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SmackDown results and live blog for April 26: Undertaker vs. Dean Ambrose

Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (April 26, 2013) episode of Friday Night SmackDown on SyFy, featuring a main event of Undertaker vs. Dean Ambrose.


WWE SmackDown comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (April 26, 2013) from London, England, with a taped show on the SyFy channel featuring the return of Undertaker for a main event match against Dean Ambrose. Yes, folks, you're getting the match you all always wanted and if you feel like you don't want it, watch it tonight and realize you always did want it but just didn't know it.

If you're the impatient type and wish to read full spoilers for the show you can find out exactly what goes down by clicking here.

Either way, come back here at 8 p.m. ET for the SmackDown live blog.



C.J. here to end the week right.

Recap of Del Rio rolling up Jack Swagger last week, The Undertaker & Team Hell No vs. The Undertaker.

We are "LIVE!"

Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger No Disqualification Match

The pair quickly exchange blows. Del Rio hits the high knee and sends Swagger over the top rope with a clothesline. Off the ropes he goes...

Suicide dive hits the mark!

Del Rio doesn't let up, slamming Swagger's arm into the steel steps. Under the ring he looks.

And look who found a kendo stick!

Both men roll into the ring.

Swagger is able to steal the kendo stick away and goes to town on Del Rio's leg and body. He cocks back for a mighty swing...

And Del Rio catchest it!

Both men struggling for control. Del Rio says "screw it" and kicks Swagger in the midsection.

Swagger responds by sending Del Rio flying up and out of the ring.

Swagger takes the opportunity to look under the ring himself. But Del Rio is quickly up and lands a kick to the gut. He drags Swagger up the ramp...

And hits the suplex!

A "SI!" chant breaks out.

Del Rio heads down to the ring...

And pulls out a ladder!

But here comes Swagger from behind!

Ah, but Del Rio was waiting! He slides out of the way and throws Swagger into unforgiving steel.

We come back from commercial with Swagger in control via headlock. It seems Swagger went kendo stick happy during the break.

Del Rio makes it back to his feet. He is pushed off the ropes...

And walks right into a spine buster!

Only good for a two count.

Swagger heads out to the announce table to pick up a chair. He takes his sweet time getting back into the ring...

Enziguri from Del Rio!

Heavy rights from Del Rio. Swagger is able to fight him off with a kick to the knee, followed by a big clothesline.

Only gets two.

Swagger sets up the chair in the corner. Again, he takes his sweet time.

Del Rio makes him pay with the arm breaker!

He sends Swagger off the ropes, who comes back right into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.

Swagger tries to escape the ring, but Del Rio ties him up in the ropes. Ricardo tosses in the kendo stick, and Del Rio goes to town on the kidneys.

The crowd gives a good "Ohhhhhhhh....OH!" as Del Rio hits the backstabber.

Only gets two.

Swagger tries to make it to his feet, but eats a huge super kick.

Only good for two.

Swagger manages to get the Patriot Lock!

Del Rio rolls through with the Cross Arm Breaker!

Swagger rolls through with the pin attempt.

Del Rio breaks the hold at one.

Swagger sends Del Rio head first into the steel chair set up in the corner.

Only gets two.

Swagger rolls out of the ring to grab the ladder. He tries to slide it through the ropes...

Del Rio is there slam it back into Swagger's face.

And we got blood!

Zeb tries the sneak attack via kendo stick, but Del Rio stands him down.

Swagger delivers a ladder to the back of the distracted Del Rio!

Del Rio is rolled into the ring. Swagger goes for the cover.

Only gets two.

Swagger going for his bomb...

But meets Del Rio's knees!

Del Rio locks in the Cross Arm Breaker!

But Zeb tosses in the kendo stick!

Swagger is going to town on Del Rio. He breaks the hold and makes it to his feet, all the way whacking Del Rio. He drops the kendo stick, picks up the ladder, and shows Del Rio how it feels.

Gut wrench power bomb by Swagger, and that gets the three count.

Jack Swagger wins via throwing everything but the kitchen sink


Layla vs. Aksana

Layla gives a little kid a kiss on her way to the ring.

Lucky bastard.

Both ladies circle before locking up. Layla hits the kick to the gut before the butt bump. She goes for the whip, but Aksana reverses.

Layla tries to counter into L.O.L., but Arksana sends Layla up and over the top rope. Layla lands on the turnbuckle, but Aksana kicks her off.

Aksana rolls Layla back into the ring before doing a sexy crawl on the apron.

I don't know. It's her thing I guess.

Layla lands a drop kick, pulls Aksana into the ring, and rolls her up.

Only gets a one count.

Layla with the jacknife cover.

Only gets two.

