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WWE SmackDown results and live blog for April 12: The WrestleMania 29 fallout show

Complete results and a running live blog of WWE hitting the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts for "SmackDown" airing tonight (April 12, 2013), featuring the fallout show to 'WrestleMania 29' from this past Sunday night (April 7) in New Jersey.

WWE SmackDown comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (April 12, 2013) from the TD Garden in Boston, MA with a taped show on the SyFy channel featuring the fallout show to WrestleMania 29, which of course aired this past Sunday night from MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

For those of you too impatient to wait until later this evening, feel free to check out the spoilers by clicking here. Or if you just want to be prepped and primed for the night, read the Precap by clicking here.

Come back here at 8 p.m. ET for the SmackDown live blog.



C.J. here to cap the week off right, Cagesiders!

Recap of Dolph Ziggler winning the World Heavyweight Championship on Raw.

And we are "LIVE!"

Out comes Big E Langston to introduce our NEW World Heavyweight Champion


Well done, Big E. Although, Ricardo Rodriguez still does it better.

Dolph Ziggler, AJ Lee, and Big E make their way to the ring.

Ziggler tells us that since he debuted, he has been the most physically gifted athlete the business has ever seen. People would walk past him backstage and see in his eyes that he was the future of the company.

And now, with the World Heavyweight Championship, the future is now.

Ziggler's voice starts to shake. Guy must have been celebrating all "week."

Ziggler knows each and everyone of us feel like we're apart of the future. 80,000 people cheered his name at WrestleMania for a match he wasn't even in.

Then, on Monday Night Raw, the crowd watched him walk down the aisle to make history.

The WWE Universe would love to join in on the celebration. But the title belongs to one person and one person only.

Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler did not win the title because of the fans, but in spite of them. All his life, people have been riding his coattails because his girlfriend is hotter, or his teeth are whiter, or he's better than each and everyone of us.

But no matter what, you will never be Ziggler.

He's monologue is cut off by the Real Americans, Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter. Ziggler is not happy about this.

Colter introduces himself and congratulates Ziggler on his victory. He wants to thank him for being born in Cleveland, Ohio and hailing from Hollywood, Florida.

But as far as the championship is conceded, everyone knows there is one person to thank for the title switch.

And that man is Jack Swagger.

Ziggler tells Colter this is his time for celebration. Swagger had his chance at WrestleMania.

And he blew it.

So back of the line Swagger must go, because it's just Ziggler's time.

Swagger feints up the steps, but realizes he could not win against Ziggler and Big E. ]

Coulter tells Ziggler he should show some gratitude and give Swagger what he wants.

What could he possibly want!?

Ziggler tells the truck to cut Swagger's music. The man is not finished!

He says we can go home, load up the DVR, rewind and replay it back as many time as we want. We can try to live our lives through Ziggler's victory.

But we will never be--

And out comes Alberto Del Rio to ruin the monologue now!

I wonder if he and Swagger exchanged pleasantries as they passed each other?

Del Rio has a clear limp as exits the curtain.

Ziggler wants to know what Del Rio is doing out here. If he wants a rematch, then he can hobble down to the ring and fight Ziggler right now.

Del Rio tells Ziggler to relax. He didn't come out here to complain, but to congratulate Ziggler. Del Rio knows how it feels to cash in the Money in the Bank contract. That is how he won the WWE Championship.

And it felt great.

But Del Rio tells Ziggler when his ankle heals, it will be Ziggler complaining and crying.

Until then, though?

"Hasta la vista baby"

The Boston crowd eats it up.

Ziggler again calls for the boys in the back to cut the music. The man is not done! This is his night, his celebration.

And he is sick and tired of being interrupted!

The next person who interrupts him will see why he is the NEW World Heavyweight Champion.




Ziggler: "That's what I thought..."


Jericho: "Dolph would you please shut the hell up!

Jericho is tired of listening to Ziggler talk about being the NEW World Heavyweight Champion. He offers his congratulations, but all Ziggler does is babble about how it's his time, how good looking he is, and about his crazy girlfriend AJ.


Jericho: "Is she crazy?"

Crowd: "YES!"

Jericho: "AJ's crazy!

Crowd: "AJ'S CRAZY!"

AJ is not happy about this. She covers her ears so she doesn't have to listen to the vile crowd.

That only antagonizes the audience more.

AJ is now screaming to block out the noise. Ziggler does his best to console her.

Jericho tells Ziggler that he was the Original Showoff, baby! Now is the time to stop talking and start walking.

Because Jericho just talked to Booker T, and he found a bit of information.

A bit of information that is important to every Jerichoholic in the arena.

A bit of information that is important to every....Dolphin in the arena.

