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Seth Rollins vows to be ‘ready to fight’ next week on Raw

Looks like we’re leaning more toward “hurt” than “injured”.

X-Rays proved negative for a break on the damage Kevin Owens elevated gutbuster did to Seth Rollins ribs at Clash of Champions this past Sunday (Sept. 25). Some combination of an actual prescribed rest period and kayfabe storyline demands kept the Architect on the sidelines on Raw the next night, but according to The Man himself, he’ll be back next Monday when the show hits Los Angeles.

We’ll probably get a sense of his condition before that via house show reports. But he’s definitely not missing any television time.

So get ready for his feud with Stephanie McMahon, Triple H and... I feel like I’m forgetting someone... oh yeah! WWE Universal champion Kevin Owens! We’ll just say his feud with the Authority, because that never gets old.

Yeah, his feud with the Authority continues on Oct. 3.

Crushed ribs or not.

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