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Triple H got his head stapled and had glass shards removed from his back, and you can watch!

It was not a banner night for WWE injuries while Raw was in Pittsburgh this past Monday, Mar. 14.

At least WWE World Heavyweight champion Triple H's were such that they could be played for kayfabe. But unlike the blood he drew from his WrestleMania rival Roman Reigns a few weeks back, there can be no question as to whether Hunter's was real or fake.

The above video show WWE medical staff evaluating, cleaning and stapling the one inch long cut on the champ's head. It looked to have happened when one of the many items Reigns threw at him while stalking him backstage caught him the wrong way.

Dr. Chris Amman can also be seen picking "glass shards" from Trips' back, from the monitor Romey smashed over his back. This doesn't look particularly painful or tough guy-ish, so it was probably included just so Stephanie McMahon can pull the heel move of micromanaging her employee and the Game can deliver the 80s action movie line about the doc needing to remove his fist from Roman's ass after Mania.

You more fired up for Reigns vs. Haitch now than you were before you saw real blood?

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