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SmackDown spoilers for Nov. 2: The Big Show must go on

WWE hit Fayetteville to tape SmackDown last night (Oct. 30, 2012) and we've got complete spoilers for the show, featuring all the fallout from Hell in a Cell and build towards Survivor Series.

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WWE SmackDown returns to SyFy this coming Friday night (Nov. 2, 2012) from Fayetteville but the show was taped, as usual, on Tuesday night. That means full spoilers are readily available if you're the impatient type who doesn't want to wait a couple days for the payoff.

Unwrap that present early (via

- MizTV again kicked off the show with guest Sheamus. This led to Big Show coming down and Kofi Kingston got involved too. You know what that means. That's right, it's a main event tag team match.

- Prime Time Players def. Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara. Presumably no bad botches by the latter team.

- Wade Barrett def. Randy Orton. It wasn't clean, though, because Alberto Del Rio interfered. So the transition is yet to be completed, which is unfortunate because a Barrett feud with Orton is far more interesting than anything involving Del Rio.

- Great Khali def. David Otunga because WWE hates awesomeness.

- Backstage segment involving Orton and Del Rio ends with Matt Striker getting cake in his face. Laughs were had.

- R-Truth def. Justin Gabriel, likely firmly establishing himself as the next contender to Antonio Cesaro's U.S. title. That's nice. Still waiting for the smoz finish involving Little Jimmy.

- Big Show and Miz def. Sheamus and Kingston in the main event no one wanted.

Not a lot of details on this show, folks, but there you have it. How does that sound to you?

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