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WWE SmackDown: Previews

The Demon has no chance in hell against Roman Reigns

The Demon is going to suffer his first ever loss on the WWE main roster at Extreme Rules.

The SmackDown women’s roster is stuck backstage

Why compete in the ring when you can instead ride a tank backstage or chat with Dolph Ziggler?

There’s finally someone who can beat Roman Reigns

It’s been over a year, but WWE has finally found someone who can take the Universal championship away from the Tribal Chief.

It’s not safe to assume Reigns vs. Bálor will actually happen tonight

WWE’s recent string of false advertising creates doubt about tonight’s Universal championship match between Roman Reigns and Finn Bálor.

This is the worst case scenario for Finn Bálor

Brock Lesnar is back in WWE, and that’s bad news for Finn Balor.

WWE picked a bad night to advertise nothing for SmackDown

WWE didn’t bother to advertise anything for SmackDown tonight despite the expectation that CM Punk is going to debut for AEW on Rampage.

Bálor doesn’t deserve a title shot either

Finn Balor tapping out to Roman Reigns’ guillotine choke last week was a big mistake.

This is all John Cena’s fault

Finn Bálor is fighting Baron Corbin tonight, but John Cena is the scoundrel he should be coming after.

Bálor isn’t satisfied with just the missionary position

Roman Reigns compared John Cena to the missionary position. So what does that make Finn Bálor?

Cena has some explaining to do

John Cena thinks he can confront Roman Reigns without first addressing the elephant in the room.

It’s time for Sasha Banks to return to WWE

With live fans finally back in WWE, there is bound to be a big surprise or two during the course of tonight’s episode of SmackDown.

WWE’s decision on Jimmy Uso looms large over the final ThunderDome show

We’re still waiting to see how WWE handles Jimmy Uso’s latest alcohol-related arrest.

Zayn and Owens got a raw deal

Sami Zayn’s never-ending complaints about unfair treatment are certainly justified right now.

The window is closing on Roman Reigns vs. Big E

With SummerSlam 2021 and the WWE Draft coming up, there isn’t much time left to book Roman Reigns vs. Big E.

WWE’s surprising decision to move Roman vs. Rey shows what their top priority is

There is one obvious reason for why WWE would move the Roman Reigns vs. Rey Mysterio Hell in a Cell match off of pay-per-view and onto television.

SmackDown still needs a Hell in a Cell match

There isn’t much time left for SmackDown to book a match inside the Hell in a Cell cage.

Big E is left in limbo thanks to WWE budget cuts

WWE released Aleister Black, leaving Big E in an awkward spot.

The Riott Squad must turn heel

SmackDown doesn’t have any heel teams in the women’s tag team division, and that needs to change.

Cesaro’s turn is already over

After failing at WrestleMania Backlash, it doesn’t look like Cesaro is in line for another Universal championship match against Roman Reigns.

Jimmy Uso is already the most interesting man in WWE

Jimmy Uso has only been back in WWE for one week, yet he’s already the most intriguing guy on the roster.

This is a very bad time for 50/50 booking

Cesaro needs all the credibility he can get right now, and that means another victory over Seth Rollins.

Say goodbye to Daniel Bryan

Raw desperately needs Bryan anyway, so his likely banishment from SmackDown could be for the best.

Roman’s next challenger might be on the Raw roster

The possibilities are limitless for Roman Reigns’ next Universal championship defense.

Jey Uso is dragging down Reigns’ run as the top guy

Roman Reigns’ opponents need to smarten up already and realize that Jey Uso exists to ruin their championship match.

Bayley isn’t even booked for the WrestleMania Kickoff pre-show

Tonight’s special edition of SmackDown will feature the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, a Tag title 4Way, and more. Still no sign of our Role Model, though. Break it down with us here as we ask ‘What up with that?’

Not even Logan Paul can ruin an Owens/Zayn WrestleMania singles program

And if the controversial YouTuber gets powerbombed off a pirate ship, he might even make their dream match even better! That, and everything you need to get ready for the April 2 SmackDown.

Everyone is now the best version of themselves in the Universal title scene

It took a Triple Threat to get us there, but with an underdog now in the mix with a heel champ & an unpredictable Royal Rumble winner, this finally feels WrestleMania main event worthy. More on that, and everything you need to get ready for the Mar. 26 SmackDown.

SmackDown needs to get back to basics in the Women’s title scene

Sasha Banks defends against Nia Jax in what even Corey Graves agrees is an overly complicated picture heading into WrestleMania 37. We talk that, and everything else happening on the Mar. 19 Fastlane go home episode of the blue brand, here.

Apollo’s accent should be the least of Big E’s concerns

Crews’ heel gimmick generated a lot of talk last week, but the Intercontinental champ should be looking for payback before he critiques it. That, and a rundown of all the talking segments WWE has planned for the Mar. 12 SmackDown.

This better be leading to a Sasha Banks heel turn

Last night’s news that the Boss & Bianca Belair are still chasing the Women’s Tag titles left lots of us scratching our heads. It could be giving us a better WrestleMania main event, though. That and everything you need to get ready for the Mar. 5 SmackDown is right here!

SmackDown needs to show how Edge/Reigns is different from past Roman feuds

Their WrestleMania match is set, but the story feels pretty familiar. Fortunately, WWE has all the pieces in place to keep things fresh over the next six weeks. That, and everything else you need to get ready for Feb. 26’s Elimination Chamber fallout episode.

Why we’re down for a Banks/Belair tag title chase

WWE puts a women’s singles champ in the tag title scene too often. But here we are wanting them to do it again. An explanation, and everything else you need to get ready for the Feb. 19 Elimination Chamber go home edition of SmackDown.


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