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WWE SmackDown: Previews

CM Punk is taking over Roman Reigns’ show

The Best in the World returns to the blue brand, where he might just start to take Roman’s wise man away from him.

Damage CTRL needs to make a big change after losing at War Games

Bayley has no idea what’s about to happen to her after being pinned inside the double cage.

LA Knight is somehow not on the Survivor Series card

Survivor Series is already missing Roman Reigns, so it’s odd to also leave the megastar off of what used to be one of WWE’s biggest events of the year.

WWE has a problem with too many part-time champions

LA Knight should be chasing championship gold, but he can’t do it because the part-timers are away from WWE right now.

It’s time for the WWE women to go to war

Kairi Sane is back in WWE, and battle lines are being drawn.

Bianca Belair has been waiting a very long time for this moment

The EST of WWE plans to make a statement tonight on SmackDown.

John Cena made a huge mistake

John wants to end his losing streak, but he only made things more difficult for himself.

Charlotte Flair is finally an underdog in WWE

Bianca Belair is expected to return to WWE imminently, so the timing isn’t right for Flair to win championship gold.

Cody Rhodes knows the best way to cap off WWE’s incredible week

And no, it doesn’t involve acting like a goofball troll on social media.

LA Knight takes his rightful place at the top of the card

Roman Reigns should be quaking in his boots, because the megastar is coming for his spot.

John Cena doesn’t have any friends

John Cena needs to find a tag team partner ASAP to fight off The Bloodline, and there happens to be a certain megastar backstage who is perfect for the job.

Grayson Waller was right on the money about John Cena

John Cena’s decline is too obvious to ignore, at least until he gets back in the ring for one more match.

WWE might already be planning a title match between LA Knight and Roman Reigns

The part-time WWE Universal champion just has to return to TV to make it happen.

This is how Cody Rhodes gets his rematch against Roman Reigns

It looks like Cody used his political stroke to put it all into motion.

Jimmy Uso is completely delusional

Jimmy Uso needs to stop telling these lies.

I can’t stop thinking about Bray Wyatt

Most fans and wrestlers are confused, in pain, and grieving over the loss of a man whose charisma and charm touched them in some way over the last decade.

This could be the end of Edge

Edge’s WWE career might be over in just a few hours from now.

Jimmy Uso owes Roman Reigns an apology

After turning on his brother Jey at SummerSlam, it’s time for Jimmy Uso to acknowledge his Tribal Chief.

Sheamus doesn’t realize what’s about to happen to him

The Celtic Warrior picked a fight with the wrong guy.

WWE isn’t quitting Karrion Kross just yet

His push isn’t dead, despite lackluster results over the last year on SmackDown.

WWE hopes it has another Bloodline hit on its hands

But there’s one big factor working against WWE this time.

WWE needs to stop screwing around with LA Knight

He is one of the most popular wrestlers on the roster, but WWE doesn’t know what to do with him.

Roman Reigns’ time as the Tribal Chief might be coming to an end

Roman Reigns is heading to court and might finally pay the consequences for what he’s done.

Another title reign is in jeopardy thanks to Charlotte Flair

WWE could be pushing The Queen one step closer to making championship history.

You can kiss these women’s tag titles goodbye

Ronda Rousey’s title unification match could be a vehicle for doing away with the NXT women’s tag team belts altogether.

Yes, it really is this easy for Charlotte Flair

The Queen’s decision to pull out her Hulk Hogan card and jump to the front of line for a title match might be the catalyst for another top star’s heel turn.

Roman Reigns loves gaslighting Jey Uso

Roman Reigns is so needy for affirmation that he expects Jey Uso to betray his own brother.

Jey Uso has an impossible decision to make

It’s déjà vu all over again for Jey Uso.

Roman Reigns is having a really bad time right now

This isn’t how he envisioned celebrating 1000 days as WWE Universal champion.

I was wrong about WWE ending Belair’s title reign in the stupidest way

Triple H avoids another one of Vince McMahon’s bad booking moves.

Roman Reigns is about to make a very stupid decision

Hubris really has gotten the better of the Tribal Chief after nearly 1000 days as champion.

Triple H changed his mind about one of these men

And we’ll find who it is in a matter of hours.

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