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WWE SmackDown results and live blog for Oct. 4: Battleground go home show

Complete results and the running live blog for tonight's (Oct. 4, 2013) episode of "Friday Night SmackDown" on the SyFy channel from Baton Rogue, Louisiana, featuring the go home show to the "Battleground" pay-per-view (PPV) this past Sunday.

WWE Friday Night SmackDown comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Oct. 4, 2013) from Baton Rogue, Louisiana, with a taped show on the SyFy channel featuring the go home episode to the Battleground pay-per-view (PPV) this coming Sunday night in Buffalo.

If you're the impatient type and wish to read full spoilers for the show you can find out exactly what goes down by clicking here.

Either way, come back here at 8 p.m. ET for the SmackDown live blog.



Geno here.

Broadcast is live.

Long replay of what happened on Raw this past week, with Orton destroying Bryan right in front of Brie Bella. As usual, the WWE production crew does outstanding work.

Big Show comes out and, much to the surprise of the entire world, he's not crying. Shockingly enough, though, the WWE cameras found a couple of guys who were doing the mock worship deal in the audience. That's incredible considering the way he's been booked lately.

Show starts by telling us he's done some "really bad things to some really good people". Cue video of the evil corporation making him do their bidding. More good work from the production crew.

Lot of tears in that video. The crowd was actually booing coming back and a chant broke out, one I couldn't understand. It almost sounded like "please stop" but Show said "thank you" in response to it.


He tells us he only did it because Triple H and Stephanie McMahon made him. You gotta understand, there aren't a lot of opportunities out there for a giant like him and he has to do what's best for his family.

He tries to relate to the rest of us by saying we've all had to do something for a boss that we didn't want to do because we didn't want to get fired.

Yeah, okay.

Show continues and says he's at wit's end and he doesn't know what he's going to do. He's got a lot of anger and frustration built up inside him, going so far as to threatening Triple H on Raw this week. That gets a pop that sounded super piped in.


Show promises to take everything out on The Shield tonight.

This brings out Triple H, who is back to using King of Kings as his entrance theme. He puts all the issues of the past few months on Show, saying he's the one who did this to himself. Continuing, he says he bought out Show's debt to the bank and now Show's mortgage payments will be going to Triple H.

He then threatens to kick Show out and move into his house. God, this is amazing.

Because Show called himself a "borderline lunatic giant", Triple H decides to make it a 4-on-1 handicap match with The Shield teaming with Randy Orton. It's only fair that way.

"As far as your personal threat to me goes... No harm done, man. We're cool."

No tears, at least.


Rob Van Dam vs. Fandango

All was going swimmingly until RVD was about to go for the Five Star Frog Splash and Summer Rae racked him. The distraction -- which was cause for a disqualification -- allowed Fandango to attack.

Post-match, Fandango looked under the ring for something to bring into the ring but was distracted by Ricardo Rodriguez before he could find anything. Van Dam took him out before finding a trash can under the ring to set up the Van Terminator.

That got the crowd to pop big.


Ryback vs. R-Truth

Jobber entrance for "The Big Guy", surprisingly enough. You get the sense it went that way so Truth could do his stupid "what's up" schtick that JBL is such a big fan of.

Truth actually had the early edge but Paul Heyman told Ryback Truth is a bully, and that caused "Big Hungry" to go all beast on him. Truth got some more offense in but he was stifled with a clothesline and the Shell Shock.

After the match, Heyman and Ryback left. Then, Curtis Axel climbed into the ring and Michael Cole casually announced that the two would have an Intercontinental championship match this Sunday. Axel had the chance to speak to Truth with the mics picking up what he said.

His words?

"Remember me? I'm the Intercontinental champion."



Renee Young interviews Alberto Del Rio backstage. She asks if he saw Van Dam's match earlier and he replies in the affirmative. "RVD used a trash can, which is good because that's what I'm going to use on him. But I'm going to put him in the trash can when I'm done beating him and send him back to the garbage heap."

Well, that's quite the line.

Meanwhile, an extra hand comes in and gives Del Rio the busted trash can he used for the Van Terminator on Fandango earlier. Del Rio gets pissed, tosses it, and storms off.


Alberto Del Rio vs Dolph Ziggler

Super long match. Both guys really working their asses off. The build was relatively slow, but once they got going it was hot as all get out. Lots of near falls and while the outcome was never really in doubt, you still somehow popped for those spots where Ziggler was close.

No cigar.

The Cross Armbreaker won it. By the way, Damien Sandow was on commentary for the match, saying he would cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase if the opportunity presented itself and it was the right time for him to do so.

That moment didn't come, of course.


Los Matadores vs. 3MB

It should be noted that Jinder Mahal and Heath Slater were the two members of 3MB working the match. Drew McIntyre may be getting that repackaging after all.

It was a relatively quick match, designed to get over Los Matadores new gimmick. El Torito is still the biggest star here. He hit a splash after the match, to the delight of the crowd.



Aksana vs. Brie Bella

Standard Diva's match but the noise was super piped in for the big spots, nonexistent for everything else. Brie went over with her face plant finisher.

After the match, AJ Lee showed up to cut a promo. At Battleground she is going to do to Brie what Orton did to her boyfriend Bryan on Raw. Then, they can get married and have a baby, at which point the doctor will see the hideous atrocity they brought into the world and in lieu of the doctor spanking the baby, he'll spank Brie.

Well that's a visual.


Kofi Kingston vs. Big E. Langston

Langston works his power moves and dominates the match but Kofi gets a surprise roll up out of nowhere and that's enough to get a three count.

After, the Wyatt Family shows up to crash the party again. Kofi is put in the spotlight and they do a slick camera trick to put Bray on one side and Harper and Rowan on the other. Bray cuts a promo and they go to commercial before any physical altercation happens.


The Shield & Randy Orton vs. Big Show

It's Big Show, so there isn't exactly a whole bunch they can do here. Show was booked to look as good as possible considering the circumstances. In fact, the finish was a disqualification and Show no sold a post-match chair shot from Orton.

He didn't no sell a Spear from Roman Reigns, though. And, of course, Orton got his with an RKO after THAT DAMN NUMBERS GAME.

The heels set up to take Show out but The Usos and Daniel Bryan ran in to make the save. Bryan tries and fails to put Orton in the Yes! Lock but does hit the flying knee on Dean Ambrose.

And that's how the show closes.


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