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WWE SmackDown results and live blog for Feb. 8: Hall of Pain Re-Opens

Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (Feb. 8, 2013) episode of WWE 'SmackDown' from Jacksonville, Florida; featuring the road to the Elimination Chamber and the return of the Hall of Pain.

WWE SmackDown comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Feb. 8, 2013) from Jacksonville, Florida, with a taped show on the SyFy channel featuring the road to the Elimination Chamber and the return of the Hall of Pain.

If you're the impatient type and wish to read full spoilers for the show, click here.

Come back here at 8 p.m. ET for the SmackDown live blog.



C.J. here to end the week right! / June here now as well, The C. J. is on the East coast getting buried under snow, so gonna tag team this thing tonight!!! And. Here. We. Go.

Video promo announcing there is only three spots remaining in the Elimination Chamber Match.

Show opens with a large bus pulling into the arena. The Big Show steps out to a round of boos. He berates his driver for hitting every pothole on the road. When he's done he walks into the building, looking around to make sure he is safe. WELL IT'S THE BIG SHOW! And down to the ring the big man goes!

He says that things around here are completely unacceptable. He is sick and tired of the "double standard." Show gets it, none of the fans like him. But is it a crime to not be popular?

Because he's not popular, is it fair for him to have to put his title on the line in a Last Man Standard Match? Because he's not popular, is it fair for a "Latin maniac" to attack him in his hotel room? Is it fair that the fans cheer the World Heavyweight Champion for acting like a criminal?

I guess this is why Del Rio wants to be popular. Because when you are popular, you can do whatever you want. Show doesn't get the fans. When he fights like a man, he gets called a bully.

Show: (Points to fan) "Yeah, you're chanting 'you suck.' Thank you so much for that. "He refrains from confrontation, and he gets called a coward. But Del Rio can attack Show, and the fans cheer him? Show informs the audience that the match at Elimination Chamber is official, and it will be coming back to where it belongs.

Show also tells us that Del Rio has been suspended for a night. As if that is a big deal. There is one person who is responsible for this double standard, and that is Booker T. Booker is jealous of The Big Show's abilities, talents, wealth, but most of all, he's jealous because Show is still a competitive force.

Show: "[Booker] is a sad man behind the desk pushing a pencil" CAN YOU DIG IT, SUCKA?! Booker: "Whatcho problem, Big Show?" He tells Show that the giant has everything he asked for. He had a rematch at Royal Rumble, but he blew it. Del Rio and Booker don't like bullies, but Show continues to bully Ricardo Rodriguez. And that isn't going to get him anywhere.

Show doesn't care what Booker calls him. What he wants to know is who gave Del Rio his hotel room information. Booker asks him why he would do that. Show retorts that the only way Booker can stay relevant is if he takes down one of the greatest superstars in SmackDown history.

Booker says he treats everyone equally, that's why he suspended Del Rio. Show don't care. He demands Booker tells him who gave out his information. Booker reminds Show that he's 7 feet tall, and over 500 pounds. Anyone could have noticed him in the hotel.

Booker tells him that he needs to start worrying about his match tonight. Show -- dressed in a business suit -- is "shocked." Show: "Have you ever heard of a cell phone, a computer? Text me, send me an email. Surprise me, send me a tweet!" I don't think Show likes having random matches.

Booker says he'll take his advise into consideration. But tonight, he will be going up against a long time foe. It's Kane!

Show is not happy about this at all.


Kofi Kingston vs. Cody Rhodes

Kofi tries to lock up Cody around his waist. A elbow to the face puts an end to that. Cody sends Kofi into the ropes for the clothesline. Kofi is able to dunk under it and comes back with a monkey flip. Cody is hanging on the ropes. A clothesline sends him right over.

Kofi feints the suicide dive, but bounces off the ropes. Cody looks around, confused, and makes his way onto the apron. A drop kick by Kofi sends him right back off.

Kofi sends Cody back into the ring. A post to post Irish Whip leaves Cody hanging in the corner. Kofi tries to follow. Cody is able to move out of the way, though, and Kofi's "Wildcats" get acquainted with the turnbuckle. Cody goes for the cover, but Kofi kicks out at one.

An elbow from the top rope give Cody control of the match. Cody sends Kofi's dome into the ring post. The pair exchange punches. To the top rope Cody goes again.

Kofi is able to read it, and a chop to Cody's midsection leaves him reeling. Kofi kits the axe handle - axe handle - dropkick - jumping axe handle - Boomdrop combo. Kofi is feeling some Trouble In Paradise. Cody is able to get out of the way. Kofi is left to jump onto the corner post, then jump off and land a lateral press. He only gets a two count.

