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WWE 'SmackDown' results and live blog for Oct. 19: Sheamus vs Wade Barrett

Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (Oct. 19, 2012) episode of WWE Friday Night SmackDown, featuring a main event of World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus taking on Wade Barrett ... again.

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WWE SmackDown comes waltzing back into our lives tonight (Oct. 12, 2012) from San Jose with a taped show on SyFy featuring a main event of Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett.

Because fans weren't happy with the first 28 matches between the two.

Randy Orton, The Miz, Big Show, Team Hell No, The Rhodes Scholars, and 3MB are all also scheduled to appear.

If you're the impatient type and wish to read full spoilers for the show click here.

If not, come back here at 8 p.m. ET for the SmackDown live blog.



Nolan in.

Broadcast is live from Memphis, Tennessee.

Miz TV is kicking us off. He tells us that he has lost his IC title and that Kofi needs to cherish this title reign, as it will be very short. Miz is invoking his rematch clause. He says that he is going to show Kofi why he is must-see.

That makes Miz vs. Kofi at Hell in a Cell.

He says that tonight's guests are Team Hell No.

Enter Daniel Bryan.

And enter Kane.

Miz is surprised by the separate entrances, saying they aren't a true team and that they are egomaniacs.

Kane starts to talk, but Daniel Bryan says that he has this. He threatens to separate Miz's teeth from his mouth. Miz asks, "really?" He wonders why a guy with a goat face is giving him appearance advice, saying his friends at the petting zoo must love him.

Regardless, Miz talks about him coaching Bryan on NXT, saying that Bryan has problems getting along with people. He says that the monster with the mask is the voice of reason. He says Team Hell No will either lose to Rhodes Scholars or Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio.

Bryan begins to speak, but Kane says he has this. He says that no one cares what Miz thinks. He talks about being tag champs with Big Show, Mankind, and Undertaker himself. Kane says if Bryan is the problem, he is the solution.

Bryan says for Kane to hold the phone, but he is the reason the team will retain their titles. He says "The Devil's Favorite Demon" is nothing without "The World's Toughest Vegan."

I love you, Daniel Bryan.

Kane is dumbfounded by this statement, saying that being "The World's Toughest Vegan" is like being "The World's Tallest Dwarf," but that D-Bry has that covered, too.

Miz wants to interject, but both men tell him "NO!"

Bryan says he is not a goat face or a dwarf, but that he is a former World Heavyweight Champion. He says that he ended a giant's reign in 45 seconds. He also notes that he is the Tag Team Champions.

Kane disagrees.

Enter Big Show.

Show says that he has no problem with Kane, but his problem is with Daniel Bryan. He said that he thought he'd learn after he beat him down on Monday to shut up. He calls Bryan's victory a fluke and says nothing like that will happen again.

Big Show says that if Bryan opens his mouth again, he will knock him out. Then again, he says he can do it now.

Bryan looks scared and goes to hide behind Kane. Kane says that he might be scheduled to wrestle Big Show on Raw, but they don't have to wait.

Enter Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler says that Bryan's MITB cash-in was so last year and his MITB briefcase is the only thing that matters. Ziggler says that Show and Sheamus will beat the hell out of each other and that he will steal the show to become World Heavyweight Champion. Ziggler says it doesn't matter who he will cash it in against, saying if Bryan can do it, it must be easy.

Bryan takes umbrage, saying that he beat Big Show. Big Show dares him to talk about the time it took Bryan to beat him. Kane begins to tell Bryan to keep his mouth shut. Miz is upset that he has lost control over his show. Show and Ziggler begin to argue.

SmackDown GM Booker T is in the building.

He says that he needs them to chill out.

Miz says that Booker is so predictable, saying that he will make a main event match between all the men in the ring, ask them if they can dig it, then leave.

Booker says he wasn't going to say that. He says he will be making two matches. Team Hell No vs. Dolph Ziggler and Big Show is announced.

Miz says that he forgot him.

Booker says he is right and that Miz will be facing this man.

Enter Randy Orton.


The Miz vs. Randy Orton

Match is joined in progress.

Orton puts Miz down with a clothesline. Orton stomping on all parts of Miz.

Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez watch from a private luxury box.

Back to the ring and Miz turns the tide, now pummeling Orton in the corner. Orton reverses and lands quite a few right hands of his own. Orton gets his whip reversed, but comes out of the corner with a clothesline.

Snapmare into a cover by Orton earns a nearfall.

