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WWE SmackDown results and live blog for Dec. 18: Super special and commercial free

Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (Dec. 18, 2012) special edition of WWE SmackDown from Pittsburgh, featuring a main event of Sheamus and John Cena vs. Big Show and Dolph Ziggler.

WWE SmackDown comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Dec. 18, 2012) from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with a special live show on USA featuring a main event of Sheamus and John Cena teaming up to take on Big Show and Dolph Ziggler.

That's without mentioning the special episode of MizTV that will feature Ziggler and AJ Lee explaining that kiss they shared on Monday Night Raw last night in Philadelphia.

Enjoy the show! It's commercial free!

Just remember, it's not broadcasting on its usual home of SyFy. Instead, it's live on USA at the usual time as part of WWE Week. Come back here at 8 p.m. ET for the SmackDown live blog.



Geno here.

Broadcast is live. Let's see if I can't dust off these live blogging skills and enjoy the evening with you folks.

Commercial free!

Recap of both TLC and Raw.


Oh dear god, we're starting with MizTV. This already sucks.

Miz tells a Lindsey Lohan joke and the only reaction he gets is one guy, who booed him. Miz has energy but the way he speaks and the words he says are ridiculous.

He introduces Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee.

Ziggler walks out with AJ and they share a kiss at the top of the ramp. They're both acting like they're a couple and have been for a long time.

Big E. Langston, by the way, has come out with them but is staying in the background.


Miz asks "why?"

AJ answers by saying, "Really?"


She says he should ask Cena why because he toyed with her heart. She lost her job as General Manager of Raw just to protect his "good, clean name." He toyed with her because this happened ...

(Roll footage of Cena kissing her on Raw in front of Vickie Guerrero.)

She talks about how that won a Slammy Award and she thought it would take them to the next level. She loved him and wanted to shout it from the roof tops but he cut her down at every turn, showing more video of Cena cutting down some bows AJ had made for them.

She's trying to break out the crocodile tears here but it's not actually happening.

She continues by saying she wanted to support him but he shut her down. This leads to the footage of Cena telling her she couldn't go to the ring with him two weeks ago.

"AJ'S CRA-ZY" chant breaks out after the video.

That's what makes her crazy? I don't know.

AJ says Cena wanted to keep her hidden like she was his dirty little secret. He was supposed to be different than all the other guys. She loved Daniel Bryan and CM Punk but they used her, humiliated her and threw her away like she was trash. He was supposed to be better than that.

"John Cena broke my heart," she says. "And so I helped Dolph Ziggler break John Cena."

That's a good line.

Miz brings up Ziggler calling her trash a couple weeks ago and asks if Dolph is all aboard the crazy train. This leads Big E. Langston to step to Miz.

Miz asks who he is and AJ tells him Big E. is a friend who doesn't like when people call her crazy.

Ziggler comes in and tells Miz AJ isn't -- "earmuffs, babe" -- crazy -- "you can take 'em off" -- and he's down with her because she helped him beat Cena and then gave him the hottest kiss in the history of Monday Night Raw.

This is actually really good stuff.

Ziggler to Miz: "It's like the TV says -- I stole the show ... and Cena's girlfriend."

Miz brings up AJ having been with a lot of misfits and calls Ziggler "the sixth member of One Direction."

Who the hell is One Direction?

There's a brief pause before Langston clubs Miz and hits his finisher.

The three stand over Miz before AJ says "Show ...... off" and skips around the three.

Great segment.


We go backstage and Teddy Long walks up to Booker T. He says he has a kid he wants Booker to look at because he thinks he has an opportunity.

Brad Maddox rolls up.

Booker takes Teddy to the side and asks what the hell Long is doing. Teddy plays dumb about all the issues Maddox has caused while Booker calls him "creepy" and says he doesn't trust him.

Teddy sells him by saying he's got talent, he's hungry, he wants a match to try to earn a contract, and he's got a good social media following. Booker of all people should know the kid deserves a second chance.

Booker gives him his shot but he won't know his opponent until he gets out to the ring.


Our first match of the night.

Damien Sandow vs. Sin Cara

Josh Matthews calls Cara an "aerial assault artist." For some reason, Rey Mysterio's music plays but he doesn't come out. Sin Cara in the ring looks to the entrance ramp with his arms open and the announcers wonder aloud where he could be. After all, they saw him earlier in the day, so they know he's in Pittsburgh.

Time for the match.

I'm not going to live blog move by move because this is TV and not a PPV and no one wants to read blow-by-blow of a wrestling match. Translation: My dinner just arrived.

The Shield shows up and Roman Reigns throws Rey Mysterio's mask into the ring at Sin Cara's feet. This allows Sandow time to get his finisher and the pin.

