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WWE SmackDown results and live blog for Nov. 16: The Survivor Series go home show

Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (Nov. 16, 2012) episode of WWE SmackDown from Cleveland, featuring all the final angles to Survivor Series this Sunday night.

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WWE SmackDown comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Nov. 16, 2012) from Cleveland with a live show on SyFy featuring the go home show to Survivor Series this coming Sunday night.

Tonight's show features plenty of bouts mixing and matching to get some hype built for the traditional five-on-five elimination match at the pay-per-view (PPV) this weekend. Big Show and Sheamus also try to get us excited about their world heavyweight title match.

If you're the impatient type and wish to read full spoilers from the show click here.

Come back here at 8 p.m. ET for the SmackDown live blog.



Nolan in.

Recap and preview of tonight's action.

Broadcast is live.

Sheamus is in the parking lot, awaiting Big Show's arrival tonight.


Miz TV kicking off with the entrance of The Miz.

Miz welcomes us, then prefaces the battle of Team Foley and Team Ziggler at Survivor Series. Miz says that he is a survivor and has accomplished more than anyone participating at Survivor Series, so he won't be following a captain blindly, even his guest this week.

Mick Foley joins us.

Foley says he appreciates having him on the show. Foley says that he had some reservations about putting Miz on the ballot. Miz tells him that he better not get a cheap pop in his hometown, but Foley does anyway. Foley pimps his book a bit, then wonders which Miz will be showing up at Survivor Series. The WrestleMania main eventer or the Miz TV host.

Miz says that Foley needs to keep an eye on the rest of his team, citing problems with all of them. Foley says that is perfect timing, as he calls a team meeting.

Team Hell No, Kofi Kingston, and Randy Orton join the show.

Foley invites anyone to talk. Kane and Bryan argue over who will start first. Bryan says he thinks Kane wants to apologize for always calling him the weak link. Kane says that he just wants to thank Miz for being a great tag partner and that he feels good about not having to carry someone. Bryan says that Kane would be roaming basements and scaring children without him. Kane says he would do that anyways.

The two then begin to argue over who is the tag team champions. Kofi wants them to settle down, but Miz wonders why Kofi is playing peacekeeper, since he turned down his handshake a few weeks back.

Foley wants Orton to be the voice of reason. Orton says that Foley and him have had their differences, but he likes Foley more than anyone on his team. Orton said that he doesn't like anyone on the team, knocking down Miz's poster and causing awkward tension.

Team Ziggler enters.

Ziggler says that they don't have any egos, just a bunch of prime athletes under one charismatic leaders. Alberto Del Rio chatting with Ricardo Rodriguez, so Ziggler tells him to hush. ADR says that he doesn't think Ziggler has the ability to lead a team, as he is a former WWE Champion. Ziggler says he is a future champ.

Foley interrupts. He says that Booker T gave him some matchmaking privileges tonight, so he suggests Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz and Randy Orton. Ziggler says they have someone way better than Miz in Wade Barrett. Foley makes Barrett vs. Kane.

Bryan gets upset, but Sandow silences the bunch. Sandow says it is clear that Team Foley is falling apart, with Team Hell No and a braided mute who claims he can fly in Kofi. Kofi challenges him to test his flying ability, so Foley says the first match of the night will be Sandow vs. Kingston.

That goes down after the break.


Damien Sandow vs. Kofi Kingston

Lockup and side headlock takedown by Sandow. Sandow sent into the ropes, but he gets the shoulder block. Kofi leapfrogging and ducking, then hits an elbow.

Sandow goes outside, regrouping a bit.

Action inside and Sandow tries a kick. Kofi turns it into an arm drag. Another and Kofi has an armbar. Kofi dropping the knees on Sandow's arm for a nearfall.

Kofi with the arm wrench, but Sandow out with a punch. Headbutt by Sandow. Sandow sends Kofi into the ropes for a hip toss, but Kofi turns it into a monkey flip.

Sandow goes outside, but Kofi chases him.

Sandow stomps him as soon as he gets in the ring. Sandow sends Kofi into the corner, but Kofi floats through and hits a dropkick. Nearfall for Kofi.

Kofi kicks Sandow down. He gets the arm wrench and does a step-over kick. Roundhouses to the chest earn Kofi a nearfall.

Sandow goes outside. Kofi decides to follow with a suicide dive through the ropes.

Kofi in control as we break.