And that noise is this.

Ziggler's first match as champion will be against Y2J, TONIGHT!

Jericho wants to let Ziggy Stardust know something. When this match is over, Ziggler will never, never, EEEEEVVVVVER, be the same AGAYN.


Recap of The Shield interrupting The Undertaker, and Team Hell No making the save

Team Hell No vs. The Prime Time Players

Kane and Titus to start things off. Titus flies out the gate with a series of rights. He backs Kane into the corner, then lands a high knee.

Post to post whip is reversed, and Kane follows up with a clothesline. A whip to the opposite corner, and another clothesline from Kane. Titus is tossed to the middle of the ring. Kane heads up to the top rope...

And down he comes with the flying clothesline. Tag to Young, who runs right into Kane's clenched fist.

Tag to Bryan. Kane whips him Brayn to the corner, who in turns lands a dropkick on Young.

Bryan with the smart kicks to a kneeling Young. A "No!" chant fills the arena.

Young is sent into the ropes. He bounces back and stops his momentum, kicking Bryan in the face. He leaps toward Kane, knocking the big man off the apron.

Tag to Titus. They go for the double team clothesline, but Bryan ducks under it.

In into the ring comes Kane! Bryan with the NO! Lock on Titus! Kane with the chokeslam on Young!

Titus is struggling! He can't hold on!

Titus taps! He taps! Kane & Bryan win!

Team Hell No win via being Best Friends Forever.

The celebration is short-lived, though, as The Shield pop up on the Titantron. They congratulate Hell No on the win. Ambrose says it must have been nice for Kane to stand by his brother. The Brothers of Destruction, back together again.

But Ambrose wants them to know their tactics were not a sign of weakness. Only a fool would do that.

And they better not think The Shield are afraid.

Amborse goes on to say one needs a brain to survive in this world. You need to know when and where to strike. The Shield didn't back down.

Reigns: "The Shield never backs down. And we never run from a fight."

Rollins is giggling.

"Believe in The Shield."

The Titantron goes black. Hell No are not happy.

Kane sets off the pyro in anger.


Wade Barrett vs. Santino Marella

The pair lock up. Wade gains the side headlock. Santino sends him off the ropes, and Wade comes back with the shoulder block.

Wade swings widely, but lands a back kick on the follow through.

Only good for two.

Santino tries the kick up, falls back on his head.

Wade mounts and unleashes a flurry punches to the dome.

Only gets a two count.

Wade with the headlock. Santino is psyching himself off up. He gets to his feet and lands a few punches to gut.

Wade whips him into the corner. Santino grabs the ropes and lifts himself over the charging Wade. Off the ropes Santino goes...

Right into the Winds Of Change.

Only good for two.

Wade is setting up for the Bull Hammer...

And he misses widely!

Santino goes into his shine routine. Punch, punch, sends Wade off the ropes, does the splits under it, and finishes with the hip toss. The crowd is loving it!

Out comes the Cobra!

And Wade kickes the Cobra in the face!

He follows up with the Bull Hammer, and that gets the three count.

Wade Barrett wins via padded elbow to the grill


Video of WWE Superstars appearing on all television shows and Axxiss.


In Booker T's office with Teddy Long when Sheamus pops up. He is not happy about Booker overruling his match with The Big Show.

Booker was just trying-

Sheamus doesn't want to hear it. It was obvious that putting him in a match with Randy Orton would only lead to Show coming down and beating them both up.

Both men start to talk over each other.


And here comes Orton!

He wants to know why Sheamus and Orton were put in the same ring against each other. Booker starts to tell him--

But Teddy jumps in to keep things honest, playa. He says it was all Booker's idea, but everyone makes mistakes.

Teddy just doesn't want anyone to blame him.

Not cool, Teddy.

Booker tells Orton and Sheamus that Show was wrong. He knows both men want Show. So he'll give it to them

A handicap match! Tonight!

Brilliant move, Booker!

The GM stares down his assistant. He does not seem happy about the whole "being thrown under the bus" thing.


Kaitlyn & The Funkadactyls vs. The Bella Twins & Tamina Snuka

Kaitlyn and Tamina getting things started off. Tamina slams Kaitlyn's head off the mat. She runs to the corner to knock off the Funkadactyls. She turns around...

Right into a SPEAR! SPEAR! SPEAR!

Kaitlyn goes for the cover, but one of the Bella's break it up.

Kaitlyn hits a second SPEAR! SPEAR! SPEAR! this time on the Bella twin.

Tamina tags in the second Bella twin.

I would give you the name, but the announcer's have no clue who is in the ring. Was kind of relying on them.

