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WWE 'SmackDown' results and live blog for Nov. 2: The one after Hell in a Cell

Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (Nov. 2, 2012) episode of WWE Friday Night SmackDown, which is the one right after the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view just this past weekend.

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WWE SmackDown comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Nov. 2, 2012) from Fayetteville with a taped show on SyFy featuring all the fallout from the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view (PPV) this past Sunday night in Atlanta.

That means Big Show gets to show off the world heavyweight championship he won from Sheamus while The Miz continues to try to get at Kofi Kingston and the Intercontinental title and Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio continue their beef with Wade Barrett in the middle.

If you're the impatient type and wish to read full spoilers for the show click here.

If not, come back here at 8 p.m. ET for the SmackDown live blog.



Nolan in.

Recap of what will go down tonight, including the AJ/Cena dilemma, Sheamus' future, and more.

Broadcast is live.

"Miz TV" kicks us off.

Miz says that there are shocking instances going on in WWE as of late. He mentions the John Cena and AJ Lee scandal and the Brad Maddox incident. He then mentions the battle between the KO Punch and the Brogue Kick.

Sheamus is the guest.

Miz says that it has been seven months since we have seen Sheamus on SmackDown with out the World Heavyweight title. He says that Sheamus must feel like a loser after losing the title against Big Show.

Sheamus counters with Miz losing to Kofi Kingston at Hell in a Cell.

Miz says that he has at least beaten Kofi and that Sheamus knows that he will never beat Big Show deep down. Sheamus goes on to say that he has been humbled and busts out the cliches, but Miz cuts him off and tells him to cut the cliches. Miz says he is responsible for Big Show's title win, retracing the chain of events that started at WrestleMania when Miz helped John Laurinatitis win power.

Sheamus says that if he has that right, he should be the one on the receiving end of a Brogue Kick.

Miz says that he finds Sheamus' threat appalling and lets him know that he has never been humbled. He says that once he gets his hands on Kofi Kingston, he will win back the IC title. He is the Miz, and he's...

Kofi enters.

Kofi says Miz needs to be excused for his illusions. He says he hasn't been on The Real World in a while and that shows with his lack of grasp on reality. Kofi talks about his three wins over Miz.

Miz says that he will lead his team to victory at Survivor Series because he's the Miz, and he's...

Big Show interrupts.

He says he sides with Sheamus and Kofi, saying Miz clearly has something wrong with him. It shows since he is interviewing the former WHC and not the current one. Miz asks him what it was like. Show says that it was like a euphoria when he closed his fist. Sheamus interrupts and asks him what it was like when he hit White Noise on him on Raw. Sheamus wants to fight him right now.

Show says that Sheamus is delusional again and he can have him at Survivor Series. He says he has nothing to gain from fighting him and walks off.

Miz tries to sneak attack Kofi, but Kofi bodydrops him to the outside.

Miz looks upset at the top of the ramp and Kofi is jawing.


Wade Barrett will wrestle Randy Orton tonight.


Sin Cara will be taking on Darren Young next.


Big Show walking around backstage.

Booker T comes up and congratulates him on his win. He says that tonight, it will be Sheamus and Kofi vs. Show and Miz.

He wishes him luck tonight.


Sin Cara vs. Darren Young

Titus O'Neil and Rey Mysterio at ringside.

Young with the strikes to open up. He sends Sin Cara off the ropes, but Sin Cara comes back with the headscissors takeover. Sin Cara grabs the arm and hits his flying arm drag. Sin Cara runs straight into a clothesline from Young. Young with an elbow drop and and a leg drop. Neckbreaker earns Young a nearfall.

Young puts the sleeper hold in on Sin Cara. Sin Cara struggles back to his feet, but Young stops it with the knee. Suplex attempt by Young turns into a Sin Cara small package for a nearfall.

Young again knocks Sin Cara down with another clothesline. He starts stomping and kicking Sin Cara to keep him grounded. Young puts Sin Cara in the corner and roughs him up with some strikes. Snapmare into a sleeper hold for Young. Sin Cara again fights to his feet, but Young again hits the knee. He tries a side suplex, but Sin Cara flips out. Young runs into a back elbow on a cornered Sin Cara. He then runs into the boots. Sin Cara up top and lands a missile dropkick. Forearms from Sin Cara and leg kicks. He is sent off the ropes and hits his springboard back elbow for a nearfall.

