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WWE Raw results and live blog for Nov. 19: The Survivor Series fallout show

Complete results and the running live blog for tonight's (Nov. 19, 2012) episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, featuring all the fallout from the Survivor Series pay-per-view (PPV) that took place this past weekend in Indiana.


WWE Monday Night Raw comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Nov. 19, 2012) from the E.J. Nutter Center in Dayton, Ohio, featuring all the final hype for the Survivor Series pay-per-view (PPV) set for this Sunday night in Indianapolis.

CM Punk is still the WWE champion but he got an assist from a trio of NXT guys in Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Ramon Reigns. Brad Maddox, by the way, was nowhere to be found.

So what gives?

That's something we'll (hopefully) find out tonight. Plus, Ryback is pissed, John Cena lost again, Big Show is still the world heavyweight champion, and Dolph Ziggler pinned Randy Orton clean.

Come right back here at 8 p.m. ET when the Raw live blog kicks off once the show starts on USA. It will be below this line here.



Bradford doing the damn thing.

Video recap of Survivor Series with the new voice over guy.

Broadcast is live.


Ryback comes out to lead off Monday Night Raw. He is actually getting time on the mic. "My hungry cannot be suppressed" He is calling out Punk and the NXT Trio.

"If you don't I'm gonna tear this damn place apart"

"Feed me more" chants going on throughout the arena.

Vickie Guerrero comes out to a chorus of boos. She enjoys how Ryback destroys people, but if he causes any problems tonight he will be suspended. She wonders how big his appetite really is.

And out comes Tensai. At least we are starting Raw with a match.


Ryback vs. Tensai

Ryback with the quick advantage, throwing Tensai into the corner. Tensai manages to land a couple of punches. He runs the ropes, but Ryback with the shoulder block. Both men back to a standing position. Tensai gets the upper hand. A slam to the mat and a two count.

Tensai lands a few punches and runs off the rope. Ryback counters with a body slam. Tensai back to his feet, but Ryback puts him back down on his back.

Tensai gets back up and is immediately met with a clothesline over the top rope.

Ryback tosses Tensai into the barricade and back into the ring. Tensai slow to get up. "Feed me more" chants fill the arena as Ryback sets up the Meathook Clothesline. A successful Shell Shock, and Ryback gets the three count.


Sheamus backstage yelling at a poor referee. That's not being a star, fella.

Cole and Lawler hyping up CM Punk's celebration for holding the WWE Championship for one full year.


Kofi Kingston vs. Wade Barrett

Both men circle around. Kofi gets a few quick kicks in. Barrett is able to shrug him off and hit a shoulder block. Kofi quick to get up, though, and lands a spinning kick that puts Barrett on his back. Quick one count.

Barrett puts Kofi into a corner. Kofi reverse and lands a few punches. An uppercut gets two.

Kofi tosses Barrett from post to post. Wade is able to get an elbow up to gain control. He lands a few stomps before the ref pulls him back. Barrett is quick to get back into the action, kicking Kofi in the corner, The ref again pulls him back, and again Barrett is quick to resume his attack. Kofi tries to fight out but to no avail. Wade with a neckbreaker for a two count.

Barrett pulls Kofi up by his fabulous dreadlocks. Kofi lands a few punches and runs towards the ropes, but gets clotheslined over the top for his troubles as we go to commercial.

We come back with Barrett in control with a headlock in the middle of the ring. Kofi struggles to get out. He is able to get to a standing base and fight out. He runs to the ropes, but again Barrett is there with a knee to the gut. Kofi trapped in the ropes as Barrett lands knee after knee. Ref tries to pull him off, but Barrett is quick to resume his assault. A boot to the face knocks the Intercontinental Champion out of the ring.

Barrett follows him out and plants Kofi's face in the steel steps. The action heads back into the ring and Barrett with a two count.

Barrett resumes his attack, with methodical kicks, punches, and headbutts. A two count but Kofi kicks out. Barrett with a headlock in the middle of the ring.

Kofi starts a rally though. A few well placed punches. He runs to the rope. Barrett looks to have it well scouted but Kofi is able to counter with a roll up and a two count.

