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WWE SmackDown spoilers for April 12: The WrestleMania 29 fallout show

WWE SmackDown returns to the SyFy channel this coming Friday night (Apr. 12) from the TD Garden in Boston, Mass. Spoilers can be found right here.

WWE SmackDown returns to the SyFy channel this coming Friday night (April 12, 2013) from the TD Garden in Boston, Mass where the show was taped along with tonight's episode of Main Event. That means full spoilers are readily available, if you're the impatient type who doesn't want to wait a couple days for the payoff.

Unwrap that present early (courtesy PWInsider):

  • Big E Langston will open the show doing his best Ricardo Rodriguez impression as he introduces the new World Champion, Dolph Ziggler, who will come out to a huge crowd pop accompanied by AJ. Zigs then cuts a promo about how he is the most physically gifted athlete WWE has ever seen, the future is now.As he starts to lose his voice, Ziggler will state this moment belongs to him and him alone -- before he will be interupted...
  • Jack Swagger will make an impromptu appearance then, coming out with his xenophobic sidekick Zeb Colter to congratulate Dolph. They will state Ziggler should thank Swagger for the win. Ziggler will of course blow them off and tell Swagger to step to the back of the line. Alberto Del Rio will then come out. Ziggler will invite him to his rematch if he can hobble to the ring. Alberto will respond that when his ankle is healed, he intends to come for his title. Chris Jericho will then come out and tell Ziggler to shut the hell up. Jericho being Jericho will get the crowd to chant that AJ is crazy, setting up Y2J vs. Ziggler for later on.
  • WWE Tag Team champs Team Hell No (Kane & Daniel Bryan) will defeat The Primetime Players when Titus O'Neal taps to the No Lock. The Shield will show up and tell Hell No to, "Believe in the Shield".
  • WWE Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett will defeat Santino Marella with the Bull Hammer.
  • The Bellas & Tamina will defeat WWE Divas champion Kaitlyn & Naomi & Cameron.
  • Triple H will appear to a huge pop and cut a promo. 3MB will actually try to attack him, but The Shield will come out to makes the save, only to then go after HHH. Kane & Bryan will make the save this time. They and HHH will destroy Heath Slater. Bryan will try to get HHH to hug him. That will lead to Vince McMahon coming out and the crowd trying to get Vince and Bryan to hug it out.
  • Randy Orton & Sheamus will defeat Big Show via countout.
  • Kofi Kingston will defeat WWE U.S. champion Antonio Cesaro with Trouble in Paradise.
  • World champion Dolph Ziggler will defeat Chris Jericho after Fandango & Big E. Langston get involved.

That's your spoilers for WWE SmackDown this week, CageSiders, what do you think? Definitely a show worth catching while hanging out in our live blog with C.J. Bradford this Friday night, right?

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