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WWE SmackDown: Previews

WWE needs to address the Ronda Rousey situation

WWE fans are not happy with Ronda Rousey.

This has to be the return of Becky Lynch

Anyone else would be a big letdown.

It’s just not the same without Kevin Owens

A lot of pro wrestling fans are keeping their fingers crossed right now.

Here’s why New Day will stop the Usos from breaking their record

There are plenty of reasons to think The Bloodline will fail tonight.

Sami Zayn is too Ucey for Saudi Arabia

Zayn is the most over guy in WWE right now, but that still isn’t good enough for the Saudi Arabian government.

There’s one woman who stands out as Rousey’s mystery opponent

Ronda Rousey needs a new opponent, and one name stands out from the pack.

Liv Morgan might be Bray Wyatt’s first disciple

Liv Morgan’s dark descent is happening before our very eyes.

Bray Wyatt has so many questions to answer

The anticipation has been building for weeks, and now he’s finally here.

WWE made the right decision on Logan Paul

Plenty of pro wrestling fans and even some of the wrestlers don’t agree that Logan Paul belongs in a world championship match against Roman Reigns.

SmackDown could be in disarray tonight

It’s WWE’s turn to deal with the consequences of Hurricane Ian.

WWE is chasing the Wyatt Rabbit

Bray Wyatt’s long-awaited return to WWE might finally be upon us.

Liv Morgan is in a world of trouble

She’s gonna need some help to get out of this jam.

There’s one more guy to feed to Roman Reigns

WWE needs warm bodies to feed to the Tribal Chief, and SmackDown has a new babyface who is perfect for the job.

It’s time to celebrate the end of Roman’s reign as champion

Tonight’s celebration could very well mark the end of Roman’s dominant run on top in WWE.

It’s time for a fresh start in WWE now that Vince is gone

Doudrop needs a new name, Nikki A.S.H. needs a new gimmick, and these things are actually possible now that Triple H is in charge of WWE creative.

Drew McIntyre needs to do better than this

McIntyre is losing some of the spotlight now that Karrion Kross and Kevin Owens both want a shot at Roman Reigns’ WWE Universal title.

Triple H is full of surprises

Triple H is giving us a steady diet of surprise returns, and more are expected tonight.

Goodbye, Ronda Rousey!

Ronda Rousey is gone, putting the spotlight squarely on Liv Morgan.

Triple H might have something huge planned for Rollins

This angle might just be the big splash that Triple H wants to make at SummerSlam.

Lesnar vs. Reigns is running on empty

WWE needs to come up with a new idea for Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns.

WWE is taking things way too far with their sports entertainment

Sports entertainment is running wild in WWE.

The hardest part for Liv Morgan comes next

Liv Morgan still has one major step she needs to take before she’s a top women’s star in WWE.

Everyone is here, except for Roman Reigns

The Money in the Bank ladder match participants are all here, but the man they are chasing down is nowhere to be seen.

WWE hopes their fans will continue to be hooked by reruns

It was time to move on from Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns after WrestleMania 38, but Vince McMahon is too stubborn to try something new.

The part-time champ is back for his monthly visit to WWE

And you already know how this one ends.

It was good while it lasted

Ricochet’s reign as Intercontinental champion is coming to an end.

WWE is sending their fans the wrong message

WWE’s lack of effort is making it difficult for fans to care about their product and wrestlers.

WWE needs to do better than this

SmackDown has nothing to offer Hell in a Cell right now, so it’s time to bring in the cavalry from Raw.

There’s a reason why WWE wanted Sasha Banks to lose against Ronda Rousey

WWE has a mess on their hands now that Sasha Banks and Naomi have walked out of the company.

Only one woman can save WWE from this mess

The SmackDown women’s roster is a mess without Charlotte Flair around, but there’s one woman who can return to WWE and solve this problem.

WWE’s new plan for Roman Reigns doesn’t make sense

This is one of WWE’s few missteps with the Tribal Chief.

WWE finally teased Roman Reigns’ next opponent

Roman Reigns finally has a direction for WrestleMania Backlash.


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