Kofi tries to set up for the S.O.S. Cody attempts to reverse into Cross Rhodes. Kofi slips out of it and sends Cody into the ropes. He goes for Trouble In Paradise, but Cody is able to hug the ropes to stop his momentum. Kofi delivers a few kicks before Cody sends him through the ropes.

Back into the ring Kofi climbs, but he's met with a Disaster Kick. Cody hits Cross Rhodes, and that gets him the three count.


Recap of Kane vs. Sheamus, and Daniel Bryan's distracting his partner, from Raw, and Bryan vs. Damien Sandow, with Kane returning the favor, on Main Event.


In the locker room with Kane and Bryan.

Kane wants to know what his partner wants. Bryan says he's sorry for what happened on Raw.

Kane accepts his apology, but wants him to leave. Bryan is worried that because he's in the Elimination Chamber, that's why Kane cost him the match on Main Event. But because they are friends, Bryan forgives him without Kane even apologizing!

To ease the friendship, Bryan wants to come out for his match against The Big Show. Because Bryan pinned him in 45 seconds, Show is going to be thrown off his game. And from an image standpoint, it will only help Kane to be seen with someone who is already in the Elimination Chamber match.

Kane is about two seconds away from "an-nihilating standpoint". He tells Bryan to not say another word. The next thing he can say is "congratulations" after Kane defeats Show.


Brief update on Vince McMahon's medical condition in the form of a Raw Rebound; featuring Paul Heyman's performance review with Vince McMahon from two weeks ago -- again -- and Brock Lesnar F-5'ing The Miz into oblivion.

Video piece on Bruno Sammartino's Hall of Fame nomination.


Titus O'Neil vs. The Great Khali

Yes, Cagesiders, it's that time of week where The Great Khali wrestles, and I don't give a crap about it. He hits Titus a few times. Hornswoggle and Natalya laugh at ring side. Booker and Teddy Long look on in the back. Titus is actually able to put Khali on his back for a two count. That offense ends shortly with a chop to the dome. Khali with the three count and the win.


WELL THIS JUST GOT INTERESTING! Mark Henry makes his way down the ramp.

He pulls Titus out of the ring and tosses him into the barricade. Then he turns his attention on The Great Khali. Khali does his best to fight Henry off, and it looked like he almost had the returning superstar down for the count. But Henry is able to fight back and plant Khali with a World's Strongest Slam.

Henry: "The Hall of Pain is now open. And I am bent on destruction. Any questions?"

Khali didn't have any questions. Titus didn't have any questions. If Rey and Sin Cara had any questions on Raw, he answered every last one of them.

Recap of the beat down last Monday.

Henry: "That is what I do!" He tells us all of this could have been avoided if Booker T had just put him in the Elimination Chamber Match. How Booker gonna forget "The Strongest Man That Ever Lived?"

Now Henry needs an explanation.

He calls out Booker so he can get an explanation. And if Booker doesn't come out, Henry will go back there and destroy the entire roster.

Here comes Booker, sans intro music. Booker: "You can't just come back here, bum-rushin' the scene."

"I don't think you are allowed to say that, Booker."

Booker says this will not fly on SmackDown. Henry notices that there is not room in the Elimination Chamber, so he's going to have to make room. He will injure enough people so that he's the only person in the Elimination Chamber.

Booker reminds Henry that he's been out nine months -- by Zeus has it really been that long? -- and will have to prove if he can still go. If Henry can beat someone who is already in the match, then he'll get his shot.

And that man is Randy Orton!


Outside the arena with The Big Show getting off his bus and berating his driver. He's pissed off that the temperature was not a perfect 68 degrees. And he likes his steak "Pittsburgh," charred on the outside, medium rare on the inside. The man knows what he wants.

Show heads inside the arena, wondering how hard it is to find good help. Just as he leaves Alberto Del Rio wonders into frame, looking over Show's bus.


Kane vs. The Big Show

Kane gets the early advantage with a few hard rights. He tries to whip Show into the corner, but it's reversed. Kane comes stumbling off the post. Show goes for the shoulder tackle, but Kane is able to kick his legs out from under him. Another drop kick sends Show rolling out of the ring.

Kane follows Show out. He is sent flying into the steel steps. Show sends Kane into the ring, and proceeds to bounce his legs off the steel post.

Show rolls back in and keeps working the leg. Kane is finally able to kick Show off of him. He makes it to a standing base, but Show immediately sends him back down with a spear. We come back from commercial with Show slamming down on top of Kane. He only gets a two count.

Again Show goes up, but this time Kane is able to roll out of the way. The pair exchange punches, then a dueling chokeslam. Show kicks Kane's legs to break the hold, and sends him into the ropes. Kane counters with a running DDT.

