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Undertaker to confront the McMahons on Raw

They're all scheduled to be in Pittsburgh's Consol Energy Center tonight (Mar. 14) for Raw, and WWE is now hyping the fact that Shane & Vince McMahon will come face-to-face with Undertaker on the show.

Shane and his father have been face-to-face twice since the prodigal son returned, and a similarly hyped confrontation between Vince and the Dead Man occurred two weeks back.

None of those interactions has provided much of an answer as to why Taker is doing Mr. McMahon's bidding (even the straight-forward 'Reality' Era answer came from Kane in an outside interview), or what Shane has over Vince, or why he'd put his and his children's inheritance on the line in a wrestling match, or...

Some fans don't need those answers. Others do. At least with all three men on the show at the same time, there's a chance they'll be offered.

Or at least some good old fashioned violence.

Tune in tonight at 8PM Eastern, or follow along here at cSs, to find out if we get either.

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