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Karl Anderson addresses Dusty Rhodes controversy, says WWE Universe gets ‘all sad about stupid things’

The above video was released to announce a match between Karl Anderson and Cesaro for Raw tonight, but it’s much more interesting for being the first time Anderson addressed the controversy which followed his first segment on the Dec. 26 episode.

As you’ll no doubt recall, Gallows & Anderson interrupted a scene where Bayley gave Goldust a small teddy bear dressed as Dusty Rhodes. After those two shared a moment remembering the Hugster’s NXT mentor and Goldy’s father, Anderson ripped the head off the bear. Dusty’s younger son, Cody, and others found the segment to be in bad taste and aired their grievances online.

That Anderson’s actions seemed to only be setting up a filler tag match with Golden Truth was evidence for some that the scene was disrespectful. WWE bringing it back up to establish a potential tag title feud tonight probably won’t change many minds, but at the Dusty bit might be in service of something greater - like trying to rehabilitate the New Japan imports back into serious contenders after countless losses to New Day.

While that may not have been Creative’s original intent - it seems just as likely they’ve realized the controversy had a lot of steam on the web and decided to capitalize on it - it’s better than if they were just trying to sell bears or something, right?

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