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WWE announces Shane McMahon will be running Raw tonight (April 11, 2016)

After last Monday night's swerve from Mr. McMahon, where he placed control of Raw in the hands of his "disowned" son Shane despite his having lost a Hell in a Cell match at WrestleMania against Undertaker he was supposed to need to win to gain control of the show, fans have been waiting for word about what's next for both Shane O'Mac and kayfabe matchmaking power for the company's flagship.

Their initial preview for the episode which airs tonight at 8PM Eastern on USA Network left the question unanswered. This morning, an update to that story on their website confirms that Shane will be running things - for at least one more Monday:

Due to the overwhelming support that Shane received throughout social media throughout the past week, Mr. McMahon has announced that his son will once again be in control of Raw tonight.

How will Shane follow up last week's night at the helm? What will his continued success mean to the overall power base of The Authority? Does the WWE Chairman have something planned to derail his son's further accomplishment?

Those follow-up questions tease a few possibilities. Stephanie McMahon and Triple H are scheduled to be in Los Angeles, meaning a confrontation between the new authority figure and the old Authority figures is possible.

Plans from Vince to sabotage his son could have been put off from last week, perhaps along with the debuts of some "big guns" from New Japan...

And then there's the issues of Shane's future (is he still without an official talent contract?) and a possible brand split.

Whether you're watching to see what happens or to see how it all goes wrong, they've devised a pretty suspenseful hook.

You watching?

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