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WWE SmackDown results and live blog for Jan. 18: Alberto Del Rio's championship celebration!

Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (Jan. 18, 2013) episode of WWE SmackDown from San Antonio, Texas, featuring the celebration for new world heavyweight champion Alberto Del Rio

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WWE SmackDown comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Jan. 18, 2013) from San Antonio, Texas, with a taped show on the SyFy channel featuring a fiesta in celebration of Alberto Del Rio as the new world heavyweight champion.

If you're the impatient type and wish to read full spoilers for the show, click here.

Come back here at 8 p.m. ET for the SmackDown live blog.



C.J. here to end the week right.

Video package telling us "The Rock Concert rolls into SmackDown," and a recap of Alberto Del Rio vs. The Big Show.

Broadcast is live.

Welcome to Fiesta Del Rio!

We got everything here tonight! A Mariachi band, green, white, and red balloons, a lady in a big dress dancing about.

All that fun stuff.

Ricardo Rodriquez introduces the man of the evening, who walks out from the back looking dapper in all white with the World Heavyweight Championship hanging over his shoulder.

Del Rio tells us it's time to celebrate that the fat jackass The Big Show is no longer champion.


Dolph Ziggler & Co. coming out to the ring to ruin the fiesta. Del Rio wonders what they are doing there. Ziggler informs him that, as Mr. Money in the Bank, Del Rio will soon be saying adios to the title. Ziggler then introduces Big E to Del Rio and Ricardo.

Big E: "Que pasa little man."

Del Rio says if Ziggler wants a fight, then lets fight!


The Big Show is out, looking pissed off. Ziggler informs Del Rio that he is outnumbered.


Sheamus out to even up the odds! He brings up the fact that him and Del Rio haven't had the best of relationships.

Sheamus: "Last time I was here, I even tried to steal your car."

JBL: "It's true"

Sheamus says that doesn't matter, because Del Rio is the NEW World Heavyweight Champion. It's a title that he deserves, and Sheamus wants to be the first to shake his hand.

Isn't that sweet?

Sheamus says that he is going to be the bouncer for this fiesta. Del Rio puts a stop to that notion, saying that this is a fiesta and there should be no fighting.


Nah, he's just kidding. Del Rio and Sheamus square up, and it looks like we are going to have a brawl.


Booker T making his way down to the ring. Let's see. Two faces, two heels...

Yep! We got a tag team match, playa sucka!

Booker then informs Ziggler & Co. and Show to leave the ring. They are not invited to Fiesta Del Rio.

How rude!

The party starts up again. Everyone dancing and having fun. Del Rio calls for the Spinaroonie. The crowd is loving it, and Booker obliges.

Josh: "Do you know how to say Spinaroonie in Spanish?"

JBL: "Of course I do. It's El Spinaroonie"

I don't think that's right.

Del Rio drops a sombrero in the middle of the ring and tells Sheamus that it's time to dance. The crowd calls for it, and Sheamus obliges.

Let it be noted, though, he has absolutely no rhythm. I'm actually embarrassed for him.


Antonio Cesaro vs. Kofi Kingston

Cesaro with the jobber entrance -- already in the ring after we come back to commercial -- which is very odd for the greatest United States Champion in the history of ever.

The bell rings and the two men are quick to lock up. Cesaro with the early control. Kofi is able to counter an Irish Whip into a cartwheel, though, and starts to gain momentum.

Kofi goes into his jumping routine, but Cesaro makes him look real foolish real quickly. Cesaro with the gutwrench suplex for a two count.

The two men battling for control. Dueling roll ups for both, and both kick out at two.

Kofi hits the SOS, but again only gets a two count.

Kofi runs up the turnbuckle and goes for the hurricanrana, but Cesaro catches him in midair and turns it into a Neutralizer. Very impressive.

That gets the three count.


The Miz watching the match backstage. Primo, Eipico, and Rosa show up to harass Miz.

Miz: "Listen Epico"

Primo: "It's Primo"

Miz: "Whose he?"

Epico: "Epico"

Miz: "No one cares"

The Miz challenges them to a match, and insults Rosa as he walks away.


The Great Khali vs. Tensai

I don't care about this match. You don't care about this match. So real brief:

Khali chopped Tensai. Tensai headbutted Khali. Khali with a chop to the dome. The Great Khali is your winner.

Natalya looking fine as hell in her dress.


In the locker room with Team Hell No. Bryan wonders why Dr. Shelby would invite Team Rhodes Scholars to their meeting. Kane wonders what is growing on Cody's face.