Up to the top rope Kane goes, and down he comes with a flying clothesline. Both men are slow to back it to their feet. Kane makes his way over to Show, but is met with a WMD. That gets Show the three count and the W.


Alberto Del Rio appears on the Titantron. He wonders what he would do when he was suspended. So he decided to make a new friend. And look who it is! Big Show's driver!

Del Rio says he heard about how bad Show has been treating him. He also informs show he has made a few changes to his bus. Show goes strolling up the ramp, looking very unhappy.

Outside the arena show goes. He finally gets a look at his bus...And it's on cinder blocks!

Show: "How is this even possible!" That's...actually a very good question.

But Show cannot try to get an answer for too long, as orange paint is poured onto his head! The camera pans up and shows it was Alberto Del Rio who dumped it on his head. That rascal.

Show is covered in paint, upset at his new look.

A car beeps, and up pulls Ricardo in a tow truck with Del Rio sitting in the back. They wave at show and drive off.



Jack Swagger vs. Justin Gabriel

Swagger is quick to drive Gabriel into the corner. Gabriel is able to slide outside the ropes. Swagger tries to pull him back in, but is met with a shoulder.

Gabriel flips over Swaggers head, bounces off the ropes, and rolls up Swagger. Only good for one. Swagger comes right back with a vicious clothesline.

Swagger lands a few shots to the dome before tossing Gabriel across the ring. He follows that up with a Swagger Bomb. He tries for the corner splash, but Gabriel manages to duck out of the way.

Gabriel hits the cross body, but Swagger rolls out of the ring before the pin attempt. Gabriel stands on the apron and delivers a kick to Swagger's jaw. He tries to jump off the ropes, but Swagger pulls his feet from under him. Gabriel's knee bounces off the ring and he's in pain.

Back into the ring we go. Swagger cuts Gabriel knees from under him. A gut wrench power bomb and Patriot Act later, and Gabriel is tapping.


Tensai vs. Drew McIntyre

Drew gets the early offense with a series of forearms and a high boot that drops Tensai to the mat. Only good for a one count.

Drew shouts "3MB!" and slaps Tensai across the face. That was dumb of him. Tensai with a few stiff rights and headbutts. He follows up with a chokebomb.

Before he can get the pin attempt, the rest of 3MB rush into the ring.


Over the top goes Jinder Mahal!

Over the top goes Drew!

Into the ropes goes Heath Slater, and he is met by a double team shoulder tackle.

Tensai and Clay share an uneasy look. Clay's music hits. The Funkadactyls are trying to get him to shake his booty. Tensai is hesitant, but he eventually relents.

Team Funky in Japan will be your next Tag Team Champions, folks.


Okay, you guys... C. J. is now officially done for and I am here to bring this thing home for you guys, so bear with me, virgin live blogger at the helm tonight:


Antonio Cesaro vs. Sin Cara

Cesaro, the current US Champion enters the arena, Sin Cara joins him in the ring for a predictable squash match.

The US Champ starts the action off by grabbing Sin Cara by the head and tossing him to the mat, follows it up with a low blow of his boot to the cojones of Sin Cara, who is being tossed about like a Rag Doll. Somehow he manages to counter out of being lifted by Cesaro, then bounces off the top rope and attempts a takedown.

Cesaro easily evades this maneuver, but then Sin Cara makes contact with a right kick to the side of the Champ. Sin Cara again to the ropes, preparing to unleash some high-flying action, but Cesaro one step ahead binds his arms into the ropes and drops him to the apron.

Cesaro drags him back in the ring, lifts him up for a power slam onto his back and promptly stands on him. Sin Cara being tossed about being made a mockery of by Cesaro. They are so unevenly matched it is just pathetic. Sin Cara on the mat with his back turned and is then kicked in the back hard by Cesaro's boot... meanwhile commentary is arguing over Sin Cara's heritage and need for a mask, in what can only be described as painfully wretched nonsensical banter.

Sin Cara is up and counters with a knee to Cesaro's mid section, gets tossed to the corner for his troubles. The arrogant champ is off his balance for a split second now, so Sin Cara takes advantage by running to the ropes and rebounding with a umm, a hurricanrana?

Sin Cara tosses Cesaro out of the ring at the end of the spectacular move and pursues his downed opponent by jumping through the ropes and knocking him to the ground, following it up with a swift payback kick to the back. Counters with a Rolling Sunset Flip Power Bomb Sequence? I don't 100% for certain what to call it, I just dig it when he does it. The high-flying movesets always look impressive to me when done properly.

Despite the luchador's efforts he still gets thrown out of the ring.

