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WWE SmackDown results, live blog for April 25, 2014: Hounds of Justice

Complete results and live blog for tonight's (April 25, 2014) episode of "Friday Night SmackDown" from Hershey, Pennsylvania, featuring the Hounds of Justice running wild on dorks everywhere.

WWE Friday Night SmackDown comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (April 25, 2014) from Hershey, Pennsylvania, with a taped show on the SyFy channel featuring the Hounds of Justice running wild on dorks everywhere. Plus, all the latest build to the Extreme Rules event on May 4 in New Jersey.

Because SmackDown is a taped show, you can simply go read the spoilers to know everything that happens (find them by clicking here).

You can use this space to discuss all the events as they occur, however, and it's probably going to enhance your viewing experience. In fact, I know it is because we're a lot of fun around here.

Enjoy the show!



- We open to a black screen and Vickie Guerrero saying "EXCUSE ME". She tells us The Shield will be in a tag team match later tonight. She runs down the list of opponents but stops after three because she forgot the entire list. "It doesn't matter, you just need to know they will be against 11 superstars tonight". Wow.

- This segues right into the next segment, a debate -- complete with podiums -- between Zeb Colter and Paul Heyman. They were flanked by Jack Swagger and Cesaro, respectively. Colter said Heyman has fleas. Then he went after Cesaro being a nobody before he joined the Real Americans. After Colter got his hands on him, Colter became a somebody. The horn sounded and it was Heyman's turn. Naturally, he just started talking about Brock Lesnar conquering the Undertaker's undefeated streak at WrestleMania. He got a ton of heat for this. Heyman was great here, as usual. He didn't stop until the horn sounded. Colter got another turn and he wanted Heyman to answer why he stole Cesaro away. Heyman went off with the same talking point that he used for Lesnar, this time repeating that "MY CLIENT WON THE ANDRE THE GIANT MEMORIAL BATTLE ROYAL AT WRESTLEMANIA." Colter got pissed, pushed his podium down, and said he knew this would be a sham. Colter said he wanted Heyman to look at him like a man. Heyman said he would love to but "we're one man short, Grandpa." They cut to commercial saying Swagger vs. Cesaro was next. Awesome segment.

- Cesaro vs. Swagger was underway coming back from break. Heyman and Colter were on the outside trying to out-manage each other for the entirety of this match, and it was great. They had a solid back-and-forth power based affair -- you might even call it a hoss fight. Cesaro went over clean after the Swing and the Neutralizer.

- After the match, The Shield's music hit and they came down with a purpose. Seth Rollins told Colter to stay put while they got in the ring and Swagger was hit with the Superman punch and Triple Powerbomb. They got on the mic and said Triple H is always saying "adapt or perish", well Swagger didn't adapt, so he perished. Oh, and they're not done.

- They gave an update on Daniel Bryan's injury. Fancy medical terms, but the general idea is he's okay and he'll be at Monday Night Raw next week. They also announced Stephanie McMahon would be on the show so she could personally apologize for Kane's actions.

- They had another video for Paige. She's getting pushed really hard. This one featured footage of her winning the title, her going backstage and breaking down after it, and her interview with Michael Cole this past week explaining everything. The gist? She's young, and maybe she was surprised by how everything went, but she absolutely deserves to have won the title and she's ready to prove that every week. They also put over Tamina as a strong opponent for her at Extreme Rules.

- Tamina vs. Natalya was next. The spoilers said this was bad, but it wasn't nearly as sloppy as expected. It wasn't a mat classic, of course, but they got time to work and went back-and-forth with Natalya looking like a real threat at various points. The finish was Natalya kipping up right into a superkick.

- Raw rebound on Evolution beating up The Shield.

- 3MB was shown backstage talking about being back in the main event. Suddenly, Seth Rollins showed up and Heath Slater wondered if he was crazy for showing up alone. Then Dean Ambrose arrived and Slater stayed confident in there still being a 3-on-2 advantage. Then Roman Reigns came up and just stared at Slater in the foreground while Ambrose and Rollins destroyed Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre in the background. Holy shit, this was awesome.

