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WWE SmackDown results and live blog for Dec. 28: The end of the year as we know it

Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (Dec. 28, 2012) episode of WWE SmackDown from Rochester, New York, featuring the final show of the year.

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WWE SmackDown comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Dec. 28, 2012) from Rochester, New York, with a taped show on the SyFy channel featuring the final episode of the year before we embark upon a new day.

If you're the impatient type and wish to read full spoilers for the show, click here.

Come back here at 8 p.m. ET for the SmackDown live blog.



C.J. here to end the week right.

Video recap of Show vs. Sheamus and Ziggler, AJ, & Big E.

Broadcast is live.

Out comes Sheamus to start SmackDown on a high note.

JBL informs us that the Myans weren't right. Which is odd, considering this was taped before Dec. 21.

Sheamus wishes all of us a Happy Holidays. He informs us of the gifts he recieved; sweaters, ties, and suscreen from his Ma. He then informs us that he will become the new World Heavyweight Champion. Sheamus calls out The Big Show for a championship match TONIGHT!


The Big Show out to respond.

He comes out to a round of boos. A "Don't boo me!" to the audience gets the heat going.

Show: "Do I look like Santa Clause?"

Audience: "YES! YES! YES!"

Sheamus: "Yes, but in fairness to Santa you are way fatter."

Show rattles off his victories against Sheamus. The only reason Sheamus picked up the W on Raw was because the match didn't count. Show tells Sheamus that he has won every time it counted, and there is no way he will be receiving another rematch.

Sheamus is in screaming mode. He says he came here for a fight, and he will be fighting someone tonight.


Out comes Booker T to make peace. He admits that Show did win at TLC, but Sheamus did win on Raw. Show interrupts Booker before he can say another word. He tells us that no one in the back can defeat him. The entire roster is unworthy of his title

Booker informs Show that he will be in action tonight. He will put ever roster member's name in a tumbler to choose Show's opponent. And that match will be for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Having Santa book matches on Monday, and now leaving it up to Fate. If Booker doesn't want the GM job, he should just resign.

The entire roster comes out from the back as the crew brings out a table with the tumbler on it. Teddy Long and Eve fighting over who is going to remove the name. They, of course knock, the tumbler off the table. Comedy!

By the way, Eve is looking amazing. As always.

Booker takes the tumbler and reads the name himself.

"The winner is.....


And the crowd goes wild!

Santino dancing like a fool until Show walks up the ramp and stares the little man down.

Poor Santino looks like he is about to soil himself.


Primo, Epico, & Rosa standing in the ring.


Primo vs. Brodus Clay

Epico distracts Brodus, allowing Primo to get a few quick strikes in. Brodus, of course, squashes that out pretty early.

And the match is over.


Rosa jumps into the ring to call out Brodus, but Cameron and Naomi block her path. A double team suplex is followed by a double split leg drop. As in, both ladies did the splits on Rosa's body.

Yeah, I know. Points for trying something new, though.

With Rosa out of the way, the kids are free to swarm the ring and dance with Brodus.


Backstage with Santino and Sheamus. Santino is eating a taco or ham sandwich or something. Sheamus chucks it away and tells Santino to pay attention. He is willing to teach the little guy the Brogue Kick.

Santino warns that with The Cobra and Brogue Kick, he will be unstoppable.

Santino tries it out a few times, and he pulls a muscle. He falls to the ground, crying in pain.

Poor fella.


Rhodes Scholars & Wade Barrett vs. Kofi Kingston & Hell No

Josh Mathews informs us that Bryan wants to be called "The Dazzler." I'm going to leave that here without comment.

Cody and Bryan lock up to open the match. Bryan quickly gains control. A slingshot to the corner and a quick tag to Kane, who gets the two count. Cody is able to break free and maneges to make it back to his corner. A tag to Sandow and he goes to work on Kane.

A "Cody's Mustache" chant breaks out.

Kane is able to turn it around and takes control of the match. A tag to Kofi, and it is his turn to beat up Sandow. That falls through quickly, though, and Wade gets the tag.

Kofi showing off his jumping abilities with some sweet drop kicks, but only good enough for the 1 count.

