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Precap to the Feb. 22, 2012 episode of WWE 'SmackDown', or the one after 'Elimination Chamber'

Previewing the Feb. 22, 2013 episode of WWE "SmackDown", the fall out show to the "Elimination Chamber" pay-per-view (PPV); featuring the retaining World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio, #1 Contender Jack Swagger, AND MORE!

Del Rio! Swagger! Ricardo! Zeb! Reefer Madness! World Heavyweight Championship!

This was supposed to be the Precap where I talk about how much fun I'm going to have with this feud. This was supposed to be a glowing preview of the next few weeks. This was supposed to be one of the most excited times for me as a fan. This was supposed to be so fun to wait for.

And then that thing happened.

Alberto Del Rio has gotten himself over as an amazing underdog face. He faced The Big Show at Elimination Chamber this past Sun. (Feb. 17) and emerged victorious. Del Rio was able to stand up to the monster bully of WWE and make him pay. He symbolized the strength and courage that we as fans wished we had in our everyday life.

And it was glorious.

Jack Swagger entered into the Elimination Chamber with a new look, a new sidekick, and a new ass kicking attitude. The man was ready for war. He marched into the Chamber like he wants the Illegal immigrants to march back over the border. Using brute strength and raw cunningness, he was able to outfight and outsmart Daniel Bryan, Kane, Mark Henry, Chris Jericho, and Randy Orton to become the NEW #1 Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship.

And it was glorious.

Del Rio, "The Mexican Aristocrat," the man who stands for everyone of us. Who fights for honor and friendship. Who vanquishes evil one running Enziguri at a time.

Swagger, "The All American American," the man who parrots Zeb Colters xenophobic words. Who fights for discrimination and hatred. Who wishes to vanquish those who don't stand up to his ideal of a "real American" one Patriot Lock at a time.

Alberto Del Rio. World Heavyweight Champion. Jack Swagger. # 1 Contender. Good. Evil. April 7. WrestleMania 29.

It was going to be glorious.

And then that thing happened.

Real life has a tendency to ruin our fantasies. This was no different. Swagger left the Tues. (Feb. 19) tapings to tonight's SmackDown in Biloxi, Mississippi. The exact details are sketchy, but we know this; Swagger was pulled over for speeding. The officer made the determination that he was high, and conducted a search. Marijuana was found in the vehicle. Swagger was taken in, charged with Driving Under the Influence -- not for alcohol -- marijuana possession, and speeding. All three are misdemeanors. He was released from custody shortly thereafter.

Then the waiting game started.

We don't know what is going to happen. Swagger could be suspended. He could be de-pushed and sent to midcard purgatory. He could have his punishments delayed until after WrestleMania.

Or all of this could be brushed under the rug. It's completely unknown right now.

I make it a point to keep the Precap kayfabe. I know I talk about backstage politics and people getting "pushed," but in some sense this is vital to what we are watching The key is that these things influence the on-screen product, the storylines, the angles, the feuds going at the time. I try to stay away from unsubstantiated rumours until they actually affect what is on our television sets.

This, though, might be too big not to address.

Right now I want to see Alberto Del Rio kick Jack Swagger's ass. Mostly for the heel gimmick Swagger has been working, but partly because he was stupid enough to get caught driving under the influence of marijuana a mere six weeks before the biggest moment of his career.

Maybe I'm selfish, but this was going to be amazing television. And now it may not happen.

Tonight will be a very odd show to watch. It was taped mere hours before Swagger was pulled over. We will travel back in time to a moment when good and evil were obvious. When there were no gray areas or room for debate.

But life is full of gray, isn't it? And sometimes our entertainment is ruined by what happens outside the ring.

All we can do is sit and wait to see how real life effects the Reality Era.

Hopefully this has prepared you for the night's festivities. Leave a comment below about what you are looking forward to, and please join the entire CSS Friday night gang in the live blog TONIGHT!

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