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WWE SmackDown results and reactions from last night (Nov. 22): Off to Boston

Complete results and reactions to last night's (Nov. 22, 2013) episode of WWE "Friday Night SmackDown", featuring the go home show to the "Survivor Series" pay-per-view (PPV) this Sunday night in Boston.

WWE Friday Night SmackDown hit the SyFy airwaves last night (Nov. 22, 2013) from Atlanta, Georgia, with a taped show featuring the go home show to the upcoming Survivor Series pay-per-view (PPV) scheduled for this Sunday night at the TD Garden Arena in Boston, Massachusetts.

Let's get right to reactions:

  • I like the idea of opening the show with a tag team championship match. I think it's a testament to how good Cody Rhodes and Goldust have become that the Real Americans, awful jobbers for months on end, looked like legitimate contenders who could have actually won the belts. And it would have been shit, but it wouldn't have killed the belts.
  • How many rotations on the Cesaro Swing last night? I hope they're holding out and are planning on having Cesaro do a full 100 on Jack Swagger whenever they decide to break those two up.
  • Being a bowlie is not a bad thing. Ryback's been a bowlie his whole life. He enjoys being a bowlie. I like bowlie's too. Because they're bowlies. Bowlies.
  • Hey, at least Ryback isn't violently maneuvering his face around while he's talking anymore. Oh, and the Shell Shock on Great Khali did indeed look impressive. Good enough for me. Although I do wish he had stood up and instead of saying "Ryback still rules", saying "big legs, empty kegs". I can't get over how great his Twitter has been.
  • Vickie Guerrero booking AJ Lee in a 2-on-1 handicap match makes sense. Vickie Guerrero not accounting for Tamina Snuka by ordering her away from ringside makes absolutely no sense at all. AJ and Tamina getting overcome by the Funkadactyls just hurts the soul.
  • Actually, I like the big butt. That's what I'm calling that flying ass to the face move Naomi does. Not the "rear view" as it's been dubbed.
  • There were legitimate questions regarding Rey Mysterio's ability to work a match, let alone an entertaining one. Yet there he was, out there looking just fine against The Shield. We should also note another reason The Shield are so damn great: they work well with everyone, no matter the height, weight, gimmick, or style. Can't compliment these guys enough. Oh, and the streak of awesome six-man tag matches involving The Shield continues.
  • They had one last shot to sell me on Big Show vs. Randy Orton this weekend and they failed. Show's promo went over like a lead balloon and while there's no certainty of what the swerve will be, no one believes for even a second that a swerve isn't coming. And these two don't have enough chemistry and haven't had matches good enough to sell it on that front. So, really, this feels like a waste of a main event. I'm actually hoping the swerve is that this match opens the show and they close with something else.
  • The match Big E. Langston was involved in was the fifth match that aired on SyFy, for the record. Just saying. It wasn't altogether entertaining, though, and at one point Curtis Axel started screaming about being Intercontinental champion and because he overprounces everything, he ran out of breath and had to regroup halfway through. Cannot wait until he's sent back to Superstars.
  • Langston is going to be able to get over just fine with the Big Ending as his finisher but I really hope he finds a new one. It looks okay and all but I would rather he did something that involved more than just holding a guy while he drops to his back.
  • I'm starting to wonder why it is that Luke Harper is the guy getting all the singles matches on Raw andSmackDown while Erick Rowan is left out. Perhaps that says something about where the powers that be are regarding this team. Then again, Bray Wyatt never wrestles and he's expected to get over big at some point or another.
  • The heels standing tall to close the go home show to the PPV means the babyfaces go over at the show, right?

This show was okay, although there was nothing here that got me excited in any way for the top two title matches atSurvivor Series. John Cena and Alberto Del Rio not appearing at all, despite working the dark match? I don't get it.

Grade: C+

That's it for me, Cagesiders. Now it's your turn to sound off in the comments section below with all your thoughts on last night's show. How did you like it?

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