All six men enter the ring and a standoff ensues. The ref tries to regain control as we go to commercial.

We come back from commercial with Cody and Sandow working on Bryan. Sandow lands the Elbow of Disdain -- don't ask me to write its Latin name -- and tags in Wade. Bryan gets tied up in the ropes as Wade lands a series of high knees. Bryan finally gets untied. Wade gets a long two count. Bryan struggles to get out of Wade's control, but it fails to work.

Cody gets the tag and a "Cody Sucks" chants breaks out.

Bryan flings Cody into the corner and both men struggle to get the tag.

Wade in. Kofi In. The two go flying at each other. Kofi lands the high kick in the corner and goes for the cover. He gets two before Sandow and Cody break it up. Kane comes in remove them.

Bryan and Kane fighting Cody and Sandow on the outside. Kofi and Wade going at it in the ring.

Wade goes for the Bull Hammer, but Kofi counters into a rollup. Cody comes in to break it up but eats a Trouble in Paradise.

Wade connects with the Bull Hammer. That gets the three count.


Show and Booker backstage. Show telling Booker that because Santino hurt himself, he can't compete. That means there should be no match tonight.

Booker is having none of it. He calls for Teddy to get the tumbler again.

Around and around it goes. And the winner is...

He won't tell us. Tumbler tease.

Big Show and Booker start screaming at each other while Teddy fetches the lucky contestant. Around the corner he comes...

And it's Ricardo Rodriguez.

Big Show is having a laugh at this. He puts the belt on Ricardo's shoulder and tells him to call himself the World Heavyweight Champion.

Ricardo gives it a go in the squeakiest voice. "And the new World Heavyweight Champion is Riiiiiiiicar-"


Show delivers the WMD. He tells Booker to not play with him. Booker is pissed off.

Understandably so.

Big Show walks off as Booker tries to figure out what he is going to do now.


Zack Ryder vs. Antonio Cesaro

Antonio quick to drive Ryder into the corner and deliver a nasty shoulder uppercut. A "U-S-A" chant breaks out as Ryder tries to fight back, but resistance is futile. Antonio is tossing Ryder around like a broski rag doll.

The match goes on much longer than it should, with Ryder getting a second comeback attempt. He knocks Antonio down in the corner and goes for the Broski Boot.

And he misses by a mile.

A nasty uppercut and a Neutralizer later, and Antonio Cesaro is your winner.


Recap of last week's SmackDown MizTV's segment.


The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler

Both men circle each other before locking up. Miz gains control early with a headlock. Ziggler gets to his feet, but a shoulder tackle, armdrag, and its back to the headlock.

Ziggler is able to get up. A few punches to Miz's face and he gains control. He takes this opportunity to gyrate his hips while AJ looks on adoringly. A little too much time "showing off," though, and Miz is able to take advantage.

Over the top rope goes Ziggler, but right into Big E's arms. The big fella literally caught Ziggler in midair. It actually looked damn impressive.

Josh Mathews and JBL going back and forth on who actually controls the group. JBL believes it is all Ziggler's work, but Josh is adamant AJ is behind the whole thing. I don't understand why they can't be equal partners, but who am I to question things?

Ziggler and Miz going back and forth. Both men down as we go to commercial.

We come back with Ziggler getting a two count. Miz is able to get to his feet and he take control. A long two count as AJ looks on worried. A standing DDT and another two count for Miz.

The Miz stares down Big E from the top rope before hitting a double axe handle. Miz turns around a blows a kiss at AJ.

AJ does not appriciate this. She tells Big E to go up the stairs. Miz stares him down, but Ziggler hits the Zig-Zag from behind.

1-2-3. Ziggler wins.


The trio walks away from the ring celebrating the victory.

The Miz, laying in the ring, grabs a mic. It seems he has one more thing to say.

"No matter which Superstar you are with on New Year's Eve, the night is going to end with a bang."

I'm not really sure what he meant by that, but AJ did not like it at all. Ziggler goes flying into the ring. But Miz was only playing possum! He jumps up lands a series of punches to Ziggler's dome.