Back and Kingston stomping Sandow down in the corner. Sandow counters with a shoulder block to the gut. Kofi with right hands. Sandow turns the tide with some strikes for a swinging neckbreaker. Nearfall for Sandow.

Sandow rubbing Kofi's face in the mat. Russian legsweep and Elbow of Disdain follow. Sandow with another nearfall.

Kofi coming back with right hands. He sends Sandow into the ropes, but he eats a kick to the face. Sandow charges, but Kofi gets the chops to the chest. And another set. Flying forearm. Boom Drop converts. Kofi wants Trouble in Paradise, but Sandow moves away. Kofi uses the springboard crossbody to earn a nearfall.

Kofi trying to finish Sandow up, but Sandow with the schoolboy. Sandow has a handful of tights.

Sandow still takes home the win.


Sheamus still looking for Big Show in the parking lot.


Recap of the AJ Lee & John Cena affair on Raw.


Natalya, Kaitlyn, and Layla vs. Aksana, Eve, and Alicia Fox

Aksana and Natalya start. Aksana gets a handful of hair. Kick to the stomach of Nattie. Aksana with an arm wrench, but Natalya flips out for a rollup and a nearfall.

Layla in. Her and Nattie get a double clothesline. Dropkick and booty bump earn Layla a nearfall.

Layla sends Aksana into the ropes, but Alicia Fox brought in on a blind tag. Alicia Fox pulls Layla down by her hair for a nearfall.

Fox follows with a Northern Lights suplex for a nearfall.

Eve brought in. Bodyslam by Fox and Eve goes off the ropes for a front flip on top of Layla. Eve gets a nearfall.

Eve choking Layla on the second rope. Eve laughing at Kaitlyn as she gets a pin for a nearfall.

Snapmare followed by a roundhouse earns Eve two nearfalls.

Fox brought in and Eve holds Layla. Fox uses a hook kick on the stomach of Layla. Layla strikes Fox and tries to make the tag, but Fox gets the leg. Layla pushes her away with her feet.

Kaitlyn in and she cleans house. Clotheslines and running elbows. Kaitlyn with forearms and misses a back bodydrop after Fox kicks her in the face. Kaitlyn with a flapjack. She goes off the ropes and knocks Fox down. Aksana comes in to break up the nearfall, so Nattie takes her to the outside.

Inside, Fox is almost sent into Eve, but she stops. Kaitlyn dropkicks Fox into Eve and then hits Fox with a reverse DDT.

Kaitlyn wins for her team.


Sheamus still in the parking lot.

Booker T meets up with him. He says that he knows the frustration, but he is putting him in an awkward place here. Booker says Show might not even be coming in tonight.

Sheamus tells Booker to tell Show to meet him in the ring if he has any guts.

Booker tells him there will be big time repercussions if things get out of control.


The Miz and Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler and Miz start.

Lockup and Ziggler with an arm wrench. Ziggler into the ropes and a shoulder block by Ziggler. Ziggler running the ropes, but some ducking and leapfrogging gets Miz a flapjack for a nearfall.

Miz attempts to send Ziggler outside, but Ziggler pulls the rope down. Alberto Del Rio then scrambles in to send Orton to the arena floor.

Team Ziggler looking powerful as we break.

Back from break and Ziggler has Orton in a sleeper. Orton back to his feet and elbows his way out. Headbutt from Orton. Orton goes off the ropes, but Ziggler with the running knee to the stomach. Ziggler hits his jumping elbow drop for a nearfall.

ADR in and he lands a sidekick to the face of Orton. ADR stomping Orton in the corner. Ref breaks them up and Orton turns the tide with punches. He starts stomping ADR in the corner. Ref breaks them and ADR with the armbreaker across his knees.

Ziggler brought in and he stomps away on Orton. Ziggler steps on Orton in a nonchalant pin attempt for a nearfall.

Orton fights back with right hands. He sends Ziggler into the ropes, but eats a boot to the face. Ziggler goes to the ropes one too many times and Orton picks him up and drops him.

Miz in and landing left hands on a cornered Ziggler. Seated clothesline in the corner lands. Miz goes up top and lands a double axhandle for a nearfall.

Ziggler sends Miz into the corner, but Ziggler eats a boot. Miz goes up top, but ADR runs the apron to knock Miz to the outside. Ziggler picks Miz up and drops him on the barricade.

Action goes inside with a nearfall by Ziggler.

