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WWE names top 15 stars in SmackDown history

With the 15th Anniversary Special of SmackDown set to air this coming Friday night on SyFy, WWE is back with another countdown style list ticking off the top 15 stars in the history of the show.

It won't surprise you who sits on top.

As always, head on over to to check out a detailed breakdown of each pick.

15. Kane
14. Jeff Hardy
13. Michelle McCool
12. Booker T
11. Big Show
10. John Cena
9. Brock Lesnar
8. Rey Mysterio
7. JBL
6. Kurt Angle
5. Eddie Guerrero
4. Edge
3. Batista
2. Undertaker
1. The Rock

It's entirely unsurprising that Rock is number one if only because he was the inspiration for the show itself, or at least its title. He was also its first draft pick back when WWE implemented the brand split.

Undertaker, however, likely deserves the top slot because he was, shockingly enough, a SmackDown star for the duration of his run after the aforementioned brand split. In many ways, he carried the blue brand as its most identifiable wrestler, even long after it was clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that Raw was the "A" show.

Your thoughts on the list?

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