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Kofi Kingston needs ankle surgery thanks to The Revival

The New Day and WWE will be without Kofi Kingston for “several weeks” following an attack by The Revival.

WWE has announced that The New Day’s Kofi Kingston is undergoing ankle surgery, and that it will cause him to miss “several weeks” of time. This is a follow-up to last week’s RAW, in which The Revival debuted and made their presence felt by knocking over New Day’s ice cream cart and then destroying Kofi’s ankle.

Kingston apparently had “fragments of bone” break off of his ankle, and the surgery is meant to clean those chips away and allow the joint to heal. What’s unclear is whether he actually was injured during the assault by Dash and Dawson, or if this was just a convenient way to write him off of television for a few weeks so he could recover. The fact we’re so far removed from the initial date of the Revival attack suggests this wasn’t planned, but maybe it’s an injury WWE and Kofi knew needed cleanup for some time, and it was always planned for now.

Either way, he’ll be back to jumping around and wrestling and dancing with his buddies soon — “weeks” instead of “months” is always a positive when seeing recovery times — but who knows what New Day will be up against in the meantime.

Or, for that matter, whether they’ll even be on RAW still when Kingston comes back healthy. With the Superstar Shakeup happening this Monday and Tuesday, Kofi might end up needing to wait months or a year or longer to get revenge on RAW’s new top guys.

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