To the ring goes Big E. A Big Ending later, and Miz is lying helpless in the middle of the ring. Ziggler and AJ take the opportunity to make out over his helpless body.

Isn't young love so beautiful to watch?


In the medical office with Booker, Ricardo, and the doctor. Ricardo is laid out cold. Booker is worried about the kid's future. The doctor assues him that he will be fine, but he cannot compete tonight.

And here is Brad Maddox!

"I want one more chance! Now can you dig that, sucka!?"

Why is Maddox stealing Christian's old gimmick?

Booker says he is going to give the young man one more chance. And that match is up next!

And now here comes Alberto Del Rio. He promises that next time he sees The Big Show, he is going to open him up like a piñata.

Booker says he will do him one better. He is going to put Del Rio in the chamionship match with The Big Show.

Del Rio likes that suggestion. He promises that he will win the match for Ricardo.


Maddox making his way to the ring. He tells the arena that he has a New Year's Resolution for all of them.

"Remember the name Brad Maddox!"

That doesn't sound to hard. Now to find out his opponent...



Sheamus vs. Brad Maddox

Maddox is not enjoying this at all. He tries to make his way out of the ring. Sheamus goes to stop him.

And Maddox locks in the head lock! Look at that rascal.

Sheamus plays with the young kid for a bit, like a cat playing with a mouse. A slap to the face by Maddox puts an end to the fun, though. A series of fists in the corner, Irish Hand Grenades in the ropes, White Noise, and a Brogue Kick put Maddox down for good.


Raw Rebound recapping Del Rio running over Santa Claus.


The Usos vs. The Prime Time Players

Darren Young of the Usos start things off. A quick tag and a Usos double team. Jay -- I think it's Jay -- gets a quick two count.

Young manages to get to his corner and tag in Titus. He lays the boots to Jay -- I still think Jay is in the match -- before tagging in Young.

Young hits Titus inadvertently. Not sure what exactly happened there.

Usos take advantage of the confusion to use a bit of Twin Magic. Jay rolls out -- I'm pretty sure it's Jay -- while Jimmy rolls in. Jimmy gets the roll up on Young, and that gets the three count. The Usos are your winners.

What a strange match.


WWE pimping its magazine. Go out and buy it folks. It has everything you can get on the internet, but you actually pay for it!


The Shield with another shakey cam promo. They list their victims -- Ryback, Hell No, Randy, The Miz -- with footage of the attacks. They will cleanse the injustice from WWE. They answer to no one.

"Believe in The Shield!"



Interview between Show and Striker. Show is pissed that three people have been given matches tonight. But he said he will knock out anyone on the roster, and he will stay true to his word.

He will knock out Alberto Del Rio


Big Show out to the ring. He holds out his belt for a kid to touch it, but takes it right back before the little guy could get his hands on it.

It's the little things that make him awesome.

The Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship

The bell rings and Del Rio comes out swinging. Show tries to push him off, but he keeps coming back.

A chop to the chest and a sidewalk slam slows Del Rio down, but not for long. Del Rio tries to lock in the Cross Armbreaker.

Show is having none of it. A stiff chop to the chest knocks Del Rio outside. Show tosses Del Rio into the steel steps before throwing him back in the ring.

Del Rio keeps trying to come back, and Show keeps snuffing it out quickly.

Audience: "Big Show Sucks!"

C.J.: "Rochester Sucks!"

Show steps on Del Rio's chest, and then does it again to a round of boos. He hits the ropes and drops the elbow.

Del Rio moves out of the way. He delivers kick after kick, but can only keep Show down for a two count. He goes for the Cross Armbreak.

Show is again having none of it. He pushes Del Rio out of the ring. Show rolls out on the other side and walks up the ramp. He is done with this match.

Here comes Sheamus to save the day! He tries to toss Show back into the ring. Show manages to stand tall and holds off Sheamus. Back up the ramp he goes.

And here comes the entire SmackDown roster. Everyone Show had made fun of earlier is here to get revenge.

Into the ring Show goes. Del Rio hits the running Enzuigiri, followed by a Brogue Kick from Sheamus. The two stand tall over the giant's body.

Fade to black.


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