Bryan: "Some people don't understand when their facial hair looks ridiculous"

Kane: (pause) "Tell me about"

Bryan: "What are you trying to say"

Kane: "I dont want to say it"

Bryan: "Say it"

Kane: "No!"

Bryan: "Yes!"


Here comes Orton appearing out of nowhere -- don't underestimate the sneakiness -- and accuses them of acting like second graders. He offers them the option of kicking Team Rhodes Scholars and Wade Barretts ass.

Kane says he wants to kick ass and walks off, leaving Bryan and Orton alone. Bryan says that they are not acting like second graders but are working through their anger issues, something that Orton should know a lot about. He also says that they are champions, something Orton wouldn't know about. Orton says that after he wins the Royal Rumble....

Bryan: "Tonight is not about the RumbleFirst, we win our tag match. Then...GROUP HUG!"

Orton: "I'm not much of a hugger."

Bryan: "Not yet you're not."


Team Hell No & Randy Orton vs. Team Rhodes Scholars & Wade Barrett

Recap of Main Event when The Shield attacked Orton during his match with Antonio Cesaro

Orton and Cody to start things off. Orton looking pissed and takes it out on Cody. A quick tag to Kane, and now "The Big Red Machine" is leading charge. A dropkick gets a two count.

Tag to Bryan, who starts to work on Cody's arm. He kicks him around the ring, but unfortunately right into his corner. Cody makes the tag to Sandow.

Sandow comes charging in, but Bryan almost gets the NO! Lock. Sandow has to roll out of the ring as we go to commercial.

We come back with Kane getting beat down in the corner.

A recap of what we missed shows Kane jumping off the top rope, but wildly missing his mark.

Sandow with the Elbow of Disdain -- seriously, I'm not writing the Latin name -- but only gets a one count.

Wade gets the tag. Kane tries to make it to his corner, but is met with a Winds of Change. Cover only gets a two count. Cody is tagged in. He goes for the Beautiful Disaster Kick, but Kane sticks him on his back. Both men crawling to their corners.

Sandow gets the tag. He knocks Bryan off the apron, but Kane is able to hit the back body drop.

Orton with the hot tag and he's on a roll. Power slam on Sandow. Power slam on Cody. Bryan hits the running knee on Wade outside the ring. Bryan, Kane, Wade, and Sandow all doing battle by the announcers table. The ref goes over to investigate what is going on.

Cody hits the Corss Rhodes while the ref isn't looking. Sandow crawls into the ring to go for the pin, but Kane in to break it up.

Kane sends Cody over the top rope. Sandow sends Kane over the top rope. Orton with the RKO on Sandow, and that gets the three count.


Bryan calling for the group hug. Orton is not feeling it. He turns around, but Kane is right there. Orton is shaking his head no.

Kane don't care. He opens his arms wide, and gives "The Viper" a big hug. Bryan comes scurrying in, and we got ourselves a good ol' fashion group hug going.

Orton is stunned in disbelief.


Raw Rebound of The Rock Concert from Monday (Jan. 14).


The Miz vs. Primo

Primo quickly puts Miz in a headlock. Miz tries to throw him off, but Primo is able to push him off.

Primo then starts the Flair Strut, eliciting a "WOOOO!" from the crowd.

Miz does not like that at all. He is able to hit a back body drop, and starts his own strut.

Primo is able to take back control, though. An elbow drop and boot to the dome keeps Miz down. Primo grapvines the sleeper hold. Miz is able to get to his feet, but a clothesline puts him back down and gets the two count.

Miz starts to take back control. He lands a series of punches in the corner before the ref pulls him off. He charges back but meets Primo's elbow. Undeterred, though, Miz is able hit the drop toe hold. A running elbow into the corner is followed by a flying double axe handle from the top rope. He is calling for the Skull Crushing Finale.

Epico jumps on the apron to distract Miz, which gives Primo the opportunity drive his shoulder into Miz's knee. Primo goes for the Figure Four Lock, but Miz is able to push Primo off.

Miz then locks in the Figure Four, and Primo taps out.

Miz then jumps into a crowd of soliders to celebrate his win.


Kaitlyn, Alica, and Layla all backstage admiring Kailyn's Divas Championship. Alica does talks about shoes, because of course she does. Layla holds the title, and Kaitlyn has to rip it from her hands.

Hmmm interesting.

Booker and Teddy walks up to congratulate Kaitlyn. Booker and Kaitlyn have a "H-Town" moment, and Teddy thanks her for taking care of Eve.