Kofi looks to be fired up! A drop kick and and onslaught of punches. He drops the leg on Barrett. He runs the ropes, but Barrett is able to get up and hit a tilt-a-whirl sideslam. He tosses Kofi into the corner. Kofi is able to counter with a swift kick to the head. A diving cross body is good for two. An SOS gets him another two count.

Barrett with a rack to the eye. Kofi is wandering around the ring dazed. A Souvenir gets Barrett the victory.


Cole and Lawler recapping what happened last night.

Video package of Brad Maddox


Paul Heyman backstage with a giant CM Punk poster. He knocks on CM Punk's door and out comes Punk.

Punk is debuting a new shirt: "I'm a Paul Heyman Guy"

When do those go on sale?

My Cagesiders tell me they are on sale right now.

Heyman is looking to throw a celebration that will go down in the ages, but Matt Striker interrupts. He wonders if Punk has any affiliation with the NXT Trio. Punk gets pissed off. Striker then asks about Ryback. Punk gets even more pissed off.

Heyman: "Tonight is a celebration, and everyone is invited! Even Ryback."

Punk does not look pleased that his manager is inviting people without checking with him first. He pulls Heyman into his dressing room to talk to him.


Kaitlyn vs. Aksana

Aksana wants nothing to do with this match and heads out of the ring. Kaitlyn quick to follow. Aksana seems to have been playing possum, though, and lands a quick attack. Into the ring for a two count.

Aksana with a flurry of punches to the head. She tosses Kaitlyn into the corner. Aksana with an armbar over the top rope. Ref gets to four before she stops. She lands a few kicks and puts Kaitlyn into a headlock, followed up by an Irish Whip into the corner.

Aksana on her hands and knees, slowly crawling towards Kaitlyn.

She took too much time, though, and Kaitlyn takes advantage. She proceeds to toss Aksana around the ring like a rag doll. Kaitlyn lifts Aksana onto her shoulders, and drops Aksana onto her knees for the three count.


We come back to commercial with a video hyping WWE Superstars appearances on The Soup.

R-Truth at commentary with Cole and Lawler.


Antonio Cesaro vs. Brodus Clay

The men lock up but the ref pulls them apart. Brodus is quick to come back and land a flurry of punches. A rush into the corner, but Antonio is able to get out of the way. The US Champion slams Brodus' head into the ring post. The big man goes down. Cesaro follows up with a stomp to the chest.

Brodus is able to get up, though, and lands a headbutt. A toss into the corner and Cesaro is down. Brodus climbs the post and looks to drop down. Cesaro manages to get out of the way. He climbs up the post and lands a flying uppercut.

A Neutralizer by Cesaro is good for the victory.

Cesaro celebrates in the ring, pointing and yelling at R-Truth.

Truth looks scared.


A video package of Make-A-Wish foundation celebrating Cena's 300 wishes granted.

Backstage with Vickie and a random man and woman. Apparently this will be about the AJ Scandal.



Video recap of AJ and Vickie's segment at Survivor Series

Vickie comes out to the ring with two strangers in khakis behind her. She tries to speak, but the boos are far too loud. I can barely understand what she is trying to say. There's heat, there's X-Pac heat...

And then there is Vickie heat.

Vickie says the two strangers are witnesses. Whitney Smith -- who is not a bad looking witness -- worked at the place where Cena and AJ ate dinner. She says the pair requested a private table and were very touchy-feely.

"They looked like they were discussing more than business."

The other witness is Doug Brady. He saw Cena and AJ chilling in a parked vehicle for an hour. Apparently there was some hanky-panky going on in that car.


AJ is quick to come out before this goes on any longer. She tells Vickie to just fire her if she wants, but if Vickie's not... then she should "shut the hell up."

Vickie informs us that Mr. Brady has taken some pictures. And apparently they are graphic in nature.

Cena comes out before we can see the pictures.

I'm not sure if this is good or bad.

He tells Vickie if she wants something to talk about, he'll give everyone something to talk about.

And he kisses AJ. He pulls back to talk to Vickie, but AJ grabs him and they lock lips again.

I hate this show sometimes.

Dolph Ziggler comes from out of nowhere to break things up with a couple of well placed punches to Cena's dome. He runs off to backstage and Cena rushes after him. He looks a little gimpy running up the ramp. Not sure what happened there.


Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio in a Best of Three Falls match

Orton starts off the match with a stiff right hand followed by a clothesline. Del Rio is able to get Orton in the corner and lands a few kicks. He puts Orton on his back for a quick two count. Orton gets up and hits a standing dropkick for one.

Del Rio gets Orton back to the corner. A left-right combination and a suplex gets him one.

Orton gains control and drops Del Rio to the mat. He walks around the ring, stalking his prey.

He takes too long, though, and Del Rio is able to get up and hit the Cross Armbreaker. He attempts it again but gets shoved out of the ring. Orton tries to follow. He gets caught in the ropes and Del Rio goes to town on the arm. He slams Orton's arm over and over into the ring post. The ref counts to five but Del Rio refuses to stop.

Orton wins the first fall by DQ.

We come back to commercial with Del Rio working Orton's arm. A quick two count and Del Rio goes back to the arm bar. Orton tries to get to a standing base. A headbutt and body drop and Orton gets free. Wicked clothesline and powerslam. He tries to drape Del Rio over the second rope for the DDT, but Del Rio counters with a Cross Armbreaker.

Del Rio wins the second fall by Submission.

Orton hurt in the corner. Ref tells him he has to stand up or he'll be DQ'd.

Orton: "I got it!"

He gets up and the bell rings. Del Rio takes advantage, attacking Orton in the corner. A sweet counter by Orton to spin over Del Rio and gets a two count with a roll up.

Del Rio goes right back to attacking the arm with a well placed kick. Orton is able to fight Del Rio off. Ricardo tries to interfere, but is tossed from ringside for his troubles. Orton not paying attention. Del Rio hits the backstabber for a near fall.

Del Rio mocking Orton's taunt, punching the mat. He goes for the RKO, but Orton is able to push him off into the ropes. Over the second and a DDT. He goes for the RKO but Del Rio counters with the arm bar. Orton struggles to fight out of it. He gets Del Rio on his back for a two count, forcing Del Rio to break the hold.

Orton goes to the corner. Del Rio tries a running kick to the head but misses widely, landing face first onto the mat.

An RKO gets the three count.

Orton wins, two falls to one.


Recap of AJ and Cena's kiss. John Cena twisted his ankle or knee while sliding out of the ring to chase Ziggler. Until notice of anything otherwise, it is probably a work.

In the training room with Cena getting his ankle taped up. AJ is apologizing profusely.


The Great Khali vs. Primo and Epico in a Handicap match

Back from commercial and we have Primo & Epico in the ring with The Great Khali. Hornswoggle's music hits and he walks out with flowers.

At least I'm not watching the Bears tonight.

Khali shoves Primo -- Epico? -- into the mat. But that is not the point of this segment. Hornswoggle waddles up to Rosa and hands her the flowers. Rosa looks flattered and leans in to give the little guy a kiss.

Water comes shooting out of the flowers and all onto Rosa's face and chest. That little Hornswoggle is a prankster.

Khali gets the pin on Epico -- Primo? -- and Khali and Hornswoggle 'dance' in the ring.


Backstage with Heyman screaming at a crew member, wondering where the balloons are.

"It's a celebration. You didn't take it upon yourself to get balloons?"

The crew member scampers off to try and find the good man some balloons.


David Otunga vs. The Miz

The two men circle around the ring before locking up. Otunga with a forearm into the back and a couple of kicks into the corner. The ref pulls him off and Miz tries to take advantage. Otunga hits a side Russian leg sweep for one.

Otunga springing off the second rope to drop the knee on Miz. He flexes and gets another one count. He gets the Miz in a head lock. Miz tries to get to his feet, but is dropped back down. Second attempt more successful, but Otunga counters with a clothesline, shoulder tackle, and a near fall.

Otunga flexes and lands a wicked forearm to the chest. One more and a two count for the Harvard Law graduate. He puts the Miz in another headlock. Miz is able to fight out of it and gets a sloppy roll-up for two.

A forearm by Otunga and yet another headlock. Miz gets to his feet, but Otunga jumps on his back and rides him into the ground. The Miz looks to be fading fast. He gets back to his feet though and is able to fight out of it.

A sunset flip by The Miz and a two count. An Irish Whip into the corner and a rollup for two. The Miz getting the crowd fired up and lands a clothesline in the corner. A Skullcrushing Finale gets The Miz the win.


