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WWE SmackDown: Video Playlists

Aliyah set a record on SmackDown

That’s what WWE is going with anyway.

Johnny Knoxville will indeed be in the Royal Rumble

It’s now finally confirmed.

The end of Paul Heyman

Or maybe not.

A SmackDown to set up another, taped SmackDown

It was a newsworthy show that also somehow wasn’t that eventful.

The New Day are the best tag team in WWE

That’s per SmackDown this week.

WWE holiday show strikes again

This company just loves to force in a theme.

I, for one, believe in Charlotte Flair

The pro wrestler we need.

The Charlotte Flair-Becky Lynch feud heats up

Flair addressed Lynch on "SmackDown" this week and it got personal. Because of course it did.

More Shotzi, please

It’s looking more and more like SmackDown has a new star on its hands.

WWE is building Drew McIntyre up for Roman Reigns

As expected, WWE has McIntyre on a road that leads to a Universal title match.

Hit Row make a successful debut on SmackDown

They’re here, and there’s hope for the future.

Sonya Deville did wrestle on SmackDown … kind of

There was reason to doubt she would wrestle. She did! Well … she kind of did.

Why didn’t WWE put this Shotzi video on SmackDown?

Here’s a great little piece that definitely could have made air.

A rare Brock Lesnar promo, good enough to make Paul Heyman cry

We gotta give a shout to Brock Lesnar for his brief but strong promo on "SmackDown" this week.

It’s time for something new in the WWE women’s tag team division

It’s time for Shotzi & Nox to get their shot.

What’s going on with Naomi on SmackDown?

She may be getting something interesting to do, or is being brushed aside in a creative way. You decide.

Lilian Garcia was a special guest at SmackDown this week

If only for one night to sing a special song.

Logan Paul vs. Kevin Owens, please

It’s becoming clear WWE needs to book Logan Paul in an actual match.

Happy Corbin is fantastic

He debuted this week on "SmackDown," and I’ll be damned if he isn’t just as good as Bum Ass Baron.

Just put the titles on Shotzi & Nox already

They’ve basically earned them by now anyway!

How to make a feud personal (and how not to)

Edge and Seth Rollins? Good! John Cena and Roman Reigns? Not so much.

Edge is giving Seth Rollins some depth

This story is already doing wonders for Rollins.

Reginald reveals he isn’t French

WWE didn’t put his explanation for as much on TV, but it did show up in a SmackDown exclusive on YouTube.

SmackDown has handled recent NXT call ups much better than Raw

Yet another example of the blue brand’s superiority.

Everything on SmackDown was glorious

I am absolutely drinking the WWE Kool-Aid on this one, and I don’t care because it tastes good, if only for right now.

Shotzi & Nox were the highlight of SmackDown this week

There’s some new blood in the women’s division on the blue brand, and it’s badly needed.

Zelina Vega’s return was the highlight of SmackDown this week

Although there were reports weeks ago, it was still a surprise when Vega showed up on "SmackDown" this week.

Edge’s return was the highlight of SmackDown this week

Of course it was.

Hell in a Cell was the highlight of SmackDown this week

Roman Reigns delivers yet again, this time with a game Rey Mysterio.

‘Ding Dong, Hello!’ was the highlight of SmackDown this week

The floating door will always get laughs out of this writer, though your mileage may vary.

Roman Reigns was the highlight of SmackDown this week

He’s the highlight of SmackDown damn near every week, let’s be real here.

Tag team wrestling was the highlight of SmackDown this week

Jimmy & Jey were back at it again, Dominik Mysterio showed up in the main event, and more!