Orton stomps the hand of Miz. Orton with the side suplex for a nearfall.

Orton sent off the ropes and eats a knee to the stomach. Miz picks Orton up for a suplex and drops him on the top rope. Orton on the apron and Miz sends him into the barricade.

We hit break.Back from break and Miz has the sleeper in on Orton. Orton fights out and tries a clothesline, but he eats the two neckbreakers that are a signature of Miz. Nearfall by Miz.

Matt Striker goes up to talk to Alberto Del Rio, asking if Orton meant to send a message to Del Rio by RKOing Ricardo Rodriguez on the announce table. Rodriguez asks what he means, like a message that Kane sent to Striker on Raw? Del Rio laughs and says that Orton is a little girl and that Alberto Del Rio never lies. Del Rio says Orton is afraid and he is the new "Apex Predator."

Back in the ring and Orton gets clotheslined in the corner, with Miz sitting down in the corner per usual. Miz up top, but Orton crotches him before any offense begins. A punch to Miz. And a few more. Orton goes up top and lands a superplex. Nearfall.

Orton with clotheslines. Powerslam. Miz moves to the apron and we know what is next. Miz ducks to the outside and Orton chases. He rolls back inside and tries for a clothesline on Orton, but Orton starches him with a dropkick. Nearfall for Orton again.

Miz kicks the knee of Orton and plants him with a DDT. Miz only gets a nearfall out of that himself.

Miz looking for his running boot, but Orton ducks and takes Miz to the apron. Rope-assisted DDT plants Miz.

Viper is coiled and the crowd is Orton hard.

RKO in, but Miz reverses into a Skull-Crushing Finale. Orton rolls him through and lands the RKO.

Cover and victory goes to Orton.

Orton stares down the luxury box ADR is in and the two jock at each other.

Del Rio has a mic and says that they'll do this on his terms, not Orton's.


Sheamus walking backstage and starts chatting with Teddy Long.

Sheamus says he isn't pleased with Big Show constantly interrupting his matches with Wade Barrett. He wants one more shot at Barrett.

Teddy says he'll talk to Booker and thinks he can make that happen. He says to ensure no interference, it will be a lumberjack match.

The two exchange kind words and a fist bump.

Eve Torres lurks off in the distance.


Rhodes Scholars vs. Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel

Gabriel and Rhodes start.

Gabriel is able to put Rhodes on the mat and locks in a chancery after tagging in Kidd, who boots Rhodes in the mush. Kidd gets a nearfall.

Kidd locks in an armlock and tags in Gabriel, who comes down with an axehandle on the arm. Rhodes puts Gabriel into a corner and charges, but eats two boots. Gabriel going up top, but Sandow drags Rhodes to the outside to save him. Gabriel hits a suicide dive on Sandow, which allows Rhodes to clobber Gabriel from behind.

Action back inside and Rhodes putting the boots to Gabriel in the corner.

Sandow brought in after Rhodes puts Gabriel on the second rope via drop toehold. Sandow runs and splashes Gabriel with his legs. Sandow gets the nearfall.

Sandow with the Russian leg sweep. Sandow lands the Elbow of Disdain for a nearfall.

Sandow muscles Gabriel in the corner and tags in Rhodes. Rhodes gets a chin lock, but Gabriel fights out with shots. He lands a spinning wheel kick that knocks Rhodes down. Both men down and the referee begins a count.

Rhodes gets Sandow in and he prevents Gabriel from getting the hot tag. Gabriel tries a step-over kick, but Sandow ducks. He tries to drop the elbow, but Gabriel manages to escape and bring in Kidd on the tag.

Kidd kicks Sandow over the top rope and lands a flying dropkick. He takes out Rhodes and lands a spinning back kick to the torso of Sandow. Kidd off the ropes with a dropkick that gets him a nearfall.

Sandow sends Kidd off the ropes, but Kidd latches on. Kidd lands his boots on a counter, skins the cat, then gets a shoulder block to the gut of Sandow. Kidd looking for a sunset flip, but Sandow tags in Rhodes, unbeknownst to Kidd.

Kidd trying to lock in the Sharpshooter on Sandow, but Rhodes immediately meets him with a Disaster Kick.

Gabriel tries to make the save, but Sandow trips him up.

Rhodes Scholars take home the victory.


Booker T talking with Eve.

Teddy comes in and suggests the Barrett/Sheamus lumberjack match.

