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WWE SmackDown results and live blog for Dec. 7: Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio

Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (Dec. 7, 2012) episode of WWE SmackDown from North Charleston, featuring Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio and the continued build to the TLC pay-per-view that is just over one week away now.

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WWE SmackDown comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Dec. 7, 2012) from North Charleston with a taped show on SyFy featuring Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio in the main event of the evening.

Plus, all the continued build to the TLC pay-per-view (PPV) event that is just over one week away now.

If you're the impatient type and wish to read full spoilers for the show click here.

Come back here at 8 p.m. ET for the SmackDown live blog.



Nolan in.

Recap of the events that went down on Raw.

Broadcast is live.

CM Punk's injury is detailed and they announce the new plan for TLC.


SmackDown GM Booker T in the ring.

Booker says that everyone knows he will take care of business when needed. He says it is his responsibility to deliver a great show every week and that is what brings him to the item currently on his agenda.

Sheamus and Big Show have been in a hot feud and Booker T says that he has a tough decision to make tonight, but he wants to show us why.

Roll footage from Sheamus and Show brawling on SmackDown and their confrontation at Survivor Series.

Booker T says that he is afraid that something will be done before TLC that will end up costing the men the matchup. Booker says that he wants to instill a no-contact clause until TLC. Without further ado, he invites both men out.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Big Show enters first.

Sheamus soon follows.

Booker says that if Sheamus initiates the contact, he will lose the match. Show is told that he will be stripped of his title if he initiates contact.

The two sit down to sign the contracts. Sheamus tells Show that waiting nine days to kick Show's arse is like waiting for nine days until Christmas. Sheamus says he is more than willing to wait, no matter how intense the desire. And in the end, he will get a present in that shiny belt.

Show says that Christmas came early for Sheamus, as he will be protected until TLC. Sheamus can hit him all he wants, but Show can put an end to him with just one chair shots. Show says that he can end his career if he wanted to and Sheamus is too stupid to realize that. Show says that Sheamus is too full of vinegar and fire and all he wants is to fight.

Sheamus asks if he realizes how silly he looks right now. Sheamus says he has brought the fight to him in their last two matches and he should be worried about his own career. Sheamus says he will be glad to end it TLC.

Show tosses the table over on Sheamus and quickly signs the contract. Sheamus bucks at Show, but Booker gets between him and reminds him of the contract.

Booker says that he will give Sheamus someone to take out his frustrations on, giving him Alberto Del Rio.

Booker gives Show a match with Daniel Bryan next.


Big Show vs. Daniel Bryan

We start after the break. Bryan opening up with leg kicks. Show drops him with a headbutt and unleashes the power offense. Chop to the chest follows. Bryan is able to fight back with the leg kicks again, but Show clubs his back. Bryan again comes back with leg kicks, but Show again puts Bryan on the mat with a knee to the stomach. Show rag dolls Bryan to the mat. He picks him up and hits him with a headbutt. Bryan hung on the ropes and Show clobbers him with a chop. Bryan up and tries some chops, but then turns to leg kicks which work better. More chops from Bryan and Show cracks him with a blow to the stomach. Show with the splash in the corner and Bryan stops the spear with a dropkick to the knee.

Show outside and Bryan launches himself over the top. Show almost catches him, but Bryan brings him down and lands some Thai kicks to the chest. Show is able to get Bryan off and set him up on his shoulders, but Bryan ducks and sends Show into the pole. Bryan on the apron and goes for the running knee, but Show chops the chest as he flies towards him.

Bryan down and in trouble as we break.

We are back and Show off the ropes with an elbow drop for a nearfall.

Show stalking Bryan and brings his giant elbow down on the arm of Bryan. Show stomping on the arm of Bryan and again drops the elbow into the arm. Bryan with punches to the stomach on his knees, but Show tosses him to the mat. Show stands on the arm of Bryan. He hammerlocks the arm of Bryan around the ropes and lands another elbow. Bryan gets out of the corner and gets leg kicks and body kicks, but Show again drops him with a clubbing blow to the back. Show with the arm wrench and tosses Bryan to the mat with it. Bryan in the corner and Show runs into the boots of Bryan. Dropkick from the top and Show is staggered. Bryan with multiple running dropkicks to the cornered Show. Bryan going for some offense, but Show with the Chokeslam attempt. Bryan turns it into a DDT and earns a very quick nearfall.

