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WWE SmackDown: Results & Reactions

SmackDown recap & reactions: Supersized lies

The blue brand ran a bit longer this week, and you’d hardly notice it if you weren’t looking for it.

SmackDown recap & reactions: Pride before the fall

With the WWE Draft behind us, "SmackDown" is a good show again.

SmackDown recap & reactions: The Draft

It’s not easy to make draft episodes any good, and that remained true on this one.

SmackDown recap & reactions: Extreme example

WWE had one final show before "Extreme Rules" and "SmackDown" did well enough to build to a few matches.

SmackDown recap & reactions: Oops! They did it again

WWE left a sour taste by recommitting to a tired trope to close out this week’s show.

SmackDown recap & reactions: Long into the abyss

WWE made a big deal of going back to Madison Square Garden, and they backed up their big talk with a fantastic show.

SmackDown recap & reactions: True blue

Bianca Belair cuts a killer promo, WWE handles Finn Balor’s title shot well, and everything else from "SmackDown" this week.

SmackDown recap & reactions: The Man comes around

The Man is back in town, but we’re no closer to clearing up her alignment. Still, "SmackDown" this week set up the immediate future quite well.

SmackDown recap & reactions: Beware, take care

The last episode of "SmackDown" before SummerSlam gave us a fun episode with a great go home promo from Edge.

SmackDown recap & reactions: The Architect

While this SmackDown was highlighted with a face to face and a contract signing for the main titles, the most compelling segment belonged to the Architect.

SmackDown recap & reactions: Balor wants vengeance

The Aug. 6, 2021 SmackDown gave us a reason to believe that Finn Balor may end up being in the Universal title match at SummerSlam.

SmackDown recap & reactions: What contract?

A contract signing between Roman Reigns and Finn Balor for SummerSlam ended with John Cena signing on the dotted line.

SmackDown recap & reactions: Nostalgia act

A not so inspiring John Cena appearance sparked a riveting Roman Reigns segment, with a surprise challenger on the road to SummerSlam.

SmackDown recap & reactions: Welcome back!

The fans are back! Come and take a look at how the blue brand got us hyped up for Money in the Bank on the first show post-ThunderDome!

SmackDown recap & reactions: One up the Bloodline

The July 9, 2021 SmackDown gave us a rare look into what happens when the Head of the Table has the tables turned on him.

SmackDown recap & reactions: Inevitable

The blue brand told a few stories with the main event segment, and asks a big question about the motivations of one wrestler.

SmackDown recap & reactions: Rated-R

The Rated-R superstar made a surprising return to SmackDown, and he’s still after the Universal Champion, even though he may have another challenger already.

SmackDown recap & reactions: Hell in a Cell

The June 18, 2021 episode of SmackDown had a bunch of new Cell matches announced, as well as an actual Cell match for the first time in SmackDown history.

SmackDown recap & reactions: Master of manipulation

The June 11, 2021 episode of SmackDown proved how much of an evil mastermind Roman Reigns really is.

SmackDown recap & reactions: Whose side are you on?

The June 4, 2021 edition of SmackDown delivered a strong show to both build to Hell in a Cell, and to give us a glimpse of what’s in store for next week.

SmackDown recap & reactions: Blood isn’t thicker than water

On the May 28, 2021 edition of SmackDown, Jey Uso showed everyone where his intentions are, but the man who really needs to know won’t find out until it’s too late.

SmackDown recap & reactions: Humility

The rift in the Bloodline is getting bigger, and Jimmy Uso, like his brother Jey last year, may not see it coming.

SmackDown recap & reactions: Roman or no man

An interesting plot twist could be drawn from the Roman Reigns saga and as a result, makes WrestleMania Backlash must see.

SmackDown recap & reactions: Rift in the Bloodline

Jimmy Uso returned on this throwback edition of SmackDown, and he might not be following in Roman Reigns’ footsteps.

SmackDown recap & reactions: Banished

A big main event made this episode of the blue brand better, while the rest of the show mainly fell flat with repetition.

SmackDown recap & reactions: Swerve!

A short handed episode of "SmackDown" was all about building up a guy who ended up watching another guy get the title shot.

SmackDown recap & reactions: Bright future

SmackDown has the stories to bring some freshness to the blue brand, but WWE’s repetitiveness may be holding the blue brand back.

SmackDown recap & reactions: The pre-show

The go home SmackDown for WrestleMania 37 sold the pay-per-view by giving us the top quality promos needed to bring the excitement.

SmackDown recap & reactions: Bryan stands tall

SmackDown has been doing its part to make the main event of WrestleMania 37 feel like a match you won’t want to miss.

SmackDown recap & reactions: Vindictive

A blockbuster announcement on SmackDown altered WrestleMania 37 for three of its top stars. One of those stars is very unhappy, and he’s ready to do just about anything to get his way.

SmackDown recap & reactions: Enforcer Edge

The final SmackDown before Fastlane is in the books and we’re left with one big question: Will Edge be the fairest enforcer of them all?

SmackDown recap & reactions: Contract signed

Friday night continues to be the night you can expect the best from WWE.


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