Young with a kick to the stomach. Young goes for a side suplex, but Sin Cara again gets a rollup for a nearfall.

Sin Cara off the ropes and trying some more air attacks, but Young puts him on his shoulders and hits the Gut Check gutbuster.

Young takes home the victory.

O'Neil brings out the referee's whistle. He says his partner Darren Young busted open the pinata that is Sin Cara. He says this was a case of a little dog taking on a big dog. Titus then challenges another little dog in Rey Mysterio.

Match will go down after the break.


Titus O'Neil vs. Rey Mysterio

Match starts and Rey with some leg kicks. Rey trying to run away, but Titus gets his hands on him. Rey fights out and drops Titus for a dropkick attempt, but Titus clobbers him with a clothesline. Titus starts stomping on Mysterio and Young gets in a cheap shot. Titus roughing Rey up in the corner. Rey is able to kick Titus off, but this only leads to a powerslam for a nearfall by Titus.

Titus picks Rey back up, but Rey scoots out and lands a few leg kicks. He goes off the ropes, but eats a shoulder block from Titus. Titus goes for a boot on Mysterio, who is laying by the ropes. Rey kicks the knee and puts Titus down for the 619.

Outside, Sin Cara levels Young with a clothesline before he can get to Rey.

Rey looks outside, then goes for the 619. Titus catches him and rams him into the corner. He drops to a three-point stance and charges, but Rey ducks out and gets a rollup.

The pin worked and Rey takes home the upset victory.


Recap of the Brad Maddox incident at Hell in a Cell.

Maddox has been suspended indefinitely. He will be on Raw Monday to explain his side of the story.

Raw Recap of the selections of Team Foley and Team Punk.


Booker T with Teddy Long backstage.

They talk about the discourse in the Raw locker room.

Natalya comes in and asks if she can be Booker's assistant since Eve is on the European tour.

David Otunga enters and offers his services, saying Natalya knows nothing about leadership.

Booker T says that he has a task for Otunga and that is to face the returning Great Khali.

Otunga spits the coffee in Natalya's face. Otunga apologizes and says he thinks it is an improvment. Natalya then slaps Otunga after he takes a swig of coffee, who in turns spits it out on Teddy Long.


Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton

Orton hits the ring and poses in the corner. Del Rio comes in and tries to attack, but Orton has the jump.

The action moves outside, but Ricardo Rodriguez shoves Orton into a pole. Alberto Del Rio takes advantage and starts stomping the downed Orton.

Refs break it up and send Ricardo Rodriguez and Alberto Del Rio to the locker room as we go to break.Match joined in progress and Orton clotheslines Barrett to the outside.

Orton follows him and lands a side suplex to Barrett on the barricade. He clubs the chest of Barrett and sends him back to the ring.

Orton gets inside and eats a boot from Barrett. Barrett mounts Orton and lands some ground and pound. Barrett lands a knee drop for the nearfall.

Barrett choking Orton on the second rope. He hangs him in between the rope and chokes him. Thai clinch knees are followed by a big boot that sends Orton down to the arena floor.

Action moves outside and Barrett shoves Orton into the steps.

Back inside and a nearfall by Barrett.

Barrett with a sleeper hold in on Orton. Orton fighting back to his feet and gets out with a side suplex. The action moves back to the feet, but Barrett drops Orton with a sidekick. Barrett with a kick to the head of Orton. Barrett hooks the arm of Orton and starts unloading punches to the ribs. He pulls Orton into a clothesline for a nearfall.

Barrett stomping Orton and puts him in the corner. Orton fights out with punches. The two exchange strikes and Orton goes off the ropes, but he eats a knee to the stomach. Barrett drops an elbow for a nearfall.

Barrett goes up top and nails another elbow drop, but he again only earns a nearfall.

Barrett locks in the chinlock on Orton. Orton clubs the thigh, but to no avail. Orton turning over and gets to his feet. He reverses and clubs the torso, but Barrett knees him in the stomach. Bodyslam follows. Barrett again up top, but Orton catches him with a blow to the stomach. Orton with more punches. He goes up top and hits the superplex on Barrett. Both men are down. Barrett up and runs into the clothesline, clothesline, powerslam combo from Orton.

Barrett moves to the apron and we know what follows. Rope-assisted DDT lands.

Viper is coiled.

And Del Rio comes out to the top of the ramp.

Ricardo comes to attack Orton on the apron and Barrett rolls up a distracted Orton.

Barrett again picks up the win.

