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WWE made a guy dressed as Hulk Hogan switch seats at Raw in Tampa, but the Hulkster has his back

There are several people you’ll see popping up repeatedly with expensive seats to WWE shows. These “super fans” travel to events, often have a recognizable gimmick and, thanks to social media, end up with their own following.

One of them, Tye Dye Guy, was on hand for Raw in Tampa last night (Jan. 2). Rocking his Hulk Hogan-inspired red & yellow, you can see smack in the middle of the side opposite the hard camera on the episode’s early segments, such as Kevin Owens match against Seth Rollins:

A short time later, however, he’s gone from that position. Several online reports say he was asked to move by WWE officials after a “Hulk Hogan” chant started. He himself commented on his disappearance:

Whatever the reason, Tye Dye Guy’s moment in the spotlight wasn’t over, because none other than HH himself would comment - supporting his doppleganger, and, of course, plugging the Hogan legend:

It was a noteworthy night for Hulk and WWE. While they may not have wanted his presence looming over Raw, he closed the show on the new Bring it to the Table on WWE Network, with all three commentators predicting his seemingly inevitable return to Vince McMahon’s employ.

That’s all well and good, but the bigger question is... when will Tye Dye Guy return to WWE television?

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