Kaitlyn vs. Arksana

Arksana offers he hand, and follows it up with the traditional heel tactic of attacking Kaitlyn right after. Arksana getting the early control, but Kaitlyn is able to bring her to the mat.

Kailtyn follows it up by giving Arksana a quick spank on the tush.

Kailtyn looks to be going to the top rope, but Arksana is there to push her off. Arkasana goes out to drag the Divas Champion back in, and goes for the pin. Only good for two.

Aksana continues to dominate the match. A clothesline puts Kaitlyn down, but again only good for two. The two exchange punches on the mat, with Aksana gaining the advantage. Kaitlyn tries to crawl to the corner, but Arksana is right there throwing haymakers. The ref finally separates the two.

Aksana turns around, and is met be a WICKED spear by Kaitlyn. That gets the three count.


Video package of Mic Foley for his Hall of Fame induction.


Recap of The Shield interrupting Mic Foley's Hall of Fame announcement on Monday.

Shakey cam video of The Shield calling out Sheamus, Orton, and Ryback. Ambrose is claiming that Foley is responsible for all the kids who hurt themselves in the name of "hardcore." They will hold him accountable for his actions.

"Orton, there are 206 bones in the human body. We only broke one. We're just getting started."

"Sheamus likes to fight for fun? We fight for justice."



In the locker room with Orton watching the television. Sheamus walks up and apologies for not being not being there to help Orton out. Orton says he doesn't need his help. Sheamus reminds him that he looked like he needed help when he was getting attacked.

Orton: "That's why I like you, Sheamus. You have an answer for everything."

Orton informs Sheamus that when the Rumble rolls around, "The Great White" wont have an answer for him.


Alberto Del Rio & Sheamus vs. The Big Show & Dolph Ziggler

Del Rio showing off his new red scarf. Josh tells us it is similar to the matadors in Mexico.


Del Rio and Ziggler starting off the match. Del Rio with the early advantage. He misses the moonsault, but is still able to go for the pin. Only good for two.

Sheamus with the tag, and he goes to work on Ziggler. He hits the long delay suplex. Ziggler kicks out at two.

Sheamus goes for White Noise, but Ziggler is able to squirm out. He tags in Show, who starts to go to work on Sheamus. A series of lefts and rights sends Sheamus over the edge. Show tries to distract the ref while Big E Langston goes for the sneak attack.

Sheamus is having none of that, though. He repels Big E's attack with ease. The ref finally notices what is going on, and sends Big E to the back. AJ Lee is furious. She starts banging the Money in the Bank briefcase against the apron before eventually sliding into the ring to accost the ref. She gets the hook, and it's a fair two on two match.

We come back from commercial with Ziggler locking Del Rio in a side head lock. Del Rio is able to counter with a nasty german suplex. Del Rio crawls to the corner to make the tag. Ziggler gets tossed around like a rag doll. Up to the top rope Sheamus goes for the Battering Ram, but Show is right there to toss him off the post.

Ref gets to a seven count before Sheamus makes his way back in. Ziggler is right there to stomp a mudhole in his Irish ass before the ref pulls him off.

In comes Show to control the match. A series of giant punches. A body slam. A stomp to the back. Show even stands on top of Sheamus while Ziggler is standing at ringside mouthing off.

Show with the headlock. Sheamus is able to throw some grenades to break free. He crawls to his corner, but Show is right there to pull him back to the center of the ring. Sheamus trying to throw punches to get to his feet. His is met by a giant knee to the face and a nasty chop.

Show drags Sheamus to the corner. Show climbs up to the second rope, and drops down right on top of Sheamus. Only good for two. Up Show climbs again, but Sheamus is able to move out of the way. Both men crawling to their corners.


Del Rio with a series of clothesline to put Ziggler down. He follows it up with a Superkick to the dome. Only good for two. Del Rio calls for the Cross Armbreaker.

He has it locked it! It looks like Ziggler is going to tap!

Show climbs into the ring and drops the leg, breaking the hold. In comes Sheamus, who hits the White Noise on Show.

JBL: "We fight on Friday nights!"

Show rolls out of the ring, looking like he's going to walk away. Del Rio starts mouthing off at him. Show turns around and starts to climb up on the apron. Del Rio grabs a bucket of water that just happened to be sitting on the steel steps and tosses in in Show's face.

The giant is pissed.

He stares at Del Rio, the audience, then walks away.

Ref gets the ten count, and that is the end of the match.


Balloons drop from the ceiling. We fade to black with Del Rio, Ricardo, and Sheamus celebrating in the ring.


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