Orton heads backstage to hunt ADR.


WWE reviews their partnership with Susan G. Komen.


Del Rio and Ricardo backstage and Matt Striker is here to interview Del Rio, asking if it is a good idea to taunt the Viper.

Del Rio says Orton is not the true Apex Predator, but Orton comes up to attack Del Rio. The two brawl into catering and Orton slams Del Rio into the table. Del Rio turns the tables and starts getting the momentum, but he tries to pick up a hot coffee canister and burns his hand. Orton grabs two napkins and picks it up, but Del Rio ducks away and Ricardo gets soaked by the burning coffee.

Del Rio and Orton continue their brawl. Orton downs Del Rio and pours chili on Ricardo, who again flips out.

Orton has a chair, but Del Rio with a kick. He charges at Orton, but he gets back bodydropped onto a table. Orton with some ground and pound and he picks Del Rio up to send him into the dessert table. Del Rio gets sent into another table instead and runs off.

Matt Striker asks Orton how he feels about this incident, but Orton sends him into the dessert table himself.


David Otunga vs. The Great Khali

Otunga attacks the legs and puts Khali down. He goes off the ropes, but he eats a big chop. Khali punishing Otunga in the corner.

Natalya looks on backstage.

Otunga hangs Khali up on the ropes and lands a few leg kicks. Otunga goes off the ropes and runs headfirst into a chop.

Khali pins Otunga for the win.

Natalya seems impressed with Khali.


AJ/Cena scandal will be covered next.


Khali backstage.

Natalya said she was really impressed and that it means a lot. She shakes his hand and remarks about how big his hands are.

Khali smiles.


Justin Gabriel vs. R-Truth

Shoulder block by Truth.

The two exchange offense and do some dancing to one-up one another.

Truth with a corkscrew elbow for a nearfall.

Gabriel goes on the offensive and lands a kick for a nearfall.

Gabriel with a abdominal stretch and downs Truth for another nearfall.

Gabriel grounding the offense surprisingly, as he locks in the sleeper. Truth fights out, but Gabriel unleashes with some flashy kicks to Truth. Truth sends Gabriel into the ropes and tries a back bodydrop, but Gabriel rolls over and lands a spinning wheel kick for a nearfall.

Gabriel sends Truth into the corner and gets a crossbody splash. He goes up top, but misses an attack and Truth nails him with his finisher.

Truth gets the victory.


Raw Rebound depicts the AJ/Cena scandal.


Sheamus & Kofi Kingston vs. Big Show & The Miz

Some tags to avoid their adversaries leads to Sheamus and Miz starting.

Miz and Sheamus start to brawl and Sheamus puts Miz in the corner. Sheamus off the ropes and clobbers Miz with a clothesline. He locks in an armlock and tags in Kofi.

Miz shoulder blocks Kofi and this leads to a rope-running predicament which leads to a Kofi corkscrew elbow. Kofi clotheslines Miz to the outside.

Big Show and Miz try to regroup outside, but Kofi comes through with a suicide dive.

Both tag teams meet outside and look ready to brawl as we go to break.

Big Show is tagged in to meet up with Kofi Kingston. Bodyslam and a chop to the chest of Kofi Kingston follows. Big Show with a takedown and a front headlock in on Kofi. He gets a headlock takeover. Kofi with punches to the torso, but he ends up on the wrong end of a sidewalk slam.

Miz tagged in. He lands a running boot for a nearfall.

Chinlock in for Miz on Kofi and he lands his signature dual neckbreakers for a nearfall.

Chinlock in again, but Kofi fights out and tries for a tag. He leaps at Sheamus, but Miz catches him. Kofi rolls through and dives again at Sheamus, but Miz drops on him to hold him down by the leg. Kofi rolls through and kicks Miz off to get the tag.

Sheamus in and dropping Miz with clotheslines. Sheamus spears him in the corner and gets the kneelift. He slams Miz to the mat and Miz goes to the apron. Ten forearms to the chest of Miz. Senton slam and he tags Kofi in.

Kofi with the springboard crossbody for a nearfall. Big Show broke the pin, but Sheamus sends him to the outside. Kofi mounts Miz in the corner as the ref drives Sheamus back, so Big Show KOs Kofi.

Miz gets the pin and the victory for his team.

Sheamus in the ring as Miz celebrates. Sheamus clocks him with a Brogue Kick.

Sheamus stands tall as we fade to black.


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