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Alexa Bliss’ secret to being evil? Airports

Thanks to advice from William Regal, Alexa Bliss found her unlikely muse.


Alexa Bliss is the top woman on the mic in WWE, and also without any kind of qualification. She has enviable facial expressions, a consistent character, and both actualized ability and potential to spare. She also has a secret that helped her become one of the top heels going on the main roster, thanks to advice from NXT coach and mentor, William Regal. And if you hadn’t already seen the headline for this post, you probably never would have guessed what it is.

That’s right: Regal told Alexa to people watch, and said the best place to do so is in an airport. Bliss recently revealed this to ESPN:

Any airport. The lines are long. Everyone is in a rush. And the kids. Oh, the kids. There's no place to escape the ear-splitting screaming and the boundless energy. Airports bring out the worst in people, even the most level-headed personalities that society has to offer.

Alexa sees these people saying and doing terrible things, annoying everyone around them, and she internalizes it all for use later on the mic and in the ring. As a professional wrestler traveling to multiple locations per week, Bliss also gets plenty of time to people watch in these hellholes. No wonder she has so much to say to rankle opponents and crowds:

"People probably think I am creepy," Bliss said. "If someone does something that makes me mad, well, chances are it'll probably make other people mad if I do it, too. I like to think, 'What's the meanest thing, the rudest thing I can say right now?' Or how can I completely discredit someone? That's just my mentality."

It’s worth reading the entire thing, as you get a bit more insight into the mind of a performer who WWE has understandably put in the spotlight.

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