- Vickie Guerrero was shown backstage talking on the phone. She was chatting with Triple H. We didn't hear his side of it, but she very clearly was told to take the night off in favor of Brad Maddox. Maddox arrived and smugly said The Shield would respond to his authority.

- Jey Uso vs. Curtis Axel was next and neither was given an entrance on TV. They just cut from Maddox taking over for Vickie to both guys in the ring and the bell ringing to start the match. This was a weird match. It was slow and Axel went over -- just after Ryback screamed for him to "FINISH IT, AXE." Curt hit the front neckbreaker finish he was recently looking for a name for on Twitter but apparently didn't find because they didn't call it anything here. Cole did wonder if this means Rybaxel would get a tag title shot because they both won singles matches against The Usos over the past week.

- The Wyatt Family was out next. They came down to the ring and the cage was lowered down to them. Bray Wyatt cut a promo talking about John Cena having the love of the fans and how that's changed now. The fans threw him to the wolves on Raw. Bray said he's not just a man, he's the nagging conscious of the world that has thrown itself to mortal monsters. He is everywhere and he is everything. His words are not just words, his words are razor blades that cut deep and they are working. He went on, saying Cena is a rat trapped in a box with a snake and the snake's venom hasn't even been removed yet. One by one, everyone will follow him. He led the crowd chanting "He's got the whole wide world..." while they showed some people swaying and others just sitting there looking confused.

- They had a commercial break, and when they came back, The Wyatt Family was still in the ring but the cage was raised. The Rhodes Brothers came out as opponents for Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. Cody and Goldust were operating as a team united but the announcers made sure to bring up the issues they had on Raw when Cody blew Goldust off after a loss. The Wyatts were in control and Bray got on the mic asking if the fans had ever seen such warriors. It would all become clear soon, or something like that. Soon, Cody got the Disaster Kick on Harper and tagged in Goldust, who ran wild. He hit the crossbody off the top on both Harper and Rowan, but couldn't put them away. Rhodes hit a missile dropkick on Rowan and sent him out before going up top, where Harper sent Goldust into him. Cody went flying to the barricade on the outside and when Goldust turned around, he ran right into a lariat from Harper that got the pin.

- Maddox was backstage talking to Triple H on the phone. The Shield arrived and he pleaded with them not to handle things this way. Reigns threw him into the wall. Then Ambrose attacked him like a wild dog.

- Santino Marella and Emma came out for a match. Then Fandango and Layla came out. They were doing their dance routine until Layla stopped and her eyes went wide and her jaw dropped. That's because The Shield showed up. They proceeded to Triple Powerbomb him off the stage through some tables. They did the triple fist over the top of his broken body. The crowd loved this.

- Raw rebound of Kane taking out Daniel Bryan.

- The Shield came out with a full entrance for the main event handicap match. We were informed by Michael Cole that Curtis Axel was found "decimated" backstage, so they didn't want to sully his win tonight by having him take a beat down everyone would see. Apparently it happened on the App, though even then he was just shown laid out saying he had been jumped. They replayed everyone getting beat down. They played the lame theme song while the opponents for the match came out. The remaining members of the heel squad were Ryback, Alberto Del Rio, Bad News Barrett, Damien Sandow, and Titus O'Neil. They had about 18 minutes to work with and went ahead with a match that was paced slow and didn't have a ton of heat with the audience, at least in arena. They set up Reigns for the hot tag and he took everyone out. His side slam on Sandow was notable. Reigns set up to finish the job, then Alberto Del Rio and Bad News Barrett acted like they were going to get involved in a melee in the ring before bailing out. They ran up the ramp. Rollins and Ambrose just went diving around on everyone who was left while Reigns snuck up the ramp and Superman punched Del Rio. Back in the ring, Sandow was the only one left. He ate a dropkick from Ambrose, then a spear from Reigns. He was pinned. After, they found Titus O'Neil outside the ring, and he was sent in so Reigns could spear him too. Ryback was lying dead on the outside, so he was sent in the ring to be speared and meet the same fate as the rest. This was a thorough destruction of a number of heels, some of whom have value. Ryback took a Triple Powerbomb, which was interesting considering how Axel was protected on this show. They faded to black standing over THE BIG GUY.

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