Del Rio in and he chops Miz with a big leg kick. Stomps in the corner by Del Rio. Ziggler comes in with the cheap shot. Del Rio with the enzuigiri to the arm for a nearfall.

Armbar in for ADR. Miz gets out and is sent into the corner. ADR charges, but he gets back bodydropped to the outside. Ricardo Rodriguez is forced to roll ADR back in.

Orton tagged in. He knocks down ADR with some clotheslines, then clears Ziggler off the apron. Ziggler eats a powerslam on the comeback. ADR is on the apron and Orton nails his rope-assisted DDT.

Miz tags himself in and lands a Skull-Crushing Finale.

Miz and Orton in the ring, showing a bit of tension. Orton RKOs his own teammate to the boos of the Cleveland crowd.


Sheamus here.

Sheamus lauds Big Show's toughness in the ring, but he crossed the line when he attacked Sheamus and William Regal from behind. Sheamus wants to fight now, as the time for talk is apparently over.

Big Show enters, staying on the top of the ramp.

Show says that nothing is going to happen until Sunday, except him maybe knocking Regal out again. Show says that he is scared for Sheamus, asking him to thank him for not hurting him.

Sheamus wants to personally thank him.

Booker T comes out and tells Sheamus to calm down. He says this isn't going to happen and that he has to leave the building. Booker T having to hold Sheamus back. He tells him to leave the building.

Sheamus heads out.


Booker T sees Big Show backstage.

Show says that he appreciates the way Booker handled that, but Booker places him in the main event of the night. Show wants to know against who, but Booker says to just remember that no one is bigger than Show.


Kane vs. Wade Barrett

Barrett with a side slam for a nearfall.

Kane sends Barrett into the ropes and hits his big boot. Kane sends Barrett to the outside with a clothesline, but brings him back in immediately. Flying clothesline from Kane lands.

Kane wants the Chokeslam, but all of Team Ziggler comes out to give Kane a DQ win.

Mick Foley sends the troops out.

Miz doesn't join the group.

The team cleans house eventually, then Miz comes out to stare down with Orton.


Recap of Raw and all the details involving Ryback, John Cena, CM Punk, and Brad Maddox.


Antonio Cesaro vs. Sin Cara

R-Truth on commentary.

Lockup and Cesaro with the takedown. Cesaro rubbing Sin Cara's face in the mat. Sin Cara uses an arm drag to turn the tide. Sin Cara goes up top and hits a springboard hurricanrana. Tilt-a-whirl backbreakerr by Cesaro and a kick to the back earns a nearfall.

Cesaro picks Sin Cara up and lands his Karelin throw. He picks up Sin Cara and lands an uppercut to the back of his head. Sin Cara gets the arm drag, then follows with a titl-a-whirl headscissors. Pendulum kick from the apron and a hurricanrana into a pinfall for a nearfall.

Sin Cara off the ropes, but Cesaro picks him up for the Very European Uppercut.

Gotch Neutralizer lands on Sin Cara and Cesaro wins.

Truth grabs the mic and says that he would like to quote Hacksaw Jim Duggan. He leads the crowd in an "USA!" chant. He hits the ring, but Cesaro leaves the ring before anything can happen.


Big Show vs. The Great Khali

Lockup and Khali shoves him into the corner. Show with punches and a headbutt. He presses Khali into the corner, but Khali reverses and lands his chop. He gets it in the other corner. Khali presses Show into the corner and lands an elbow. Khali clubbing the back. He knocks Show down with a headbutt. Khail choking Show on the second rope. He stomps Show, then lands another headbutt. Show fighting back with body shots. Khali sends Show into the ropes, but Show lands a huge spear for a nearfall.

Show wants a Chokeslam. Khali counters with a big chop to the head of Big Show. Nearfall for Khali.

Punjabi Pluge awaits, but Show with body shots. KO Punch lands in the exchange and Big Show gets the pin.

Show is your winner.

Sheamus' music plays, but it is all mind games and Show goes to the outside.


In the parking lot, Matt Striker wants to talk to Show, but Show chases him off.

Show looking in a bus, but out comes Sheamus with a sneak attack. The two brawling through the arena parking lot, but Show gets the best of Sheamus by tossing him into the windshield of a car.

Show walking away, but Sheamus runs up with a double axhandle from the roof of the car. Sheamus slams him into the windshield and starts unloading punches to the grounded Big Show.

Officials and Booker T come to take Sheamus away, who tells Show he will see him Sunday.

Fade to black.


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