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WWE SmackDown results and live blog for Jan. 11: The Rock returns

Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (Jan. 11, 2013) episode of WWE SmackDown from Miami, Florida, featuring the return of The Rock, and Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio for the world heavyweight championship.

Ryan Loco at

WWE SmackDown comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Jan. 11, 2013) from Miami, Florida, with a taped show on the SyFy channel featuring the return of The Rock and a major heavyweight championship match between Big Show and Alberto Del Rio.

If you're the impatient type and wish to read full spoilers for the show, click here.

Come back here at 8 p.m. ET for the SmackDown live blog.



C.J. here to end the week right.

Video package of The Rock's history on SmackDown, and The Big Show and Alberto Del Rio's feud.

Broadcast is live.


Opening up SmackDown with the General Manager Booker T. We're told by Josh Mathews that he has a "major announcement."

Booker promises that we will kick this year off with a bang. As much as he enjoyed Monday Night Raw, SmackDown can -- and will -- do things better.

Booker will be giving the audience Antonio Cesaro vs. "The Viper" Randy Orton, The Rock in the ring, and a Last Man Standing Match for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Out comes The Big Show, sans music. He does not look pleased. He makes his way to the ring to get into Booker's face. He says that Booker has a "personal vendetta" because Show is still in the game and is champion while Booker is sitting behind a desk and pushing papers. Show also says that the only reason Del Rio is getting a shot is because they are in Miami. Booker is trying to give the Latino fans a hero.

Show: "There's no Latino hero, there's no Irish hero, there's no viper hero that is gonna stop me."

Show tells Booker that he needs to change his mind, and starts to choke the General Manager out.


And out comes Del Rio to make the save! A few quick kicks send Show running out of the ring. A "Del Rio" chant rings throughout the arena.

We're going to have a great match tonight!


Recap of The Rock vs. Shawn Stasiak in Sept. 13 2001.


Randy Orton vs. Antonio Cesaro

Pre-match, Cesaro officially announces that he will be entering the Royal Rumble match.

Both men lock up in the middle of the ring. Both men struggling to take an advantage before they break up. They lock up again, but Cesaro delivers a high knee. Orton staggers back a few steps. Cesaro charges, but he sends the US Champion through the ropes. Orton jumps outside the ring and runs over Ceasro. He slithers back into the ring as the ref begins the ten count.

We come back from commercial with Cesaro in control. Orton manages to fight to his feet, but he's put right down with a shoulder block. That gets a two count.

Cesaro then picks Orton up like a freakin rag doll and tosses him across the ring. Just a beautiful show of strength. Only good for two, though.

Cesaro sends Orton into the corner and uses "The Viper" as Rocky uses slabs of meat.

A body slam gets Cesaro the two count.

Cesaro is spending far too much time mouthing of to the fans and taunting Orton. "The Viper" is able to get to his feet and runs through his "Vintage Orton" routine.

Cesaro is able to interrupt and send Orton into the ropes. He tosses Orton into the air...


Orton kicks out after a long two count.

Orton manages to get back to a standing base. Cesaro gets a little too excited and is sent through the ropes. Orton hits the second rope DDT. He slams his fists into the mat, and the crowd is calling for the RKO.

But in comes The Shield to break up the match!

The Shield layeth the beat down on Orton for the second time. We go to commercial with Orton withering in pain.


Recap of The Shield's attack. Josh said something stupid about someone should tell The Shield to stop, and JBL is ripping into him.

JBL: "This is Friday Night SmackDown. We fight here. If you want to stop them, you go fight them."


3MB in the back with Matt Striker. They are joining the Royal Rumble match, and Slater informs us his mom told him that the three of them combine have a 10% chance to win and main event WrestleMania.

A quick look at my calculator tells me that Slater's mom is correct.

McIntrye says that they first have to take care of an Irish problem. Mahal states that what Sheamus did was completely out of tune. Slater informs Striker that they will beat Sheamus like an Irish drum.

I'm not sure what an Irish drum is, but I appreciate the effort.


CM Punk and Paul Heyman in the middle of Sun Life Stadium. As in, on the 50-yard line.

Punk informs us that he is a huge fan of The Rock. Especially his college football career. He then lifts up a Johnson University of Miami jersey and puts it on.

Heyman: "Looks nice."

Punk says that he enjoys standing on where The Rock used to play college ball. Except, this isn't where The Rock played. The Rock used to play in the Orange Bowl, which has been torn down.

Heyman: "Laid the smackdown on the Orange Bowl!"

Punk explains how this is a fitting metaphor. Just like the stadium has changed, the WWE landscape has changed. This isn't the WWE that The Rock dominated. This is a new WWE. A CM Punk led WWE. Punk likes a feel good moment, but he likes to snatch them out of the air and break them apart in his fingers.