That was awesome.


The Shield hop into the ring and they're beating up Sin Cara.

This might be a way to write him off TV. Same for Mysterio. Both are reportedly dealing with injury.

That must be the case because they just did a big move off the top and targeted Sin Cara's knee. This is probably an injury angle to write him off for a while. Rollins was the guy who came off the top, so at least he's okay after that bad head bump he took at TLC.

Yep. The trainers and refs are out and Sin Cara is done.

The Shield taunt him before leaving.


Another match coming.

Santino Marella vs. Tensai

Uh-oh, Tensai's pissed after Santino bagged him and tagged him last night at the Slammys. They even have the announcers play it up and show the replay.

Tensai starts going after Santino but Marella runs away. The "AL-BERT" chants start quick and Tensai actually reacts to them this time, acting bothered.

Santino does his comedy schtick and Tensai gets pissed at it, yelling "COME ON!"

This is awesome.

Tensai is just beating the shit out of him while yelling at him. Santino gets a comeback and holy shit, he bodyslammed him after failing earlier in the match.


Tensai avoids it and locks in a sleeper hold. Santino tries to hit him with the Cobra anyway but Tensai moved his head and sent Santino into the corner. He missed a splash before Santino hit the top of his head with it. Both acted hurt.

Tensai went for his fallaway splash but missed and Santino actually got the pin on him.

That was fun.


Michael Cole tells us Sin Cara has "serious knee damage." That obviously means he must have been hurt at TLC and they needed to write him off television.

What an awful run he's had in WWE since Triple H brought him on.


Backstage and Team Hell No is hanging with Kofi Kingston. Kane is talking to Kofi and putting over how Mysterio and Sin Cara may never be the same again in their careers.

Jesus, this is pretty thorough.

Kofi talks about how he's with them but he wants to get his hands on Wade Barrett tonight.

Daniel Bryan isn't saying much but when he does talk, he's pissed about not winning a Slammy last night. Kane calms him down by saying he should feel lucky that he got to hang out with Ric Flair last night. That does the trick.

Then Kofi goes and ruins it by saying Flair's "WOOOO" would win a hypothetical Slammy for "Best Catchphrase."

"NO! NO! NO!"

Good job, Kofi.


Another match.

Wade Barrett & Prime Time Players vs. Kofi Kingston & Team Hell No

Guess who got the biggest reaction here? You got it.

Michael Cole tells us they have a medical update on Mysterio and he has a neck injury caused by The Shield. This is actually pretty good timing to need to write those two off TV because The Shield get even more heat for it.

Once again, I'll alert you to major goings on but no blow-by-blow for the match itself.

It isn't bad so far but the focus is on The Shield and whether or not they will strike. This includes cutaways to the crowd and up the steps to see if they are caught coming down.

Another update from Cole and they're saying Mysterio is suffering from "a severe neck injury." Cole then says both Mysterio and Sin Cara are being rushed to a hospital.

This is as thorough as I've seen in a long time.

The finish saw everyone get in the ring and go off on everyone else until Darren Young was left by himself inside the ring with Kane. The chokeslam hit and that got the pin.


Backstage to Sheamus who is telling John Cena a story. Or a joke, maybe. I don't know.

Cena calms him down and says they need to focus on tonight's match. Cena put over Big E. Langston as "quite possibly the strongest guy he's ever been in the ring with."

Right on.

Cena goes to leave and Sheamus stops him to ask what the deal is with AJ. Cena is resistant to say anything at first but Sheamus convinces him and we then get a full minute of Cena whispering in his ear while Sheamus makes faces in reaction.

When Cena is done, Sheamus acts all serious and Cena says he was totally just kidding.



Hey look, it's the best in the world.

CM Punk hobbles down to the ring on his crutches. The first words out of his mouth are about his WWE championship reign, which is at 394 days now. Dude's been champion for more than one full year and it's pretty cool, actually.

Punk calls the fans mutants who couldn't put aside their bias long enough to do the right thing and vote him "Superstar of the Year." Instead, they turned the Slammys, a very prestigious award show, by the way, into the Shammys.


Punk goes on about bashing the crowd, even calling a specific fan a "sloth" and asking who tied his shoes this morning because it certainly wasn't him.

But hey, whatever, he expects that behavior from the idiot fans but he expected better from Cena. He knew he wasn't "Superstar of the Year" but he accepted the trophy anyway just before sucking up to Ric Flair and giving him the Slammy.

A Slammy Punk says is rightfully his.

The "WOOOO" chant breaks out and Punk tells the fans to cheer for the old relics. Go ahead, just forget about all the good up-and-coming ring generals and rising stars.

"Know what's more impressive than 16 world title reigns over a 95 year career? Not losing the title for damn near 400 days in a row."