Bryan trying to strike while the iron is hot and goes up top.

And enter The Shield.

Bryan is distracted and Show lands the Chokeslam to win the match.

Show quickly leaves the ring and the wolves circle Bryan. The boots are swiftly put to Bryan from all members.

Kane enters and has some success dragging the group to the outside, but the pack is able to down Kane with the swarming punches. The Shield is able to pick up Kane and put him through the announce table with their signature slam.

The group leaves triumphantly.


Damien Sandow is here.

He reminds us how fruitless his adventure to raise the intellectual bar in the WWE and gives another fan a shot to become his apprentice.

He tells the crowd that this gets worse every week, but he selects his potential apprentice.

"What is 5 + 5?" "10."

He asks a question about who the current president is, to which the fan gets right. He wants a high five, but Sandow remarks how sweaty his palms are and tells him it is bad form.

He then asks about a 17th century art form from The Netherlands, which turns out to be Vanitas. Sandow admonishes the fan for getting it wrong and tells him to leave. He remarks that his beard is a disgrace to faces everywhere and he needs to leave.

We are welcome.

And we are introduced to someone awesome.

Miz enters.

He grabs a mic and asks what 21st century superstar wears his daddy's bathrobe and buys his pink tights from Victoria's Secret. He gives the obvious answer and then tells Sandow he is welcome.


Recap of John Cena and Dolph Ziggler's match from Raw.


Brodus Clay and The Usos vs. 3MB

Slater and Jey Uso start. Slater with a shoulder block. Slater off the ropes again and gets a clothesline for his troubles.

Jimmy Uso in. Jey puts Slater down and Jimmy gets a splash from the top for a nearfall.

Slater tags in McIntyre. Drew putting the power offense on Jimmy and tries to prevent him from making a tag, but Brodus Clay is in.

Clay taking out McIntyre with his power offense. Clay sends Slater and Mahal down as well. He hits the T-bone suplex and tags in one of The Usos. Slater and Mahal come and take out Clay on the apron and one of the Usos hits a splash.

McIntyre crotches the other Uso on the top. Futureshock DDT wins it for the 3MB.


Wade Barrett backstage with Matt Striker.

Barrett doesn't want to talk about anything but Randy Orton. He promises to put Orton down tonight.


Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett

Kofi Kingston on commentary.

Lockup and Orton grabs the side headlock. Barrett sends him into the ropes and Orton gets the shoulder block. Lockup and Barrett gets the back. Orton gets the back and Barrett runs him into the corner. Elbows and strikes from Barrett follow. Barrett whips Orton into the corner, but Orton comes out with a clothesline. Headbutts and strikes from Orton. Barrett cornered, but Orton runs into the boot of Barrett. Barrett with stomps and punches. Knee drop attempt misses for Barrett and Orton tosses him outside.

Orton tries to send him into the steel steps. Barrett reverses and tries himself. Orton finally gets to do the honors and slams Barrett into the steps. Orton tosses him into the barricade.

Back inside, but Barrett again moves outside.

Barrett with a kick to the stomach. He tosses Orton into the steps and moves back towards the ring.

Barrett on the apron and Orton kicks him in the stomach. Barrett might be going for the ride on the DDT, but Barrett with a back bodydrop to put Orton on the apron. Sidekick by Barrett puts Orton on the floor outside.

Barrett controlling as we break.

We are back and Orton bringing the fight to Barrett. Kick to the face from Orton, but Barrett gets a big boot on Orton for a nearfall.

Barrett choking Orton on the second rope. Barrett hanging Orton up between the ropes and choking him. Thai clinch gives Barrett the opportunity to land a few knees. Barrett with a boot that sends Orton to the outside. Barrett posturing for Kofi in the ring a little.

Barrett moves outside to ram Orton into the ring apron.

Inside, a nearfall for Barrett.

Knee drop by Barrett and he stomps on Orton. Barrett going up top and misses the elbow drop. Orton gets the double clothesline and powerslam combo. Barrett is on the apron and Orton lands the rope-assisted DDT. Orton hyped and he is now Orton hard. Viper is coiled. Orton is pushed off on the RKO attempt.

Barrett attempting to undo the turnbuckle cover, but Kofi gets up on the apron to prevent Barrett from cheating. Orton hits the RKO.

Orton wins and Kofi is happy at ringside to see his opponent fail.


Punk's injury is covered a bit.


Natalya, Hornswoggle, and Khali will see time next.