Aksana picks Layla up and drops her on the top rope. Layla stumbles back into the ring.

Aksana lands a big knee to the dome!

Only good for two.

Aksana stomps on Layla's hand before twisting it. Layla tries to escape, but Aksana is right there to twist it around the ropes.

Layla makes it to her feet. She lands a pair of kicks before Aksana catches the third and slams her into the mat.

Layla is sent off the ropes and...

Umm, I'm not sure how to describe this.

So Layla went for the jacknife pin, then rolled through, then doubled back to stack Aksana up.

Cole tells me Layla calls it an Infinity Pin.

In any case, that gets the three count.

Layla wins via LOL WTF?


Recap of The Undertaker & Team Hell No vs. The Shield.

Shaky cam promo from The Shield. Ambrose reminds us they stood face to face with Team Hell No and The Phenom.

And what happened?

Justice prevailed and The Shield stood tall.

The defeated the current Tag Team Champions.

The true injustice, though, is that Undertaker escaped Raw.

And this does not sit right with Ambrose, because The Deadman is still walking.

But tonight Amborse will fix this. He will defeat The Undertaker.

Tonight, Taker will not rest in peace.

Tonight, he will believe in The Shield.


Fandango vs. Justin Gabriel

Fandango does a little dance. Gabriel does his own, and eats a boot to the face

Gabriel comes back with a pair of arm drags.

Fandango rolls out of the ring for a breather.

Up back on the apron. Gabriel approaches, but eats a shoulder tackler.

Fandango climbs into the ring and right into an arm drag. Gabriel goes to work on the shoulder. Fandango backs him up into the corner and fights him off.

The crowd is loving themselves some Fandango.

Heavy right from Fandango sends Gabriel into the ropes. Fandango ties him up and lands a series of heavy forearms to the back of the head. He hops our of the ring to deliver a huge kick to the head.

Only gets a two count.

Gabriel makes it to his feet. He sends Fandango into the corner before howling and following up with a splash. He flings himself over the top rope...

And right into Fandango's boot.

Huge Russian leg sweep by Fandagno.

To the top rope we go!

And he drops the beautiful leg!

That gets the three count.

Fandango wins via Sweet Sexy Leg Drop


Recap of Mark Henry and Sheamus knocking each other around in recent weeks.

Sheamus vs. The Big Show

The pair lock up before Show sends Sheamus flying. Sheamus makes it to his feet. Both men circle before Sheamus sends Show into the corner.

Sheamus hammering away on Show, but Show counters with a headbutt to drop Sheamus. He follows up with a flurry of heavy chops to the chest.

Sheamus tries to fight back with the forearms, but Show sends Sheamus tumbling over the top rope.

Sheamus is limping around the ring with Show close behind. Sheamus is rolled into the ring. Show climbs up on the apron, but is met by a shoulder tackle.

Show is tied up in the ropes! Sheamus goes to town with the Irish Hand Grenades.

Show takes them like a champ and comes back with a headbutt. Sheamus staggers, charges, and runs right into a sidewalk slam. Show drops the elbow on Sheamus.

Only gets a two count.

Show is stalking his pray. He chokes Sheamus out on the bottom rope before landing another headbutt. He follows up with an inverse DDT.

Only good for two.

Sheamus makes it to his feet. He lands a few rights before going for the body slam.

Show kills his weight and falls on top of Sheamus.

Only gets two.

Show steps on Sheamus chest before landing another headbutt. He follows with a kick to the midsection.

Sheamus is hanging over the apron. Show slides out of the ring and lands a huge smack.

We come back from commercial with Show slamming Sheamus shoulder first into the steel post.

Say that three times fast.

Show follows Sheamus out of the ring and Sends the Irish giant into the steel steps. Show rolls back in as Sheamus struggles to make the 10 count.

He gets in at 9!

Show is not happy.

Show sends Sheamus into the turnbuckle. He drags Sheamus into the middle of the ring and stomps on the shoulder.

Sheamus crawls to the corner. Show lets him stand up.

Sheamus flys out of the corner with the right hand.


Another right.

Blocked again.

Show lands a punch to the head to drop Sheamus. Show goes to work on the shoulder and wrist.

Sheamus gets to a standing base and lands a few rights.

DDT by Sheamus!

Both men are down!

They exchange blows before Sheamus grabs momentum. He hits a pair of axe handles and a high knee. To the top rope we go!

Battering Ram from Sheamus!

Sheamus trying to get White Noise, but Show shrugs out of it. Show goes for the Chokeslam...

Sheamus counters into White Noise!

The crowd is calling for it!

Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick, but Show rolls out of the ring.

But Sheamus is quick to follow!