That's actually a good point.

Punk is just thrashing Flair here, bagging and tagging him while putting himself over. His injury didn't have him popping pain pills and sitting at home crying like most others would. Oh shit, now he's calling the Pittsburgh Penguins "a bunch of women."

Yeah, not crazy about that insult.

Whatever, though, he's on a roll and doing the damn thing once again. He says no one is taking the belt from him, dropping names like Ryback, Flair, The Rock, and Stone Cold Steve Austin. It was at the end of Austin's name that Ryback's music hits and he's coming down to the ring.

Ryback circles Punk and Paul Heyman while Punk holds his crutches out to keep Ryback at a distance.

Heyman says Punk isn't cleared to compete. Ryback says he knows that but he will be soon enough, so he's targeting the first Raw of next year for their WWE championship match.

JBL shits on him on commentary, saying he didn't realize Ryback could just make his own matches. That's why we love JBL.


As Punk and Heyman take off to the back, Antonio Cesaro makes his way out. Looks like we're getting a rematch from last night.

Ryback vs. Antonio Cesaro

Cesaro bailed on last night's match, taking off and getting counted out after a brief encounter.

This one looks like it's going to end the same way. Short bit of physicality before Cesaro jumps out to grab his U.S. title and leave. Ryback stops him, though, but gets sent into the steps and nearly counted out.

Looks like things will continue.

They do and Ryback eventually hits the Shell Shock to get the pin.


Backstage and AJ runs into Kaitlyn. She asks "what was that look for" after Kaitlyn apparently gives her a look.

Kaitlyn responds by saying she does this over and over and it makes it really hard to be her friend. AJ cries, then suddenly stops crying, and Kaitlyn says she's got a title match, she doesn't need this shit right now.

AJ: "So you're choosing a title match over your friend?"

Kaitlyn: "No, I'm choosing a title match over the lunatic standing in front of me."

This leads to an attack and a load of referees pulling a screeching AJ off Kaitlyn.


Fresh off her backstage brawl, Kaitlyn comes out for her title shot. They actually show the replay of what just happened like eight seconds ago.

Fuck, WWE.

Kaitlyn vs. Eve Torres

This was a usual Divas match that moved along at a decent pace until Kaitlyn got into position to win and Eve grabbed the referees legs and eventually double legged him for the disqualification win.



AJ is backstage and telling Ziggler all she did was wish Kaitlyn good luck and she attacked her.


Ziggler says Kaitlyn is probably just jealous because she's with a future world champion.

Big Show comes into the picture and says Zigs will spend Christmas in a bodycast if he tries to pull the same shit on him that he did Cena last night. Ziggler talks about trusting each other because they're a team tonight and Show cuts him off.

They can't trust each other and they both know it. Show just wants to say that if Ziggler tries to set him up so he can cash in the Money in the Bank contract, he'll hit the WMD and knock him so far into the future, the contract will have expired by then.


Langston was still there and did try to step in but AJ wouldn't let him.


Brad Maddox is repeating his name on the mic while walking out. I think he said it like 28 times before telling everyone they won't forget his name after tonight.

That's because he's going to win his match and his contract and become a WWE superstar.

His opponent for this evening will be ...



Looks like we're looking at another quick squash. This would probably be better if it was Naomi vs. Maddox.

Brad Maddox vs. Brodus Clay

Michael Cole puts over Maddox being obsessed with becoming a wrestler, dating all the way back to grade school when he would dress up as wrestlers for Halloween.

Clay starts the squash and they cut to the back for shots of Booker T and Teddy Long watching the show, presumably to scout Maddox. He could be a valuable addition to SmackDown, after all.

It doesn't take long, however, for Clay to get the pin.


Oh shit, here comes The Shield!

Rollins jumps on Clay's back like a crazed person and they start destroying him. Ambrose and Rollins pick him up and put him on Reigns' shoulders, who hits the powerbomb.

Looked impressive hitting it on Clay.

Off they go and they're just tearing up the roster tonight.


We still have 20 minutes left and it's time for the main event.

Dolph Ziggler & Big Show vs. John Cena & Sheamus

We're halfway home and the heels have been in control for the majority of the match. They have yet to tease dissension either, and Big E Langston is still just chilling in the background along with AJ, who is making all sorts of googly eyes at Dolph while he wrestles.

They teased Ziggler going over on Cena again before Cena came back with the Attitude Adjustment. Right after he hit it, though, Big E. Langston got in the ring and laid Cena out.

Then, right over Cena, AJ and Ziggler started passionately making out.

The show ends with Ziggler celebrating on the rope, Langston still standing over Cena, and AJ taunting him while he lays there.


Fade to black.

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