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Video: Roman Reigns is absolutely terrifying

The Shield seem to be in a bit of a holding pattern but that doesn't mean they aren't still an effective group. Know what Roman Reigns is effective at being? Absolutely terrifying. Check out the video evidence.


That's the message Roman Reigns uses a primal scream to deliver to you at 1:43 in the above video. He's so stiff and otherwise awful at speaking that you almost ignore him. If he wasn't such a mammoth of a man, you would hardly recognize his presence.

He speaks soft and slow, like he's being deliberate and considers it a crime to waste breath on such trivial matters as speaking loud and clear. Or the more likely reason is he's saving it up to unleash it in that primal howl.


This was aired during SmackDown last night (Jan. 18, 2013) with Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins sending word out that Randy Orton and Sheamus are on their list. They also revealed why they would go after Mick Foley during his Hall of Fame announcement, which turned out to be because he shattered the lives and dreams of so many by profiting on his "hardcore" style. That's an awesome bit of continuity too, what with Ambrose originally getting introduced to the WWE audience via viral videos that saw him personally confront Foley with such accusations.

That storyline was eventually dropped but not for good. Well done on the part of WWE.


I certainly do.

Do you?

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