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WWE Royal Rumble 2020

Edge has something to say about his huge WWE milestone

It’s not clear yet how exactly Edge will wrap up his in-ring career in WWE, but there’s something more important to focus on today.

Rumor Roundup: McIntyre plan is cut, Banks update, Bayley & Asuka return, more!

The latest rumors, including a plan for Drew McIntyre that was cut, an update on Sasha Banks, when Asuka and Bayley are expected to return from injury, and more!

‘We’re getting close’ to AJ Styles vs. Edge

AJ Styles himself recently offered an update on this potential WWE dream match.

Edge knows how to make a dramatic return

Edge has made so many surprise returns to WWE that you can actually rank them in a top 10 list.

Baszler was very confused by Vince McMahon

Shayna Baszler had a hard time figuring out what Vince McMahon wanted to see from her in a WWE ring.

Edge uses something he did On This Day one year ago as motivation

He’s questing to finish what he started last year, which was a mission to go out on his own terms after he was denied that after WrestleMania 27.

Rollins dropped out of WWE’s main event scene this year

Seth Rollins is only a minor footnote on the list of WWE’s pay-per-view main events in 2020.

Here’s why Big E won’t win the Royal Rumble match

There isn’t much time left for Big E to move up the card and win the 2021 Royal Rumble match.

The Men’s Royal Rumble was the best WWE match in 2020

At least, that’s how I see it. Feel free to tell me I’m wrong.

WWE’s most watched video of 2020 feels like it happened ten years ago

Remember crowds? They were cool. And they were never louder than when Edge came out of the tunnel at Minute Maid Park for the Royal Rumble.

Rumor Roundup: WWE releases & Saudi issues, Anderson & Gallows, Purrazzo’s Impact deal, more!

The latest rumors, including how cuts were decided upon, what Doc & Machine Gun would have done in AEW & almost did in their Impact debut, the new Knockouts champ’s contract status, and more!

Vote in the Bumpies, WWE’s latest awards!

They’re at least partially decided by you! Find out right here which ones you can vote on, and how.

Riddle was ‘heartbroken’ by Lesnar confrontation at Royal Rumble

Poor bro.

Riddle says he’s discussed his backstage heat with Vince

Bro has heat with some people, but not with any people that matter. Which is kind of amazing, considering how willing he remains to offer shoot comments on a certain WWE Hall of Famer.

Kingston says that Lesnar will ‘never get the credit he deserves’

It was apparently worth sacrificing Kofi’s WWE championship reign for one brief spot in a Royal Rumble match.

The secret origin of, and masterplan for, Edge’s comeback

The journey started, as most things do, with Sheamus and a mountain bike. Along the way it involved some secrecy. Where will it end? Edge knows, but he’s not telling.

McIntyre praises Lesnar’s ‘genius’ for the Royal Rumble booking

The Scottish Psychopath says that the story for the Royal Rumble match was all Lesnar’s idea.

The NXT championship doesn’t count, unless it does

Drew McIntyre and Charlotte Flair don’t see eye-to-eye on their plans for winning a championship at WrestleMania 36.

Rumor Roundup: Cena speculation, Undertaker training, Wyatt’s red light, more!

The latest rumors, including gossip about the 16 time WWE World champ, the Dead Man getting ready for WrestleMania, the status of a controversial part of The Fiend gimmick, and more!

Rumor Roundup: WWE Network plans, Rusev situation, Matt Riddle heat, more!

The latest rumors, including what’s going on with the WWE Network, why Rusev is off television, what got Matt Riddle heat with the boss, and more!

WWE: AJ Styles ‘recovering way ahead of doctor’s projections’

In just one week!

Men’s Royal Rumble 2020 Statistics

Here is a full breakdown of the timing for the men’s Royal Rumble match. Did those waiting periods actually last 90 seconds?

Becky Lynch is still The Man on pay-per-view

Let’s check out which wrestlers have the longest active streaks in the aftermath of the latest WWE pay-per-view.

Women’s Royal Rumble 2020 Statistics

Here is a full breakdown of the timing for the women’s Royal Rumble match. Did those waiting periods actually last 90 seconds?

Flair’s win at Royal Rumble fooled a whole lot of people

Let’s break down the results of the Cageside Seats staff predictions for the latest WWE pay-per-view.

WWE finally found an exciting new challenger for Brock Lesnar

Fortunes can change in a hurry in sports entertainment. Here are three acts who are rising, and three who are falling, after a busy week in WWE.

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The Most Valuable Royal Rumble Superstars - 2020 Updates!

How did this year's men's match change a ranking of all-time greatest Rumble participants, based on this Cagesiders formula which uses wins, eliminations, time in the match & other factors? Come on in and find out!

Rumor Roundup: Turmoil and uncertainty in WWE, Royal Rumble booking, more!

The latest rumors, including what’s going on behind-the-scenes at WWE, who booked the two Royal Rumble matches, and more!

John Cena: ‘Brock Lesnar Is the Best In-Ring Performer of All Time’

Big match John? More like hot take John, amirite?

Bros B4 Elbows, Ep. 112.0: The Edge of Tomorrow Episode

In search of the proper mix of profanity, watery eyes, and giggles to describe the moment Edge shocked the pro wrestling world.

Analysis of how crowded the ring was during the women’s Royal Rumble

Let’s see how the ring was filled with superstars as the match progressed.

A very good picture from backstage at the Royal Rumble

A date night done right.


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