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Cesaro and his tearaway suit return to Raw, replacing Sami Zayn in the main event

Bryan Fritz on Twitter

Not only did the Swiss Superman make his long awaited return from shoulder surgery in the main event of tonight's Raw, but he did so in a FREAKING TEARAWAY SUIT!

Cesaro's been out of action since last Fall, but was already advertised for upcoming dates in Europe. His return wasn't a surprise per se, although the exact timing and circumstances were a bit.

Unfortunately, it comes at the expense of Sami Zayn. In kayfabe, Zayn was written out of the match-up by a backstage attack by his long-running nemesis, Kevin Owens. In reality, rumors were flying around social media from American Airlines Center, where some fans claimed he injured (or reinjured) his arm on a dive onto Owens during the segment with Roman Reigns that set up the #1 contender Fatal 4Way between KO, Sami, Chris Jericho & AJ Styles.

We'll have more on Zayn, and the outcome of this match, soon, Cagesiders. For now...


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