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Michael Cole & JBL deliver one of the most touching moments of Daniel Bryan's retirement

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Here's something you probably didn't expect.

On the overrun of last night's Raw (the full video of which you can see above), which brought us a few more moments of WWE co-workers and fans paying tribute to Daniel Bryan after his epic retirement speech closed the show, one of the most touching moments occurs when Bryan works his past the announce table.

The much lambasted current voice of WWE, and one of DB's main kayfabe antagonist's during his early main roster days, Michael Cole pulls the wrestler in for a hugand shares four suprising words with him.

I love you, kid

That's not all, either. Next stop is JBL, as old school a rassler as you'll fine, a guy who by all accounts adheres to the codes of respect and earning it in a way few do anymore. The Texan's words aren't as sweet, and there aren't as many of them, but coming from him and combined with a pat on the back, they speak volumes.

Well done.

Together, they're a lethal one-two combination:

Thanks for being our voice in that moment guys.