Eve says that she has had that idea since last week and Teddy must have overheard her talking about it. Eve says that Teddy was trying to take his idea.

Booker admonishes Teddy a little and says he has a meeting, to which Eve wants to walk him to.

Teddy takes Eve's iPad and takes a look as we cut away.


Team Hell No vs. Dolph Ziggler and Big Show

Bryan and Ziggler start.

Lockup and Bryan takes the back. Ziggler with a switch and takedown, spinning on the back of Bryan and slaps the back of Bryan's head.

Back to the feet after some showing off and Ziggler with the side headlock. Bryan is hit with shoulder block. Bryan takes control with an arm drag and arm lock. He stomps the arm of Ziggler. Zigs fights out and gets a dropkick.

Show is brought in and Bryan is scared to death, tagging out to Kane.

Show and Kane exchange strikes. The two going blow-for-blow here. Show whips Kane and lands the spear on him. Show working the body of Kane and follows with a headbutt. Kane's body getting worked, but Kane fights with a punch to the head. Show again in the control and corners Kane. He misses and Bryan in.

Dropkick to the knee of Show and Thai kicks to the chest of Show. Bryan attempts the head kick, but Show blocks and sends Bryan down. He gorilla presses Bryan to the outside.

We go to break.

Back and Ziggler gets a nearfall on Bryan after slamming his face into Show's boot. Ziggler with the punches. Bryan gets up eventually and eats a dropkick, giving Ziggler a nearfall.

Big Show in and wants a chop, but Bryan ducks under to land two futile chops. Show drops him with a headbutt. Bryan moves to a corner and Show whips him hard into another. He goes for the back splash, but misses. Bryan is unable to get anywhere and Show wants a Chokeslam. Bryan goes up, but he comes down with a DDT.

Both men down and the ref starts a count.

Ziggler is brought in and gets a neckbreaker to prevent a tag. Zigger with quite a few elbow drops, then lands the jumping one. Ziggler gets a nearfall.

Show brought in and a punch to the ribs of Bryan. He then locks in the claw on Bryan's ribcage. Bryan screaming in pain. Bryan fighting back to the feet and lands a few forearms. He goes off the ropes, but Show catches him with a sidewalk slam.

Ziggler tags in and lands a right hand. Bryan pushed back into the opposition's corner. He nails Show with an elbow and strikes Ziggler. Dropkick to the knee of Show. Ziggler tries the splash, but Bryan sends him into the corner.

Kane gets the tag. Flying clothesline and splash. Kane reverses a Ziggler whip attempt and sends him into the corner, following with a clothesline. Kane eats a boot to the gut after a failed sidewalk slam and Ziggler wants the Fame Asser, but Kane counters with a big boot. Nearfall for Kane.

Kane retries the sidewalk slam and gets it. He wants the Chokeslam, but Bryan tags in.

He tells Kane that he is the Tag Team Champions and levels Ziggler with a clothesline. Running dropkick in the corner lands. Bryan going up top, but Show catches him a chokehold. Kane comes and knocks Show down with a big boot. Ziggler goes for the sleeper on Kane, but he is shook off.

Bryan takes advantage and gets the "NO!" Lock. Ziggler taps.

Team Hell No wins.

The two argue up the ramp and at the top of the stage, but Rhodes Scholars come and take the team out. Rhodes Scholars stand over the destruction proudly.


Antonio Cesaro vs. Ted DiBiase

Cesaro does a promo in front of Sun Studio, saying Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, and Elvis Presley are American country bumpkins who could only be cared about in America. Cesaro says that they are no longer a part of his America.

Good work, Cesaro.

Lockup and Cesaro gets the side headlock. Shoulder block by Cesaro. He goes off the ropes, but he eats a dropkick. DiBiase gets a crucifix rollup for a nearfall.

DiBiase charges at Cesaro, but he gets back bodydropped to the outside by Cesaro. Cesaro goes outside and drops DiBiase on the apron.

Back inside and Cesaro clotheslines DiBiase down for a nearfall.

Karelin throw by Cesaro grabs him another nearfall.

Cesaro puts in the chin lock and DiBiase fights out. Clothesline and flying knee land. Powerbomb lands for DiBiase, grabbing a nearfall.

DiBiase gets Cesaro to run into his boots in the corner and goes up top. He ends up landing on a Very European Uppercut. We all know what follows, as the Gotch Neutralizer lands.

Cesaro continues his roll and picks up the victory.


