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Kalisto is reportedly not injured, despite what live Tweeters from Raw would have you believe

The new trend, of which sites like Cageside Seats are certainly a part, is for fans to Tweet out reports of the off-camera goings on at wrestling events. This is part of the appeal of social media. It gives us a sense of being a part of what's happening because we can immediately comment on it.

In theory, this is a way to have a real-time conversation about something with people all over the world. In reality, it adds to "hot take" culture, and the notion that everyone is a journalist, capable of breaking news.

In wrestling, we've seen this show up a lot lately in Tweeting about injured performers. Probably in part because of the wave of actual injuries WWE experienced from last Fall to the first few months of this year, every time somebody sells for a little longer than normal, or trainers a& officials take a few extra precautions to ensure someone isn't seriously hurt, pictures and messages start flying around the web about them being "legit hurt".

There was a Friday night of main roster and NXT house shows where three different wrestlers were rumored to be seriously hurt, and none of them missed much or any time as a result. Last week, both Sami Zayn and Shinsuke Nakamura injury scares flew around the web. Both men were in action the next night, if not sooner.

This is not a crime or anything worth being outraged about, but something to consider when Tweets start flying around during Raw, like these from last night:

Mike Johnson of PWInsider, who was also the first to shoot down the much louder speculation about Zayn being injured last Monday, has also said there's nothing to reports the United States champ is hurt.

So that's the good news.

On the flip side, and I'm not trying to criticize anyone who messages about potential injuries - it's human nature to want to be the first to know something, and feel a part of the show - but let's all maybe take a deep breath and let the professionals do their job before screaming "SO AND SO IS HURT" from the digital rooftops.

I suppose it's a credit to the worker who sold us on the injury, but we could probably all lower our blood pressure a bit if we don't assume every excellent bit of acting is an indication our favorite guy or gal will be unable to perform for a while.

Or you know, just be glad Kalisto isn't hurt and keep doing what you were gonna do anyway.

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