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WWE SmackDown: Video Playlists

WWE forgot about a stipulation for The Usos vs. The Street Profits

Why bother following through when you can just yoink reddit gimmicks?!?

Sami Zayn should win the Money in the Bank contract

That, and all the other highlights from SmackDown this week.

Intercontinental title match, MITB qualifiers set for SmackDown next week

Word on that and all the videos from SmackDown this week right here.

The ‘needle mover’ is still missing from WWE TV

WWE unified its top two titles, and has done nothing with them ever since.

Drew McIntyre was the mystery New Day partner

Hey, he’s back again!

The only way to counteract Butch is with a MYSTERY PARTNER

Who could Xavier Woods’ be bringing for a six-man against the Brawlin’ Brutes next Friday? Let’s make our guesses as we run through everything that happened on the May 20 SmackDown.

Sasha Banks & Naomi are looking for a fight again

They got rid of their only challengers. Again.

This Roman Reigns sell job is something special

It’s worth watching over and over again.

Shayna Baszler & Natalya are losing their way to a title shot

The women’s tag team division in WWE!

Thank the wrestling gods for Drew Gulak

He’s a gem, and a necessary one at that.

The Zayn/McIntyre program continues with a Lumberjack match next week

Blame Adam Pearce and the conspiracy.

Lacey Evans is back, with a sad life story to tell

This is a big change from the last time we saw her on television.

Finn Balor had a bad night at WrestleMania SmackDown

A no good very bad night for the U.S. champion.

WWE gets Ricochet on the extended WrestleMania card in the lamest way possible

This was bad.

A reminder the WWE women’s tag team division can be great

Look no further than "SmackDown" this week.

Pat McAfee is awesome at this

Yet another reminder from "SmackDown" this week.

Big E’s ride died so Mattel could sell toys

It was nothing personal. Sheamus & Ridge Holland were just helping to move some WWE® Wrekkin’™ Slam N Spin ATV™s. That, and all the highlights from the Mar. 4 edition of the blue brand.

WWE finally remembers the women’s tag team titles

Some hope for the division was born on SmackDown this week.

WWE didn’t do much to edit SmackDown’s Charlotte/Ronda botch

That, and all the highlights from Feb. 18’s pre-taped, Elimination Chamber go home edition of the blue brand.

Madcap Moss has nasty shiner, might get stabbed at Elimination Chamber

Poor guy. Oh well. Check out the highlights from the Feb. 11 episode of WWE SmackDown.

Nakamura’s first defense in months one of two upcoming SmackDown title bouts

WWE’s filming two episodes next Friday, and they’ll feature the latest twists in two long-running stories. We’ll fill you in on the news as we run through the highlights from SmackDown’s Feb. 4 episode.

The stars were out at SmackDown in Nashville

Look at all these names!

Aliyah set a record on SmackDown

That’s what WWE is going with anyway.

Johnny Knoxville will indeed be in the Royal Rumble

It’s now finally confirmed.

The end of Paul Heyman

Or maybe not.

A SmackDown to set up another, taped SmackDown

It was a newsworthy show that also somehow wasn’t that eventful.

The New Day are the best tag team in WWE

That’s per SmackDown this week.

WWE holiday show strikes again

This company just loves to force in a theme.

I, for one, believe in Charlotte Flair

The pro wrestler we need.

The Charlotte Flair-Becky Lynch feud heats up

Flair addressed Lynch on "SmackDown" this week and it got personal. Because of course it did.

More Shotzi, please

It’s looking more and more like SmackDown has a new star on its hands.

WWE is building Drew McIntyre up for Roman Reigns

As expected, WWE has McIntyre on a road that leads to a Universal title match.



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