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Dr. Phil is bringing his son's band to Raw with him next week

It's not just counselor and talk show host Dr. Phil who's coming to Raw next Monday, he's also bring his son's band. isn't calling out the family connection between Dr. McGraw and Hundred Handed lead vocalist Jordan McGrawin their announcement, though. Instead, they tied it in to "Superstars" (wow, it's nice to not have to say/type the "D" word anymore) Summer Rae and Alicia Fox's Twitter accounts for some social media cross-marketing (or something):

On-the-rise pop rock band Hundred Handed will be in the house for Raw this Monday night in their hometown of Los Angeles, Summer Rae and Alicia Fox revealed.

The fun-seeking trio of Jordan McGraw (vocals/guitar), Drew Langan (drums) and Matt Black (bass) can expect an exciting night in the City of Angels as they get up-close and personal with Summer Rae, Alicia Fox and the rest of WWE's dynamic Superstars. Raw kicks off at 8/7 C on USA Network.

This starting to feel like the bad old days of the guest star/General Manager era to anyone else?

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