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WWE SmackDown: Results & Reactions

SmackDown recap & reactions: With everybody saying…

LA Knight was back on SmackDown this week and oh boy was it exciting.

SmackDown recap & reactions: They got some

The Bloodline stood tall over a beaten John Cena on SmackDown this week.

SmackDown recap & reactions: The Great One

Finally, The Rock came back to the blue brand. It was one hell of a fun night overall.

SmackDown recap & reactions: Faction warfare

Things are heating up on the blue brand in what looks like a growing power struggle between factions.

SmackDown recap & reactions: Attitude Adjustment

John Cena is back in WWE, and The Bloodline business is nowhere near finished.

SmackDown recap & reactions: The color red

In a world of black and white. The show went on, but in tribute to those who have been lost.

SmackDown recap & reactions: Edge’s last ride

If it’s the end, he went out on top. Plus, more intrigue with LA Knight!

SmackDown recap & reactions: Jey Uso’s out

The Bloodline story is the gift that keeps on giving. Plus, a new United States champion!

SmackDown recap & reactions: The Real Chief

Roman Reigns didn’t appear on the final SmackDown before SummerSlam but WWE got the hype going anyway.

SmackDown recap & reactions: Tribal warfare continues

There was no holding back when The Bloodline came together on SmackDown this week.

SmackDown recap & reactions: Tribal Combat

The blue brand went to FS1 for the week, and it certainly seemed to influence the show that was presented. But that wasn’t a bad thing at all.

SmackDown recap & reactions: Championship focus

Being champion doesn’t necessarily mean you are the focus of the story, as we learned on SmackDown this week.

SmackDown recap & reactions: Bloodline Civil War continues

Roman Reigns’ next challenger is a familiar foe.

SmackDown recap & reactions: Money in London

The blue brand sent us off to Money in the Bank the right way.

SmackDown recap & reactions: The redirect

An interesting episode of Friday Night SmackDown saw plenty of redirecting.

SmackDown recap & reactions: Bloodline breakup

It’s taken so long to get here, but this week’s episode of SmackDown delivered what we’ve waited forever to see.

SmackDown recap & reactions: The new Tribal Chief

Jey Uso had a decision to make on SmackDown, but that doesn’t mean he actually made it.

SmackDown recap & reactions: Bloodline battle lines

They’ve been drawn in the sand, and sides have been chosen. SmackDown gave us one hell of a segment to get us there too.

SmackDown recap & reactions: The Bloodline divided

Less than 24 hours from Night of Champions, all is not well with the top group in WWE.

SmackDown recap & reactions: The Bloodline rift

It’s growing ever wider, as evidenced on SmackDown this week.

Smackdown recap & reactions: The Usos have a big problem

The World Heavyweight championship tournament continues, Damage CTRL loses control, Asuka turns, and Roman puts his cousins on notice on this edition of SmackDown.

SmackDown recap & reactions: Party in Puerto Rico!

The Backlash go home show was an absolute blast with a super hot crowd having a whole lot of fun.

SmackDown recap & reactions: The Draft

It was time for the annual shake up, and it’s always hard for WWE to make these shows work.

SmackDown recap & reactions: The WWE Draft looms large

The blue brand treads water a little bit with the WWE Draft right around the corner.

SmackDown recap & reactions: Losing patience

Yet another fun show from the blue brand, one that set up quite a bit over the next couple weeks.

SmackDown recap & reactions: The Bloodline saga continues

The Bloodline story marches on, with a bigger focus on Jey Uso.

SmackDown recap & reactions: WrestleMania (kind of)

The blue brand sends us off to the biggest WWE show of the year.

SmackDown recap & reactions: WRESTLEZAYNIA BABY!

Sami Zayn gets a new shirt, an interesting Charlotte promo, Rey Mysterio finally snaps, and more from SmackDown this week.

SmackDown recap & reactions: Reunited and it feels so good

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens are back together again.

SmackDown recap & reactions: United front

The Bloodline is strong once more, and now we know exactly why.

SmackDown recap & reactions: Like father, like son

Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns come face-to-face, and it lived up to the hype.

SmackDown recap & reactions: The saga continues

Sami Zayn’s war with The Bloodline isn’t over, and the story hasn’t lost any of its luster after Elimination Chamber.


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