Primo & Epico vs. The Great Khali & Hornswoggle

Khali puts Primo in the corner and chops him on the chest.

Outside, Rosa Mendes plays to the crowd and Hornswoggle trips her. He runs away and Natalya clotheslines her, leading to a bit of a cat fight.

Khali goes for a big boot on Primo and ends up falling over the top rope.

Primo and Epico end up teasing Hornswoggle and rubbing his face in the ropes. Khali stands behind them and knocks them down with chops.

Hornswoggle tagged and he hits the Tadpole Splash for the win.

Good lord, that hurt to watch.


Raw Rebound covers the Miz TV incident.

Coverage of Punk's injury and the ramifications at TLC.

The Shield video has them talking about who is on the list in their quest for justice.


Antonio Cesaro here.

He says he has learned so much about America as the US champ. He says that he thinks America is weak and that none of these folks will ever attain the American Dream. He says that they all look more like the American Dream.

Cue Dusty Rhodes' music and a pic of him on the Titantron.

Cesaro says that the sad thing is that our children and grandchildren will be even more pathetic.

Truth comes out.

He says he knows Cesaro isn't from here, but around here, the truth shall set you free. Truth says that the truth is that America is filled with hard working people trying to fight out of hard times. Truth says that these Americans will kick adversity in its little jimmy.

Truth says Cesaro is picking a fight with America and America will fight back.

Cesaro says that Truth is delusional for trying to take his title from him. He promises that he will fail miserably like the rest of America and that is the truth.

Truth says that when Cesaro kicks his dog, he'll kick his cat. Truth with a double-leg and landing punches on Cesaro.

Cesaro escapes, leaving the belt in the ring. Truth wants him to come get it and plays for the fans as Cesaro is upset.


Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus

Sheamus immediately using that brawling style on Del Rio to send him running outside.

Del Rio heads back after regrouping, only to eat a few punches from Sheamus. Del Rio turns it around and lands a sidekick to put Sheamus in the corner. He hits a push kick to the face and wants a running attack. He runs right into Sheamus' boot for a nearfall.

Sheamus with knee drops and Del Rio gets back to his feet to kick the calf of Sheamus. Hammerlock over the rope by Del Rio. Sheamus fights back with uppercuts. Del Rio off the ropes and lands a kick to the face. Sheamus comes back with a back elbow.

Action moves outside and Del Rio lays on the announce table. Sheamus slams him headfirst into the cover. Sheamus rolls ADR back in and tries to suplex him to the outside, but Del Rio unleashes body shots and dropkicks the knee of Sheamus to make him faceplant on the ring apron.

Big Show comes out to cheer on Del Rio as we break.

Back and Del Rio in control. Sheamus fights out, but Del Rio hits the sidekick to the stomach. Del Rio stomps Sheamus' head into the mat. Del Rio hits the bodyslam and lands a moonsault for a nearfall.

Del Rio with a vertical suplex for a nearfall.

Del Rio locking in the armbar, but Sheamus gets out with headbutts. Clubbing forearms to the torso follow. Sheamus puts Del Rio on the top, but ADR lands the armbar over the ropes. ADR up top and he comes down onto an axhandle by Sheamus. Both men down and referee counts.

Both men up and they exchange strikes in the middle of the ring. Del Rio gets the best of it with a kick to the leg. Sheamus turns it around with his running axhandles and the running kneelift. Del Rio ducks out of an attack, but he ends up diving through the ropes and getting hung up. Ten clubs to the chest and Del Rio is suplexed back in. Sheamus up top and battering ram lands for a nearfall.

Sheamus puts Del Rio up on the shoulders, but ADR gets out with a Backstabber for a nearfall.

ADR wants the Cross Armbreaker, but Sheamus gets out. Sheamus tries a White Noise, but Del Rio ducks. Sheamus tries a Brogue Kick, but he gets caught on the ropes. Del Rio with a running enzuigiri from behind, earning a nearfall.

Sheamus hits an Irish Curse to put ADR down. Texas Cloverleaf locked in.

Sheamus wins.

Big Show comes down to the ring to congratulate Sheamus. Show encouraging Sheamus to hit him right on the chin. Sheamus getting fired up and starts signaling for the Brogue Kick. Show with his eyes closed, so Sheamus tosses Ricardo into Show's crotch.

Show ends with Sheamus posing confidently and Show down on the mat.

Fade to black.


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