We are back in the ring and Sin Cara to the top going to fling himself at Cesaro and Cesaro turns it on him, hitting the masked man with an uppercut and then he flings him down into the Neutralizer. He easily gets the three count and waves the US Flag about the ring to chants of USA.


Randy Orton in the back, explains to Josh Matthews that Henry can't be out for nine months with some sort of supposed injury and come back and throw his weight around and think he can get whatever he wants. He will be the road block in his path.

Orton states Henry claims to be The World's Strongest Man but he will need to be The World's Luckiest Man if he intends to get through him. And that if he's not careful The Apex Predator will be putting Mark Henry back on the shelf, where he came from.

Orton tried to look invested in that, but to me it was a less than impressive promo for the Main Event, from a man I think can do, and has done better.


Back from commercial with The Miz, talking to Josh Matthews about having been in a lot of intense situations and performing with and being around some of the baddest superstars. But he has to admit that looking into Lesnar's eyes, staring into the belly of the beast, he saw something completely different... something lethal. (On this week's Raw).

Miz goes on stating although he saw something lethal he is still here, still on SmackDown, still the most Awe... in comes Cesaro to debase The Miz for his whining, claiming only in America can someone have the freedom to stick his nose in repeatedly where it doesn't belong. Miz counters by stating he will stick it where it does belong and then shoves his fist in Cesaro's nose... they drop to the ground and brawl... until four refs tear them apart so we can cut to a promo on none other than the The SHIELD of justice!

The Shield Promo focuses on this week's Monday Night Raw (Feb. 4), I really don't mind a recap when it involves Maddox, Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns, I could watch it all night long... and this little segment also prompts a verbal promo from the announce table for the 6-man tag match coming up later on this month on February 17 at the Elimination Chamber between John Cena, Sheamus and Ryback vs. Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns. Justice gets served is the tagline for the Shields' second sanctioned match coming from New Orleans. (Only nine more days, you guys!)


Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry

The Viper. The Apex Predator. Mr. Orton Hard. Comes out to the ring, looking a little scruffy, but still impressive, the scruff is actually quite hot. He does his signature pose from the second rope, looking confident, although not quite at the top of his game somehow.

The World's Strongest man, the former world champion, apparently 6'4" tall and weighing in at 412 lbs... Mark Henry comes on down, of course with the announce table building him up, giving him a build for Elimination Chamber during a nice little promo package of his finer moments.

Orton takes Henry into the corner, pummels him with his fists to the face, Orton having been in five Elimination Chamber matches should have some sort of advantage over Henry who is a virgin to the EC. However, Henry tosses the Apex Predator to the center of the ring simply by turning his shoulder to him and shrugging him off.

The big man grabs the viper up while bent over and gives him a decent knee to the midsection. Then grabs his shoulder and head and shoves him out of the ring into the barriers.

Out on the floor, Henry with punches to Orton, then Henry lifts Orton over his head to power slam him, but Orton slips out and slams Henry face first into the steel ring post. He bounces off, and it only appears to have made him pissed off apparently.

Back in the ring and Henry grasps Orton by the head and tosses him into the turnbuckle. Orton counters with a dropkick delivering the bottom of his boots straight into the Strong Man's face and chest -- he grabs him from behind off the top rope, pummeling his chest and head with his fists.

Henry turns around though and with one right cross, Orton plummets to the floor outside the ring like dead weight, clutching his head. JBL likens the swing to getting hit with a tree limb. Ugh. Not a fan of JBL, sorry folks.

Henry flings Orton back into the center of the ring and pummels him with powerful punches to the ribs and chest, but Orton slips out from beneath and rolls to the ropes, only for Henry to stand full force on Orton's lungs until the ref finally intervenes.

Orton crawling away while Henry is distracted with the ref, but doesn't get too far before Henry clinches him at the neck with a vice grip, Orton with three decent elbows to the ribs and one, two good shots to the jaw, then Henry head butts him before he can land the third blow.

They run the ropes, Orton regaining steam, hits a couple decent clotheslines, Henry misses one, Orton fells the giant with an arm to the chest and with a nice dropkick, both boots to the face, pounds his chest as Henry rolls and crawls to the ropes. Orton now with Henry in a set up for a rope-hung DDT. And he nails it, planting his face into the mat.

The Viper is out, he is feeling it and coiling the viper. He goes in for the RKO, but Henry counters with The World's Strongest Slam and clean no less, will be making his way into the Elimination Chamber match. As Geno would say, "He's back, ladies and gentlemen, and the Hall of Pain is officially open for business."

Henry is now one match away from WrestleMania, the Elimination Chamber is all that stands in his way.

We fade to black. And we are out.

Thanks for joining us folks, stay safe and warm if you are in blizzard territory. See you in the threads, June out!



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