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Edge added to Smackdown tapings for next Friday snuck the Rated-R Superstar onto their advertising for next week's Smackdown tapings in Ottawa. Could it mean anything for storylines, or is it just maximizing promo time for the SyFy network star?

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We already knew he was due to come back for a live appearance on Raw this upcoming Monday. Rumors quickly broke that this was the proverbial "one-shot deal" - that he would only be in Toronto and only to promote the season premiere of Haven on SyFy, a show in which he plays a recurring character.

Well, now has added him to the event page for next Tuesday's Smackdown tapings in Ottawa, Ontario for the show to air on Friday, September 13th - directly before Haven. Tweets from WWE and SyFy confirm as much.


It probably doesn't change anything. SyFy is part of NBC/Universal and an essential partner of WWE. It's just good for business to cross-promote like this. If you're already going to have him appear on Raw, it's a no-brainer to have him appear a few hours away the next night. Especially on a show that will serve as a lead-in to another SyFy/Adam Copeland joint.

But reading this news today, after keeping an eye on Copeland's workman-like handling of hosting duties on the Ghost Mine season two kick-off show, brought to mind some thoughts about the Hall of Famer and what we might see next week and in the future.

  • One appearance would probably just mean a backstage interview and an in-ring appearance to schill the show. Maybe he interacts with Daniel Bryan or HHH, but not necessarily as anything really germane to the main stories. Two appearances opens up more possibilities, especially with the recent focus on episodes of Raw and Smackdown being complete (if repetitive) chapters of the larger story. Maybe something that is set-up on Monday pays off on Friday?
  • The four time WWE champion is committed to pursuing an entertainment career beyond wrestling. He's into the transition period of receiving billing as Adam "Edge" Copeland rather than WWE's Edge (which is how he was promoted as a guest star on Haven originally). And, like I said, he's not bad at it. I could see him becoming the basic cable version of Dwayne Johnson. So I wonder if he's not following a B-movie version of The Rock's business plan...stepping away from wrestling and then slowly leveraging that fan base to promote your future gigs.
  • Obviously, wrestling is out of the question for a guy who had to retire in order to not risk paralysis due to being diagnosed with cervical spinal stenosis. So what kind of WWE presence could he have as a part-timer? Is there a way to utilize the interest that wrestling fans still have in seeing the Legend with his other pursuits and the limits of what he can do physically?

What do you all think? Is he just coming out for nostalgia pop and a quick plug, or could he get involved in the HHH/Daniel Bryan saga? And what does the future hold for the partnership between WWE and one of the youngest people ever inducted into its Hall of Fame?

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