Punk knows that The Rock will get into the "People's ring" tonight with the "People's Mic" and exclaim "Finally, The Rock has come back to SmackDown." But this isn't the same WWE that The Rock left.

Punk: "Although you can go back to Miami, you can never go home"

I think I just got chills.


In the locker room with Del Rio and Ricadro. Striker walks in and asks him how he is feeling about the championship match tonight.

Del Rio informs Striker that The Big Show has no right to attack his people like he did.

Del Rio: "Tonight, the last man standing will be a latino, and he will be the new World Heavyweight Champion."


Dolph Ziggler & AJ Lee vs. The Great Khali & Natalya

Bell rings and Ziggler goes right to work with some quick kicks to Khali's knees. He runs the ropes, but Khali puts him right on his back. Ziggler struggles to get up using the ring posts. Kahli is able to take advantage and lands a nasty chop. Ziggler goes rolling to the opposit conrer, and Khali follows with another another chop. Ziggler dives to his corner and makes the tag.

AJ comes into the ring, skipping to her heart's content.

JBL: "Here comes Kathy Bates"

AJ jumps on Khali's back. Natalya is right there to throw her to the mat. She follows this up with a nasty clothesline. Natalya setting her up for the Sharpshooter, but AJ bites Natalya in the knee.

I repeate, she bites Natalya in the knee.

AJ to the corner, and Natalya follows. She tries to lock up but again AJ bites her, this time right in the face.

JBL: "Here's Michelle Tyson."

AJ manages to get pin Natalya and get the three count. AJ and Ziggler are your winner.


AJ skipping around the ring, unaware that her shirt is over her bra. C.J. approves.

Big E Langston jumps into the ring and takes out Khali, Ziggler hits a Zig-Zag of his on and the giant is down. That leaves Hornwaggle all alone with the trio. Big E is licking his fingers, very odd like. He picks Hornswaggle up, and delivers a Big Ending.

Ziggler & Co. stand in the ring in triumph.


Back in Sun Life Standium with Punk and Heyman. Back on Raw, Rock told Punk that he will be winning the WWE Championship soon, but The Rock is mistaken. He thinks that he will save the people, but the people don't deserve to be saved. The people deserve to rot in hell.

Punk: "I'm the best in the world. I'm better than the people. I'm better than you."

Heyman: "Does that bother you, Rock? You're not as good as CM Punk. Don't take it personally, CM Punk is better than everyone. You might think that you are the conquering hero. You have this vision that you will ride into WrestleMania and save the people. In the era of CM Punk, it doesn't matter what your vision is."

Punk takes off the jersey, drops it to the ground, and walks away.

Again, chills.


Rock and Sock Connection, 1999



The Rock is out in the ring to a huge pop.


*Long pregnant paus*


Rocky tells us that this is a very special show. He informs that audience that Flo Rida is in the house.

That's Grammy nominated artist Flo Rida to you.

The Rock is glad to finally be back on his show, in his hometown. He's disappointed that Punk has decided not to show up tonight.

A "Cookiepuss" chant breaks out.

The Rock is not happy that Punk is running down The U. He starts saying a bunch of U things like "Warren Sapp" and Ray Lewis" that the crowd pops for.

Home for The Rock is not just Miami, and not just WWE. But The Rock will come home when he kicks Punk's Cookie Puss ass and wins the WWE Championship


Out comes Rhodes Scholars to an arena full of boos.

Sandow: "Allow me to beg your indulges for one moment."

Audience: "Boo!"

Rhodes: *Mustache twitch*

Sandow: "I'm the savior of the unwashed masses, and this is my partner, the mustachio aficionado, Cody Rhodes."

Yes, he called Rhodes a "mustachio aficionado."

Rhodes tells Rock that it will be Rhodes Scholars that will become champions, not The Rock.

The Rock starts ripping into them.

Rock "You come to this ring"

Audience: "What?"

Rock: "The People's Ring"

Audience: "What?"

Rock: "On my show"

Audience: "What?"

Rock: "With a dead catapiller on your lip"

Sandow: "That wasn't funny!"

Rhodes: "I am an adult! If I want to grow a mustache, I'll grow a mustache!"

Is Rhodes a 16 year old angsty teen?

Sandow has decided that he will ask The Rock three questions. If he answers the correctly he gets to stay. If not, he has to leave.

Rhodes: "I don't know if he can answer them, he went to Miami."

Cheap heat is cheap, but so delicious.

Question 1: Who was the 19th President of the United States. After 18, but before 20.

Rock: "I know numbers, shut your mouth. I will say something that has never been uttered on SmackDown. The 19th President of the United States was Rutherford B. Hayes, bitch!"

And he's right!

Question 2: What film won the Acedemy Award for Best Picture in 1993.

Audience: "Tooth Fairy!"

