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Unedited episode of WWE SmackDown leaks online

The folks at Deadspin caught the scent, or were alerted to the fact that an unedited episode of Friday Night SmackDown had leaked online and is available for viewing through various sources like Daily Motion, Putlocker, and other video sharing services.

We won't embed any videos here but if you're interested you can click here to check it out.

The show you'll get to watch is the one scheduled to air on SyFy later on this evening from the O2 in London, England. There's nothing really groundbreaking that you likely don't already know about, but it's interesting, if nothing else, to get to see and hear little things you know you aren't supposed to be seeing and hearing.

Most notably, the interaction between Michael Cole and Vince McMahon.

At one point, you can hear Cole asking Vince if he should say something the same way every time, and he sounds annoyed while saying this, only to respond to McMahon's prompting with "yes, sir" over and over.

So, again, it's about like you would think. It's also a good reminder that some of the nonsense you hear coming from Cole is actually coming from McMahon and Cole is just giving voice to it.

Feel free to watch it and comment on what you see and hear below.

As a reminder, we'll have a live blog during tonight's episode of SmackDown here, taped and leaked or not.

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