Show sends him into the barricade before rolling back into the ring. Sheamus tries to climb up on the apron. Show reaches to grab him, and Sheamus drops his neck into the top rope.

To the top rope Sheamus goes again!

But here comes Mark Henry! He flips the steel steps, distracting Sheamus.

And here is Show with the WMD!

Sheamus falls from the turnbuckle, and Show picks up the three count.

The Big Show wins via "What was tha..." BOOM!


Wade Barrett vs. William Regal

Barrett on the mic. He says he never believed the stories about grave robberies in London.

But he believes them tonight, since there is an exhumed corpse standing in front of him tonight.

Harsh, Wade.

The pair lock up. Regal with the heavy rights. He sends Barrett flying across the ring and follows it up with the clothesline. Barrett stumbles to the corner, and Regal is right behind him with his assault.

The ref finally pulls Regal off. Barrett sets up for the Bullhammer...

But catches nothing.

Throw by Regal. He goes for the stomp...

But Barrett rolls out of the way. Regals stumbles forward, towards around...

And walks right into the Bullhammer.

Wade Barrett wins via one offensive move


Recap of Paul Heyman eating a Pedigree from Triple H


Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry

Both men circle before locking up. Henry sends Orton into the corner before following with the splash.

Henry sets up for the World's Strongest Slam!

Orton wiggles free and unleashes the rights.

Henry rolls out of the ring, but Orton follows. He lands a series of forearms.

Henry fights back. He picks up Orton and looks to send him into the ring post...

But Orton wiggles free and it's Henry's dome that eats steel.

Orton rolls into the ring, followed by Henry.

Orton goes to stompy town on Henry.

Henry manages to make it to his feet and lays out Orton. He sends "The Viper" into the corner and lands a series of shoulder blocks.

Orton finally fights his way out of the corner. A chest bump, but Henry stays on his feet. Orton goes flying off the ropes and is able to put Henry on the mat.

DDT from Orton!

Only gets a two count.

Henry rolls to the apron.

Orton is able to catch him and hit the second rope DDT!

The crowd wants it! Orton is calling for it!

Henry rolls out of the ring before Orton can go for the RKO.

Orton is quick to follow out of the ring. Henry picks him up and sends him back first into the turnbuckle. He rolls Orton into the ring.

Henry is stalking is pray has Orton crawls away from him.

But here comes Sheamus with the Brogue Kick!

And Orton follows up the RKO!

Henry gets the win, but Orton and Sheamus get to celebrate.

Mark Henry wins via DQ (Brogue Kick to the FACE!)


Recap of Ryback staring down Mic Foley, John Cena running down, and The Shield retreating, and finally Ryback eating an AA from Raw


The Undertaker vs. Dean Ambrose

Yes, this match is happening.

Both men looking to gain an advantage. Taker advances, Ambrose backs up. Reigns pops up on the apron, distracting Taker.

Amborse pushes Taker back into the corner with the rights and lefts.

Taker charges out and unleashes on Amborse. He sends Ambrose over the top rope, and is quick to follow.

Taker slams Ambrose into the barricade before rolling him up on the apron. He climbs up, pauses...

And drops the leg on Ambrose's neck.

Taker rolls back into the ring, He goes for the big boot...

And is caught up on the ropes.

Ambrose flys out of the ring and unloads on Taker. He sends him into the barricade before rolling him back into the ring.

Ambrose with the deliberate punches. He ties Taker in the ropes...

And lands a running drop kick.

Only gets a two count.

Ambrose with the head lock. Taker slowly makes it back to his feet.

Neck breaker by Ambrose.

Only good for two.

Taker on his knees, hands up. Ambrose with the deliberate punches to drop Taker. Ambrose mocks Taker, drawing the thumb across his neck.

Taker reaches up and chokes Ambrose! He makes it back to his feet.

The pair exchange rights. Taker runs off the the ropes...

But Ambrose is right behind him with the high knee.

Taker comes back with the Chokeslam!

Rollins on the apron. Taker runs over to pop him one.

Ambrose comes back with a kick to the "Deadmen!"

He follows up with the snap DDT




Ambrose can't believe it!

Taker locks in Hell's Gate!

Ambrose taps! Ambrose taps! Ambrose taps!


The Shield rush the ring to lay the beat down on Taker.

But Taker fights back! He is able to roll out of the ring and keep The Shield from surrounding him.

Taker grabs a chair. He starts swinging, holding back The Shield.

But Reigns hits the spear through the barricade!

The Shield have regrouped. They are calling for it.


Taker is out. Ambrose is losing his [explicit].

C.J. is marking the [explicit] out!.

Fade to black on The Shield celebrating over Taker's broken body.


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