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‘Rocky Sucks’ chants ring out on Raw as fans make clear ‘We want Cody’

Fans in St. Louis at Monday Night Raw made their voice heard loud and clear.

Raw results, live blog: Rhodes/Nakamura Bull Rope Match

Follow along with this week’s episode of Raw, featuring a big match for Cody after an eventful SmackDown changed his story, a 4way to determine the #1 contenders for the Tag titles, GUNTHER’s latest celebration, and more!

Here’s how WWE will determine Rhea Ripley’s WrestleMania challenger

No big surprise here, but Raw General Manager Adam Pearce just made the Women’s Elimination Chamber match official for Perth — and booked the first qualifying match to get into it for tonight.

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A huge Damage CTRL moment on the Road to WrestleMania

It's the latest WWE tag team power rankings!

MGP: WrestleMania 40 does not need to be ‘saved’ by The Rock

This Monday’s Gorilla Position dives right into the topic that’s dominated the wrestle web since SmackDown’s closing scene.

Rock’s WrestleMania main event may have been booked without Triple H’s knowledge

The latest report on WWE going with The Rock instead of Cody Rhodes as Roman Reigns’ WrestleMania 40 opponent leaves us with even more questions, some of them about what’s going on behind-the-scenes at TKO.

Cody Rhodes might not explain his very dumb decision

A lot of fans are pissed off about The Rock replacing Cody Rhodes in the main event of WrestleMania, and they might feel even more frustrated about it by the end of tonight’s Raw.

Rumor Roundup: The Rock/WrestleMania, Cody plans, McMahon scandal, more!

The latest rumors, including lots on WWE’s move to Roman Reigns vs. The Rock at WrestleMania, what Cody Rhodes could do instead & if he’ll finish the story, signs the Vince sex abuse case will get worse, and more!

The one about the Royal Rumbles

Okay, not everyone in our latest Community Wrestler Rankings earned their spot via one of WWE’s signature battle royals... just 60% of them. But it’s a new week, and your vote will give us a new top 10!

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Yes, WWE made the right decision

A WrestleMania main event of The Rock vs. Roman Reigns isn't playing well online today, but that doesn't make it a bad call.

CM Punk’s body can’t handle this anymore

The injuries continue to pile up and derail Punk’s return to pro wrestling, whether it’s with AEW or WWE.

WWE hypes press conference for WrestleMania main event you're mad about

The Rock and Roman Reigns will be joined by Cody Rhodes, Triple H & others... in case anyone has any questions about recent fictional or real world events.

Rumor Roundup: McMahon sex scandal, The Rock takes Cody’s spot, Triple H, Punk, more!

The latest rumors, including what Triple H knew about the Vince McMahon allegations, people in WWE confused by The Rock taking Cody Rhodes’ spot in the main event of WrestleMania, CM Punk surgery, Pat McAfee return, and more!

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The King's Road to WrestleMania

An idea for WWE en route to the biggest show of the year.

Another rumored NXT call-up backstage at SmackDown (Possible SPOILER)

We already heard about three Tuesday night stars who are in Birmingham, Alabama along with the main roster crew. Here’s one more. What, if anything, will they be doing?

WWE still doesn’t seem to have said much internally about Vince McMahon sex scandal

More than a week after the Janel Grant lawsuit hit the headlines, and almost a week after Triple H’s ‘focus on the positive’ approach failed at the post-Royal Rumble press conference, the company still isn’t saying much to talent about the situation.

CM Punk: WWE locker room is ‘everything the business is supposed to be’

The comments, which are noteworthy for a few reasons, come in a video chronicle of Punk’s Royal Rumble journey. They were made praising his colleagues for their support after he suffered an injury that means he’ll miss WrestleMania.

Drew McIntyre is a magnificent menace in his latest round of trolling CM Punk

The Scottish Warrior goes to TikTok in his latest assault on CM Punk.

Here’s what the Netflix content chief said when she was asked about McMahon’s sex scandal

Netflix wants you to know it is not in a business relationship with this man.

Rumor Roundup: Royal Rumble plan, Rhodes/Rollins, Punk/McIntyre, NXT call-ups, more!

The latest rumors, including if CM Punk’s injury led to an audible in the Rumble, how it factored into the angles we got on Raw, two stars who could be primed for promotion, Kazuchika Okada free agency talk, and more!

WWE’s Royal Rumble clock wasn’t quite as broken during the men’s match

It’s time to follow the buzzers.

Rollins uses Ric Flair & Ultimate Warrior in his latest pitch to Rhodes

The Royal Rumble winner says he’ll be on WWE SmackDown this Friday to tell us if the arguments for why he should go after the World Heavyweight champ at WrestleMania 40 rather than trying to finish his story with Roman Reigns are working.

Rumor Roundup: Brock Lesnar, WrestleMania 40 changes, Cody Rhodes announcement, more!

The latest rumors, including talk of Brock Lesnar being gone, WWE thinking of WrestleMania 40 changes, dragging out Cody’s decision, and more!

WWE’s Royal Rumble clock must have been broken during the women’s match

It’s time to follow the buzzers.

Rumble fallout brings Raw’s biggest audience since June

It didn’t crack two million viewers like last year’s post-Rumble episode, but the Jan. 29 Raw still delivered for WWE.

WWE cheapens Cody Rhodes’ story with challenge from Seth Rollins

A questionable storyline by WWE has taken some of the luster off of The American Nightmare’s championship pursuit at WrestleMania.

Drew McIntyre continues to beat dead horse CM Punk

Talk about getting buried.

Here’s who will reportedly be calling SmackDown moving forward

Some good news for fans of the man Pat McAfee replaced on Raw.

JD McDonagh vindicated after Judgment Day kicked R-Truth to the curb

That’s what’s up.

Bayley will announce her WrestleMania 40 opponent on SmackDown

That and all the other videos from Raw this week right here.

Rumor Roundup: Kevin Owens injury, WWE housecleaning, Mercedes Moné return, more!

The latest rumors, including another WWE star hurt, Ari Emanuel going to any length to clean up WWE’s image after the latest Vince McMahon allegations, when & where the former Sasha Banka will be back, and more!

Raw recap & reactions: The worst in the world

CM Punk bows out, Judgment Day jogs memories, and Bayley rethinks everything on the latest Monday Night Raw.

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