Tag to Namoi, who hits the cross body. She follows it up with a head scissors kick.

And she hits the Rear View!

That's where she sends her opponents into the ropes, turns around, jumps, and they run into her butt.

The announcers are having fun with that one.

To the top rope Namoi goes! She knocks a charging Tamina off the apron.

But the first Bella sends her tumbling down.

Kaitlyn is sent flying off the apron. Cameron attacks the Bella on the outside.

The legal Bella slams Naomi's head into the mat and picks up the three count.

The Bella Twins & Tamina Snuka win via crappy Divas booking



Triple H makes his way to the ring, to a huge pop from the Boston faithful.

Trips told us the ass kicker was back!

So where is he? Ha ha, C.J. is just playing.

Trips went to war with Brock Lesnar--


Oh this is beautiful.

Slater wants us to hold on one minute.

And he tells Triple H to shut up and listen up!

I am loving this.

Slater repeats himself. Apparently you have to jump one of the big dogs to get noticed.

And what bigger dog is there than Triple H?

Slater says if Trips thought the battle -- I think he meant war! -- with Lesnar was bad, he hasn't seen nuthin' yet.

Because 3MB is about to rock his face.

They surround the ring, waiting for the right moment. Triple H is waiting for them to advance.


Well that was unexpected!

Down from the audience comes The Shield. It's looking like it's going to be a six on one!

The Shield surround the ring while 3MB waits on the apron...

And The Shield lay out 3MB! They are sent flying into barricades and steel steps!

Now The Shield set their sights on The Game!


Pyro goes off in the ring, and out come Team Hell No to make the save!

The Shield retreat -- not run away! -- back up the aisle.


Booker in his office with Teddy. He is berating his assistant when Show pops in.

He wants to know what the hell is going on!

Teddy bounces, freeing up Booker to talk to Show. He tells Show that the giant shouldn't have stuck his nose in business that didn't concern you on Raw.

Show thinks this is typical. He thinks Booker is biased against him. Show could just walk right out of the arena. The man has an iron clad contract, and doesn't have to do what Booker says.

Booker is sick of Show talking about walking out and his contract. He says if Show wants to walk, then he can walk. But Booker will make sure the iron clad contract is held up in court so long it becomes rusty and worthless.

Now can you dig that?


Recap of Sheamus vs. Randy Orton from Raw

Sheamus & Randy Orton vs. The Big Show in a handicap match

Sheamus and Orton bickering on who will face Show first. Show wants Orton first, so in her goes.

Orton lets off a flurry of punches. Show shrugs them off and tosses Orton into the corner. He goes for the chop, but Orton rolls out of the way.

Orton comes back with a kick and another series of rights. Show pushes him off into the ropes.

But Orton comes back with a kick to the jaw!

Orton off the ropes again...

This time Show is waiting to hit the sidewalk slam.

Orton is screaming in pain. Show steps on Orton's chest and walks on top of him. Show and Sheamus mouth off before Show hits the heavy right to Orton's gut.

Body slam to Orton. To the second rope Show goes...

He drops the elbow, but all he catches is mat!

Orton is struggling, crawling to his corner...

And he makes the hot tag to Sheamus!

Sheamus takes Show down and lands a flurry of rights to the dome. Show manages to push him off, but Sheamus comes right back with a pair of running axe handles.

Sheamus: "Come on you piece of crap!"

Sheamus is going buck wild, letting the forearms fly! He backs Show into the corner before delivering a shoulder block. Off the ropes he goes for the running high knee! He goes back to the well...

But Show is there with a vicious spear!

Show waltzes over to an unsuspecting Orton and lands a heavy right to the midsection. Orton falls into the ring in pain. Show delivers a headbutt to Sheamus before walking back to Orton


Sheamus is calling for it!


Show is sent flying out of the ring. He uses the barricade to lift himself up. He seems to be in no hurry to make the ten count.

In fact, he just heads up the ramp as the ref hits the ten count.

Sheamus & Randy Orton win via Show realizing he can just walk away


Backstage with Sheamus and Orton. The lovely Renee Young pops up to ask Sheamus a few questions. Orton heads off to the training room.

Young points out that although they were successful in beating Show, it did take two of them to do it.

Sheamus says this night was pretty sweet. It doesn't matter how big or strong someone is, all that matters is this [slaps his hand on his heart]


And here comes Mark Henry to make things interesting!

Sheamus is sent flying into the food table. Henry thinks Sheamus premise that strength doesn't matter is incorrect.

Henry: "That's what I do!"

The refs shoo him off and tend to Sheamus.


Antonio Cesaro vs. Kofi Kingston

Cesaro locks up the arm. Kofi tries to flip out of the hold. Cesaro simply headbutts Kofi to drop him. He lets off a flurry of punches to the dome.

