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WWE SmackDown spoilers for Oct. 4: Battleground go home show

WWE hit Baton Rogue, Louisiana, to tape "SmackDown" last night (Oct. 1, 2013), and we've got complete spoilers for the show, featuring the go home edition to the "Battleground" pay-per-view (PPV) this Sunday night in Buffalo.

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WWE SmackDown returns to SyFy this coming Friday night (Oct. 4, 2013) from Baton Rogue, Louisiana, but the show was taped, as usual, on Tuesday night. That means full spoilers are readily available if you're the impatient type who doesn't want to wait a couple days for the payoff.

Unwrap that present early:

- In what may be quickly becoming the greatest angle of all time, simply for the sheer absurdity of it all, Big Show kicked off the show explaining why he's been knocking everyone out. In short, he had to in order to save his job and his family. Triple H, naturally, interrupts to say, I shit you not, that he bought Show's house and now Show owes him everything. The Shield & Randy Orton vs. Show is set up for later in the night.

- Rob Van Dam def. Fandango via disqualification thanks to interference from Summer Rae. RVD eventually hits a Van Terminator.

- Ryback def. R-Truth in a squash before Curtis Axel piles on and picks at the scraps. A match between Axel and Truth is booked for Battleground.

- Alberto Del Rio def. Dolph Ziggler via submission after a fine match that went long. Nothing added on here because there didn't need to be. Just the champion defending his title against a challenger who wasn't booked to look weak against him but couldn't measure up in the end.

- Brie Bella def. Aksana in a match that was the shits. AJ Lee cut a promo after, bringing Daniel Bryan into the situation. That sounds like fun, considering the former love interest and all that. That's not addressed here but it could work well for a future angle, especially for Total Divas, if they wanted to go that route.

- Los Matadores def. 3MB in another quick squash match. They're trying to get them over and the Ole! chants might actually catch on, seeing as they got some play here.

- Kofi Kingston def. Big E. Langston in a quick match, which was done so Bray Wyatt could interrupt and set up a match between the two at Battleground this weekend. That's quite the jump down the card for Wyatt, who may have been pushed too hard too early.

- Big Show def. Orton and The Shield after Orton brought a chair into the mix. Daniel Bryan and The Usos made the save after Show was overwhelmed, though apparently he was booked relatively strong.

That's the show, Cagesiders. Your thoughts?

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