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If only you liked Roman Reigns as much as this woman at Raw in Pittsburgh...

Jimmy Traina on Twitter

Among a lot of wrestling fans on the internet, Roman Reigns is not the guy. In spite or perhaps because of WWE's insistence that he is, so-called 'smart' fans are not invested in the Big Dog as the company's top babyface. And they've made that sentiment known with boos and yawns at live events over the last year or two.

But believing we/those fans represent the entire WWE Universe is obviously erroneous. Vince McMahon is stubborn, but he's not that stubborn. There are people, including many who read dirt "screens" and know moves (aka members of the internet wrestling community or IWC), that love Roman.

Probably no one loves him as much as this woman at Raw last night in Pittsburgh, though.

She seems to be having an... out of body experience when Reigns and Triple H worked near her section, and it looks like the two make a small adjustment to their game plan in order to get away from her as she reaches out to do more than just get some shots with her phone.

I wouldn't be surprised if Vince called her this morning, to ask if she has 99,999 friends she could bring to a little part he's throwing in Texas next month...

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