A recap by Cole and Lawler of last night's match between Sheamus and The Big Show.

Sheamus on the mic with a chair in his hand. He was fine when him and Big Show were going at it like men. But The Big Show made it personal. He attacked Sheamus' long time friend William Regal, and pulled a ref in the way of the Brogue Kick. Sheamus was smiling after their earlier matches, because he likes fighting.

"Well I'm not smiling anymore."

The Big Show limps out. He tries to talk to Sheamus, but the Irish fella keeps interrupting him.

"You give me my turn to talk! I'm the World Heavyweight Champion!"

Big Show is going off, yelling and screaming. He says Sheamus took things too far when "The Great White" landed chair shot after chair shot.

"You are like your Irish ancestors. Barbaric."

Sheamus invites Show down to the ring, but Sandow's music hits.


Sheamus vs. Damien Sandow

Sandow refuses to get into the ring while Sheamus is holding the chair. Sheamus relents and the bell sounds.

The two men lock up, with Sheamus pushing Sandow into the corner. Sandow screams at the ref to get Sheamus off of him. The two men stand off, but Sandow tries to hide behind the ref for protection. The ref gets out of the way and Sheamus lands a shoulder tackle.

Sheamus gets Sandow into a headlock, but Sandow is able to push Sheamus into the corner. A flurry of kicks before the ref breaks it up. Sheamus with a quick jab to the gut and gets Sandow into the corner. An Irish Whip from post to post, and a shoulder block knocks Sandow out of the ring. He is able to get back in and gains control. Sandow tries to land the suplex, but it's revered by Sheamus with one of his own for the two count.

Sheamus gets Sandow to the ground and stands on his arm. Sheamus drops the knee right onto his shoulder. Sandow is able to get up but is hit with a shoulder tackle. Sheamus grabs Sandow's beard and tosses him over the top rope as we go to commercial.

We come back with Sandow in control. A drop kick knocks Sheamus out of the ring. Sandow follows him out and continues his attack. Back into the ring for a two count. A few more kicks by Sandow and another two count. Sandow gets Sheamus into a chinlock. Sheamus gets to a vertical base, but Sandow is quick to put him on his back for a two count.

Sandow puts Sheamus' neck on the second rope. A couple of shots to the back of the head, followed by a running knee. Sandow slides out of the ring and continues his attack on Sheamus' head. Back into the ring for a chinlock. Sheamus tries to fight out of it, but Sandow uses a few well placed punches to put him back down. Sheamus again gets up, and Sandow again puts him right back down.

Sheamus manages to break free and lands a few rights. Sandow is able to put Sheamus back onto the mat and goes for the Elbow of Disdain. He takes too long, though, and Sheamus hits the backbreaker. Sandow wanders into the ropes, setting up Sheamus for the Irish Hand Grenades. A shoulder block from the top rope, followed by White Noise.

The arena calling for the Brogue Kick, and Sheamus delivers.

That gets the three count.


Backstage in Vickie's office, and she's talking to Tamina. AJ comes rushing in. She accuses Vickie of setting up the attack. Vickie wonder's if AJ will deny playing tonsil hockey with Cena in the ring.

AJ: "Cena's hurt, Vickie. What are you going to do about it."

Vickie: "Nothing."

AJ: "Well if you don't, I will."


Backstage with AJ and Layla rushing down the hallway. They stop in front of the dressing room. Layla tells AJ she shouldn't go in, but AJ tells her to leave her alone.

AJ throws open the door and we are greeted with men in varying states undress.

She runs to Ziggler to confront him, but he interrupts. He says she comes from nothing, that she gloms onto any guy who pays her even the littlest bit of attention. And when they leave, she loses a bit of her pride. He's seen girls like her before. Sad and pitiful.

"Face it AJ. You're just trash."

AJ stands in silence for a minute, before unleashing a vicious attack on Ziggler. Cena comes in to pull her off, but Ziggler attacks him. They exchange blows and the brawl migrates into the bathroom. Ziggler pushes Cena through the stalls. He lands a series of kicks onto Cena's injured leg before being pulled off. AJ comes rushing to Cena's side as someone calls out for a doctor.