Rock: "No, not the Tooth Fairy. That's enough. The winner of Best Picture in 1993 was Schindler's List."

And that's correct!

Now The Rock wants to ask Sandow a question.

Rock: "What do you get when you combine a geological aggregate with its lowest form."

Sandow: "You would get Rock Bottom."

Sandow seems very impressed with himself.

Rock: "Exactly." And he follows this up with a Rock Bottom on Sandow.

Rhodes is pissed. He is staring at The Rock before finally tossing off his jacket and charges him. The Rock delivers a Spine Buster and People's Elbow.

And the crowd goes wild.

What a great segment.


Sheamus vs. 3MB in a Handicap Match

Slater and Sheaus will be starting things off. Slater quickly runs out of the ring, along with the rest of 3MB. The boy band seems to be running away.

But surprise! They charge the ring, trying to get the element of surpris. Slater goes slidding in....

And eats a Brogue Kick. McIntyre and Mahal just chill outside while Sheamus gets the pinfall on Slater.


Team Hell No vs. Prime Time Players

Darren Young and Daniel Bryan starting things off. young takes the early advantage with a series of forearms to the dome. Bryan gets dragged into the corner, and Titus O'Niel is tagged in to continue the assault.

Titus is working the knee. An Irish Whip into the corner, and Titus tries to follow it up. Bryan gets the leg up, though.

Both men crawl to their corners and make the tag.

Kane comes in and dominates Young. A sidewalk slam gets the two count. He sets up the chokeslam, but Titus runs in to break it up. They attempt a double Irish Whip into the corner.

Bryan is waiting on the top rope, though, and delivers a pair of knees to both men.

Kane hits the chokeslam, and Hell No are your winners.


Recap of The Big Show and Del Rio's confrontation earlier in the evening


The Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio in a Last Man Standing Match for the World Heavyweight Championship

The Big Show not wasting time going to work. He lands a nasty chop in the corner, followed by a vicious body slam. Del Rio is slow to get back to his feet. He lands a kick to the mid section, but Show puts him right back down with another chop.

Show is going for "the toys" under the ring. He sets up a table, and proceeds to slam Del Rio through it.

Del Rio is not looking good.

Ref makes it to a 7 count before Del Rio gets back to a vertical base. A headbutt from the giant puts him right back down, though.

Show grabs a chair and sends Del Rio back into the ring. Show lifts the chair high above his head...

And Del Rio is able to lack a kick to the midsection. Show drops the chair, and it's time for Del Rio to get some shine.

Del Rio landing chair shot after chair shot, but Show will not go past a knee. Del Rio gives up the knee and goes for the Cross Arm Breaker.

Show is having none of it though, and picks Del Rio right up in the air. He looks to toss Del Rio outside of the ring.

Del Rio is able to counter! He locks the Cross Arm Breaker over the ropes. Show looks to be in serious pain.

However, Show strength is too great. He slams Del Rio into the apron, forcing "The Mexican Aristocrat" to break the hold.

Del Rio gets to his feet as the ref hits an 8 count.

We come back from commercial with both men going at it outside of the ring. Del Rio sends Show into the post, but Show is able to power through the pain. Del Rio gets sent into the barricade and back into the ring.

Show is looking to play with some more toys. He slides a table into the ring before getting in himself.

Show sets the table up in the corner, but Sel Rio is able to get up and deliver a drop kick. Show goes through the table, but gets to his feet as the ref reaches 7.

Del Rio jumps on Shows back to lock in the sleeper hold. Show is slowly starting to fade, but finally manages to toss Del Rio off.

Del Rio pops back up. He connects with clothesline after clothesline, but none have any affect. Show manages to stop him in his tracks and hit the chokeslam.

Del Rio gets up right before the 9 count.

A punch by Show and Del Rio goes tumbling out of the ring. Del Rio uses the barricade to get to his feet.

Show makes him pay with a nasty shoulder tackle that sends Del Rio right through the barricade.

Del Rio gets up just before the ref can get to 10.

Into the ring Del Rio goes, and into the ring The Big Show follows.

Show is calling for the WMD. He connects, and it looks like Del Rio is done.

Del Rio is trying to roll out of the ring, His feet land outside the ring, AND IT COUNTS! Del Rio is technically on his feet! The ref stops counting at 9!

Show is pissed. He climbs outside of the ring and grabs a steel step. He measures up his opponent, charges...

And Del Rio moves out of the way! The steel steps hit the post, and rebound straight into Show's head! Show is in pain!

Del Rio picks up the steel steps and starts wailing on Show. Show finally drops to the floor behind the announce table.


Both men are down. Del Rio gets to his feet after 7.

Show is down.


He's not getting up.


Del Rio might have done it.



Del Rio and Ricardo run into the stands, celebrating the victory.

What an amazing match. What an amazing show.

Fade to black.


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