Raw Rebound shows the contract signing that set up Punk vs. Ryback at Hell in a Cell.


Three Man Band is in the ring, showing their assault of Team CoBro.

Slater has the mic and the whole team talks up their music skill, with Slater saying that he is ready to beat Brodus Clay.


Heath Slater vs. Brodus Clay

Clay charges Slater, but Slater ducks out. Clay puts him in the corner and starts to work the power offense. Headbutts to the back and a few slams end up getting Clay a nearfall.

Clay puts Slater in the corner, but Slater puts the two boots up. Missile dropkick gets Slater a nearfall.

Front headlock in for Slater, but Clay gets out and lands some shoulder blocks. T-bone suplex and a headbutt put Slater down.

Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre distract Clay, allowing Slater to dropkick the knee of Clay.

Facebuster and Slater wins.

3MB celebrates.


Matt Striker with Wade Barrett.

Barrett says that he isn't sure Sheamus is a tough guy, but he knows he is stupid. He says that with Sheamus' match with Show coming up, he doesn't see why he'd take a match with him.

Barrett says he is doing Show a favor and he wants it repaid if Show beats Sheamus.


Eve Torres joins JBL and Josh Mathews at the announce table.

Layla vs. Natalya

Nattie puts Layla on the mat with a kick to the stomach. Nattie goes for the slam, but the two end up rolling around and Nattie falls outside.

Layla follows and begins to stare at Eve, which Nattie takes advantage of. Nattie with the power offense and has the abdominal stretch on the inside. Layla fights out and lands an arm drag. Nattie catches a kick of Layla's, but Layla rolls up for a nearfall. Nattie starches Layla with a clothesline and gets a nearfall.

Layla puts Nattie out with a kick. Pinfall and victory to Layla.


Kaitlyn hanging out backstage.

Teddy Long comes up with Eve's iPad and shows her a picture of some incriminating evidence regarding her attacker. He tells her that she can do whatever she wants with the info.

Kaitlyn snaps a pic with her cellular and tells Teddy to go put it back, thanking him for the info.


Lumberjacks come out as we break.


Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett

Barrett with the power offense in the corner. Sheamus fights back and this seems to just be a brawl so far. Barrett gets kicked in the face by Sheamus, who almost gets tripped by Cesaro. Sidekick by Barrett and he works Sheamus in the corner. Pumphandle slam lands and gets Barrett a nearfall.

Barrett hangs Sheamus between the ropes and chokes him. He boots Sheamus to the outside, and he is sent right back in. Nearfall for Barrett.

Barrett coming at Sheamus, but Sheamus fights back until he gets a boot to the face. Barrett with a knee to the body of Sheamus. And another. And another. He pulls Sheamus into a clothesline. Barrett puts Sheamus in the corner, but eats an elbow. Sheamus fighting out with the body shots. He corners Barrett, but Barrett reverses a whip and sends Sheamus into the corner hard. He gets a nearfall.

We go to break.

Back from Break and Sheamus with a few running clotheslines and one in the corner. Rolling slam by Sheamus and Barrett on the apron. He gets ten forearms to the chest. Back inside and White Noise lands.

Brogue Kick time?

3MB pulls Barrett to the outside.

Sheamus takes all the heel wrestlers out with a battering ram.

Back inside and Sheamus shoulder blocks Barrett in the corner. He eats an elbow by Barrett and gets clobbered with a kick to the face. Barrett with the nearfall.

Both men down and the referee begins a count.

Back up and Barrett puts Sheamus on his shoulders. Sheamus elbows out and misses a Brogue Kick, with Barrett sending Sheamus to the outside. Barrett works Sheamus on the outside and starts unloading on a few babyfaces, starting a brawl on the outside.

Sheamus and Barrett get to the ring and Sheamus lands an Irish Curse.

Fire hits and Kane and Daniel Bryan come out to fight all the lumberjacks. Team Hell No cleaning house and they want to get to Rhodes Scholars. Sheamus sends Cody Rhodes back to the outside.

After all this, Sheamus gets the Brogue Kick and pin on Wade Barrett.

Team Hell No chasing Rhodes Scholars out of the arena.

Dolph Ziggler attacks Sheamus from behind. He wants to cash in his MITB contract, but Show lays him out with a KO Punch.

Show has a mic and says that will be Sheamus' fate and he will KO Sheamus for the title.

Fade to black with Sheamus looking very unpleasant.


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