Josh Mathews in the training room reporting that Cena has a torn meniscus and is in a tremendous amount of pain.


Prime Time Players at ringside to help call the action.

Hell No vs. Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara

Kane and Sin Cara to start things off. Kane throws Sin Cara off the ropes, but he's able to counter with a few weak kicks. Kane is having none of it, and a shoulder block puts the luchador on his back.

Daniel Bryan is tagged in. A series of swift kicks in the corner by Bryan, and "YES" chants fill the arena. Bryan goes to the top rope for a knee drop but misses. Sin Cara tags in Rey and they both get a running kick in before Sin Cara heads to the outside.

Bryan is able to land a few kicks to slow Rey down. Kane tags himself in, much to the chagrin of Bryan.

Rey takes advantage of the distraction and lands a few kicks of his own. He knocks Kane into the ropes to set up for the 619. Kane is able to roll to the outside. Rey follows him, but Bryan is right there waiting. He attacks Rey, but Sin Cara comes flying from nowhere to bring Bryan down as we go to commercial.

We come back with Kane squeezing Sin Cara's little head. A sidewalk slam and he tag Bryan in. Bryan sets up for the surfboard and locks it in. He releases it and tries an eye rake, even though Sin Cara is wearing a mask. A few kicks to Sin Cara's back and he tags Kane in.

Kane lands a few kicks of his own and gets a two count. Sin Cara is tossed into the corner and Bryan is tagged back in. A few knees to the back and an Irish Whip into the corner. Bryan sets up for the running drop kick but Sin Cara is able to move out of the way. Both go to their corners and get the tag.

Rey comes out punching. Rey is able to hit a swinging DDT and goes for the pin. Bryan is able to break it up, but Sin Cara comes from out of nowhere to get Bryan out of the ring. Rey gets Kane into the ropes and hits the 619. He climbs to the top rope for the frog splash. Kane catches him and sets up for a chokeslam.

The Prime Time Players come rushing in and attack Kane and Rey. The two teams are too much, though, and everyone hits their finishers. PTP goes running off up the ramp while Bryan and Kane stare down Rey and Sin Cara.


Punk in his locker room with Heyman. The manager personally guarantees that no one will ruin this special night.

"My Champion, your celebration awaits!"


Recap of the Cena/AJ/Ziggler events of the evening.


Heyman in the ring. The crowd boos, and Heyman lays into them. He asks if they are upset because Punk has held the championship for 365 days. Or perhaps they are upset because they made fun of Lawler. They have the nerve to ask for the Attidue Era back, but when Heyman gives it to them they don't like it. They have the nerve to chant "E-C-W," but when things get a little "extreme" they don't like it.

Heyman sings Punk's praises. The WWE Champion stands head and shoulders above his competition. Not only the current environment, but of all time.

TV static. Da-nanana-na nananana-na.

Enter CM Punk.

Punk takes his time to get into the ring, posing for the crowd. Paul Heyman is crying and beaming with pride.

Punk lists pro wrestlers who could not last a full year. Not Triple H. Not Bret Heart. Not The Undertaker. Not Dewey Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Video package of CM Punk's 365 day reign.

Punk and Heyman admiring the video. A small CM Punk chant breaks out.

"Tonight is not just about honoring the past. It is about looking forward to the future."

Punk wants to be on the top of the list. July 25, 2018 is when CM Punk will be the longest reigning WWE Champion in history.

That's some long term planning.

Heyman says that he knew Bruno, and that while he's a hall of famer, he could not beat CM Punk. Hulk Hogan could not beat CM Punk. Another Paul Heyman guy, Stone Cold, could not beat CM Punk. And at the Royal Rumble, the world will know that The Rock could not beat CM Punk.

Punk thanks Heyman for setting everything up. Punk says that his favorite match in the past 365 days was the one that occurred last night. No one thought he could do it, but he showed the world.


Ryback comes out to crash the party, but the NXT Trio comes from out of nowhere to stop him. Ryback shoves them aside, but they do not let up in their assault. Ambrose, Rollins, and Reigns lay the beat down on Ryback. For the second night in a row, Ryback gets slammed into the announce table.

The three men enter the ring, and Punk sneaks out. He kneels down beside Ryback and laughs.

Punk stands up, one foot on Ryback's chest.


Fade to black.

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