigger pop and this is the rematch. Sheamus was in control early with Ambrose making periodic comebacks. Late in the match, Ambrose once again used the Figure Four, I guess because Miz is gone and Ric Flair endorsed The Shield. Sheamus ended up winning clean with the Brogue Kick. Outstanding match.

- They came back from a commercial and Cesaro and Paul Heyman were already at the announce table, with Heyman on commentary complaining about Michael Cole. We were told Cesaro would be teaming with Bad News Barrett in a match against Rob Van Dam and Big E, who were both already in the ring. Barrett's bad news: climate change is sweeping through WWE and the entire nation because the fans apathy has led to extreme temperatures, droughts, and superstorms. Very soon, just like Big E, everyone will be forgotten pieces of history. Then he pointed at Big E and laughed. They focused more on commentary than the match early, with Cole and Heyman going back and forth. Cole even referenced CM Punk without actually saying his name. The match was short but entertaining enough. Cesaro hit Big E with the Neutralizer after RVD was sent out by Bad News Barrett and got the pin.

- Kofi Kingston vs. Rusev was next. But not before the Ravishing Russian, Lana, could come out and twirl before cutting a promo talking up Vladimir Putin, saying he should win the Nobel Peace Prize. Early in the match, Rusev kicked Kofi in the head as he was coming into the ring. It was stiff and amazing. Cole asked JBL "what makes him so dangerous" right after. JBL's response: "That right there". Well said. Kingston tried to use his speed to hang with the big man but he couldn't. Rusev crushed when Lana ordered it and that was that.

- Bray Wyatt promo. He said there is such beauty in fire. It holds no prejudice. Anything can burn, you just have to find the right spark. We're all just slaves to judgement. It's what tells him to survive and adapt and it's John Cena's judgement that tells him it's right to fear Bray. But it's not the fear that sets them apart, it's the distance they're willing to go. And where they're going, nobody ever comes back. They zoomed in on Luke Harper's face and he just said "burn".

- Fandango & Layla vs. Santino Marela & Emma was next and the piped in cheers were heavy for the babyfaces. They raced down the ramp doing Santino's walk and Emma tripped him so he did a face plant. Emma got on offense and worked her moveset until she broke out VenEMMA. Fandango tried to hop the ring and Santino got sent out by trying to make the save. This distracted Emma and allowed Layla to get the roll up pin. They showed the heels dancing up the ramp and when they got to the top, they made out. Emma and Santino looked disgusted by this.

- Roman Reigns vs. Mark Henry was next to start the second hour. The psychology here was simple: Henry is a big monster and he was throwing his weight around while Reigns was trying to keep up. Eventually, he put Henry on his shoulders from up on the ropes and hit a Samoan drop. That led to the spear and the pinfall. Short match, but it accomplished what they were going for.

- Los Matadores & El Torito vs. 3MB was next. Jinder Mahal was the odd man out for 3MB. Drew McIntyre continues pointing at El Torito and thrusting his crotch at him, which is getting far too close to a sex crime. There was a bad botch early with one of the Matadores missing a hurricanrana. It was all building to El Torito and Hornswoggle squaring off anyway. As per usual, Torito hit the Gore on Hornswoggle's ass. Heath Slater laughed at him and Hornswoggle snapped on him. Slater ended up tagged in and facing off with El Torito ... and losing. He went insane after.

- They actually replayed the Daniel Bryan/Brie Bella/Stephanie McMahon/THE DEMON KANE angle from Raw. I can't believe they would want this on TV again. When they came back from showing it, Michael Cole actually said, "That was like a scene out of a horror movie". Yeah, the worst horror movie you'll ever see.

- Batista vs. Seth Rollins was next and Batista might be the first guy on this show to actually get legitimate boos that didn't need piped in. The match was really, really well worked. Rollins bumped around like crazy for Batista but was totally believable when he made his comeback. He was flying all around. The finish was a count out win for Batista, but even that worked because the final bump Rollins took was a dive to the outside and Batista moving and helping Seth put his head into the announce table. It doesn't sound great, but it was a good spot. After, Batista hit Rollins with a Batista Bomb.

- "Buffalo ... we're here." The main event was next and it was The Wyatt Family vs. The Usos & John Cena. The match began with Cena and Erick Rowan squaring off. Cena got the better of it and Rowan quickly tagged out to Luke Harper. He got some strategy from Bray Wyatt beforehand but still came up short against Cena. Then both teams started tagging in and out. The heels got the advantage to set up a hot tag, which went to Jimmy. The finish was a bit of chaos before Jimmy ran into a monster clothesline from Harper that got the pin.


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