Kofi makes it back to his feet. The pair trade forearms.

Kofi with the sunset flip pin!

Only gets a two count.

Huge stomp in the face by Cesaro!

Only good for two.

Gutwrench suplex by Cesaro. He yodels as he waits for Kofi to make it to his feet.

A lands a nasty uppercut!

Only gets two.

Cesaro with the headlock. Kofi makes it to his feet, but Cesaro slams his head to the mat. He goes for another stomp, but Kofi rolls out of the way.

Kofi is going through his shine with a pair of double axe handles and a dropkick. He runs the ropes...


Only gets a [explicit] two count.

Kofi is in the corner. Cesaro charges, but Kofi counters with a pendulum kick.

To the top rop Kofi goes...

And Cesaro catches him in mid air!

He sets Kofi up to try and slam him into the turnbuckl.

Kofi wiggles free...

And hits Trouble In Paradise!

That gets the three count.

Kofi Kingston wins via some bull[explicit] booking


Recap of Ryback's heel turn on Raw.


Fandango making his fabulous entrance. He'll be sitting ringside for the main event.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Chris Jericho

Both men circle. They lock up. Jericho with an arm drag to send Ziggler across the ring.

They circle again. They lock up. Jericho gains the side headlock. Ziggler sends him off the ropes, but Jericho comes back with a shoulder block. Jericho off the ropes again, this time to deliver a chop across the chest.

The audience is apparently "Fandangoing"

Suplex from Jericho, followed by a kick to the back. Ziggler makes it to his feet to deliver a few sharp blows. He backs Jericho into the corner and lands a few body shots before the ref pulls him off. Ziggler charges...

And hits the corner splash.

He places Jericho in the corner and lands a few boots to the gut. Whip to the opposite corner. Ziggler tries to follow, but eats a boot.

Jerichio is on the second rope...

And lands the drop kick!

Only gets a two count.

Jericho smacks Zigglers in the back of the head before choking him on the ropes. The ref pulls him off, but he goes right back to it. Finally the ref gets him to stop.

Fandango hops on the apron as the crowd "Fandangos." The ref manages to get him off. Jericho runs the ropes...

But AJ tries to trip him up!

Jericho is not happy about this at all. He turns around...


Only good for two.

We come back from commercial with Ziggler delivering an elbow to Jericho's head.

Apparently we missed Fandango landing a high kick to Jericho during the break.

Ziggler goes for the "one foot on chest" pin, but Jericho gets the shoulder up at two.

Jericho makes it to his feet and lands a few body blows. Ziggler comes back with a kick to the gut and a neckbreaker.

Only gets two.

Ziggler with the side headlock. He transitions into the headstand head lock.

JBL is not happy with Ziggler's showboating.

Jericho makes it back to his feet. He is sent off the ropes and lands the shoulder tackle. He does it again. And again!

Off the top rope goes Jericho with the axe handle!

Jericho runs the ropes for the bulldog...

Ziggler counters with a DDT!

Only good for two.

Jericho off the ropes again. Baseball slide knocks out Big E. Up to the top rope he goes...

And down he comes with the cross body!

Only gets two.

Again Jericho runs the ropes...

And Ziggler hits the drop kick!

Now he only gets two.

Ziggler goes for the Zig Zag, but Jericho hangs onto the ropes. He tries to reverse into the Walls of Jericho, but Ziggler pushes him off.

Jericho delivers an elbow to the jaw and...


Ziggler kicks out at two.

Fandango again makes his way up on the apron. Jericho is sick of it, and hits the springboard drop kick. He turns around...

And Ziggler tries for the Fameasser! But Jericho reverses into the Walls!

Fandango hops on the apron, distracting the ref. Big E hops up and nails Jericho in the dome with a right.

Ziggler gets the roll up, and that gets the three count.

Dolph Ziggler wins via smart hive heel mentality

Ziggler takes a moment to celebrate...

But Jericho comes flying in with a wicked clothesline!

Big E rushes in to save his friend...

And eats an enziguri!

Fandango again hops up on the apron, but Jericho shoos him away.

Ziggler is right there to hit the Zig Zag!

Big E hits the Big Ending!

AJ slides into the ring with the World Heavyweight Championship. The trio pose over Jericho's downed body.

They exit the ring, and finally Fandango makes his entrance.

The crowd is loving it.

Fandango does a little dance in the ring before laying the beatdown on Jericho.

To the top rope we go!

And he hits the Beautiful Leg Drop to the back of Jericho's neck.

"Fawn! Dong! Gooo!"

Fade to black.


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